Marvel Realm of Champions Game for Android and iOS

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Hello Gamers, If you like Marvel heroes so Today this post going to be spacial because today I am going to show you new Marvel Realm of Champions Game for Android and iOS.

Marvel Realm of Champions

Marvel Realm of Champions

Marvel Realm of Champions is online real time players vs player Action fighting game. Here you can customize your miracle champion and battle in a real-time multiplayer brawl! This is High action Marvel multiplayer game for your mobile device! Join this adventurous new fantasy of the Marvel Universe, dress up your champions and play your part in this epic real-time action-RPG brawl! Customize your Marvel Champions with weapons and gear. Next team up with your network of friends in real-time high-action team-based battles. Soak up tank hits with your Hulk and Super Soldier as you work hard with area disruption. Destructive damage at close range with his Black Panther. Use high and powerfull ranged attacks with your Web Warrior and Iron Legionaire.

Enhance your allies with your storm and wizard supreme deal of damage to vanquish groups of enemies. Maestro is a rogue version of the Hulk from an alternate future, ruling a merged, alternate timeline-created planet. Due to the mysterious assassination of the Battleworld ruler, the world has been disturbed. The barons have risen to control their land, looking to turn the tide of war in their favor, with a secret war chosen to settle their differences. As the Barons advance their champions to battle, it is up to you to rise from a rogue and become a great hero of BATTLEWORLD!

Marvel Avengers game for Android and iOS Download

Game Features of Marvel Realm of Champions

Customize Your Champion And Keep Your Liking!

  • The only Marvel game with resilient customization options allows you to mix and match gear and weapons Upgrade gears, weapons, and as you claim victory on the battlefield to level and invigorate your champions.
  • The more powerful your champions, the more successful you will be! New gear and weapons are being added all the time!

Bats in Epic Real-Time Multiple Brats

  • Battle for competitive epic 3v3 battles for epic prizes and claim your victories in Arena Victory.
  • Controversy for supremacy in the all-out catastrophe in the 2v2v2 deathmatch showdown Stop waves of increasingly difficult enemies in the Citadel, earn rewards to strengthen your roster.
  • Fight 15 waves of challenging enemies that dominate your team in a limited time.
  • Overcome unique status effects and create new strategies with your team in a limited time world quat.

Support With Your Alliance

  • Team up to face challenges and earn huge rewards for you and your alliance!
  • Build a community of champions ready to meet the challenges of war!
  • Find out your next teammate to round out your PvP team or to correct your defensive strategy.
  • strategy with your team to select the right mix of champions to dominate the leaderboard!

Experience Collaboration in a Fresh New University

  • Explore the dark story of Battleworld full of mystery, intrigue and brutal battles.
  • Awesome graphics with champions, battle arenas and stunning animations inspired by iconic Marvel characters and settings.
  • War in the barbarous wastelands of Gamma Horde, the high-tech cities of the Stark Prime House of Iron, the dimensional oddities of the ancient Temple of Vishanati, the military-style camp of the Patriot Garrison of the Prophet Carter, and more!
Marvel Avengers Realm of Champions Apk Download
Marvel Realm of Champions Download for Android and iOS

About Characters and Gameplay

This is new Marvel game so in this time You will see less Characters. You can change modified your character clothes. Every Characters have unique attacks like Marvel series. The gameplay is very easy to learn and you can shoot any Attacks just clicking on buttons. Unlock characters by playing game and purchasing.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameMarvel Realm of Champions
DevloperKabam Games, Inc
GenreMultiplayer Action Fighting
PlatformAndroid And iOS
Android9 or later
iOS13.0 or later
ProcessorSnapdragon 400 or later


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