Lovecraft Locker Mod Apk 1.1.85 (Unlimited Money) Full Version

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Now Lovecraft Locker Mod Apk Full Version Download is available for Android. You can play Latest Version of Lovecraft Locker Mod Apk 1.1.85 Unlimited Money on Android with Unlocked All. Today we are going to cover all about this Game and how you can Download and install it on Android so please stay with us till the end.

Lovecraft Locker Mod Apk Unlimited Money

About Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust Mod Apk

Lovecraft Locker Tentacle, the first game in the Tentacle Locker series, was developed by Hotpinkgames in 2018, and Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust is a casual strategy adult game that was partially inspired by that game. We are major fans of tentacles-related content in NSFW (not safe for work) and adult games, literature, and art, as well as Lovecraftian horror in general.

Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust is going to be developed into a fully realised game as we move through with our plans for the project. This contains an engaging gameplay loop that can be played multiple times over a long period of time, an absorbing plot, and incredibly filthy tentacle sequences that are not suitable for children.

Despite all, there is a collection of clothing that you can recommend those auxiliary school girls put on. Users who are under the age of eighteen are not intended to have access to this feature. Even though there are no sexually explicit scenes, the atmosphere and gameplay are not appropriate for users or players who are younger than 18 years old.

Lovecraft Locker Tentacle Lust Mod apk Full Version Download

Gameplay of Lovecraft Locker Exclusive Android Apk Full Version

You play the role of a naughty tentacle god, and your objective is to snag beautiful women using tentacle lockers. When a girl leaves the locker after cumming, you will receive an inappropriate message that says “LUST.” The crimson bar that appears on the right side of the screen represents lust.

As soon as it reaches its capacity, you will advance to the next level and receive “ability points,” which may be redeemed for the purchase of more lockers. When you first begin the game, the majority of the lockers will be vacant. You will need to keep purchasing new lockers in order to eventually fill all of them. The fundamental Lovecraft locker begins with a few buds, which will finally grow after two days have passed.

On the other hand, it’s not all sexy and fun because if another girl sees you kidnapping a girl in front of them, she’ll report you to the school.

Players who are accustomed to playing other shooting games on Android will find the control buttons in Lovecraft Locker APK to be logical and uncomplicated. The buttons used to control movement can be found in the top left corner of the display of the device. The buttons for concentrating, bouncing, and reloading are located on the opposite side of the screen. Before you begin firing, you should first zero in on the target opponent you require.

As a result, you need to complete a human validation step prior to the start of the Lovecraft Locker Mobile. After that, I’ll give you a comprehensive walkthrough of the method so that you’ll be able to use the programme with ease and have fun playing it. Nevertheless, this collection of Android games is both entertaining and interesting to play.

Lovecraft Locker Exclusive Android Apk Download

How To Play Lovecraft Locker Full Android Mod APK 2023

Lovecraft Locker Tentacle Lust Mod Apk is a really unique game in which the player is required to bring ladies to the school, lock them inside the lockers using tentacles, make them wear pleated short skirts against their choice, and convince them to establish a romantic relationship with the player.

In order to prevent girls from leaving the locker room, you are required to click a button that will bind them with the tentacles of the locker. Having fun can be yours simply by inviting the gals into your locker.

This game has a very unique concept, and a lot of people find it to be very interesting and fun to play. In addition to that, this game is filled with romance, and it has a very simple and user-friendly user interface, as well as very simple controls, and it has good graphics.

Controls Information

  1. Use the arrow keys or the A and D keys to navigate between the various lockers.
  2. Pressing the R key will bring up the “locker creator panel” of the current locker, which is currently vacant. The bottoms of the doors of empty lockers do not have the tentacles that are typically found there.
  3. Press the space bar to “catch” a girl who is standing in front of the locker that is now active.
  4. Enter this code to view the explicit animations known as “locker scenes” of the currently active locker, which will only display if the locker in question has a female user who is engaging in sexual activity.
Lovecraft Locker Mod Apk Unlocked Everything

Features of Lovecraft Locker Mod APK Unlimited Money

You have access to the whole game, including all of its features and deposit possibilities, as well as the ability to unlock premiums within the Lovecraft Locker Mod Apk Unlimited Money. This feature is exactly the same as that found in Heist Call and other simulation games. Where you can obtain an endless amount of money is currently the most popular new offer available in the modified game.

Easy To Play

It is expected that the game will be fun. To be truly engaging, the gameplay needs to be captivating and able to form habits. This will allow you to connect with the game and be motivated to learn more about the world.

If the controls are difficult to understand, the game will be difficult to play. You won’t have any difficulty playing this game because to the intuitive controls and straightforward layout of the interface.

This is in no way a game, nor is it a straightforward victory. In your game, the players will be put in challenging situations and must overcome challenging barriers. You need to get rid of them in order to make progress toward a particular goal.

Lovecraft Locker Full Android Apk


The images or aesthetics aren’t terrible, but on some levels, you’ll get to witness some gruesome scenes that could not be suitable for youngsters or persons less than 18 years old. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that only those older than 18 years old participate in this game.

When you start up this game for the very first time, you will be sent to a room that resembles a locker room. The locker room is located in the corridor, and there are always several girls milling around in there when it’s being used.

Accessible All Around the World

Things that you were previously unaware ever existed will not be found in this location. There are other people located all around the world that are looking for new forms of entertainment. You’ll find everything you need right here, and we’re always exploring for new and exciting ways to make your experience that much more satisfying.

Lovecraft Locker Mod APK Unlocked Everything

Prepare to demonstrate your prowess in the tentacle locker mode, and take pleasure in unlocking all challenging levels to lower the game’s difficulty and complete levels to get access to more challenging levels.

Unlocking all of the characters will allow you to have fun meeting extra gorgeous girls who will add more excitement to the game. Where all of the women in the tentacle wardrobe apk can effortlessly unlock their closet doors.

Free Shopping: In addition to the various advantages offered by the new upgrade, you will receive free shopping at the Tentacle Storage Locker and simple access to everything you require.

No Ads

One of the most impressive new additions and improvements to the game. The process of permanently removing pop-ups and advertisements from the backgrounds of video games.

User-Friendly UI

You won’t need much time to become familiar with the user interface of the Arm Storage Locker MOD. A straightforward user interface may be found in this area of the game.

Neither permission nor root access are required in order to install the game. Because there is no need to root your device or obtain any other authorization in order to play the latest video game, which is entirely trustworthy. Only this MOD version may use all of the previously released features, in addition to the other new enhancements. It is compatible with all different versions of the iPhone and Android.

This is the case in spite of the numerous recent game improvements. However, Lovecraft Tentacle Locker MOD APK for Android is available for download and installation on your device, and it features amazing performance and a minimal file size.

Key Features of Lovecraft Locker Mod APK Latest Version

  • The video game is made more exciting and gives the impression that you are actually playing a genuine game thanks to the high quality 2D graphics that are included in this free download of Lovecraft Locker Apk for Android-enabled phones.
  • This Lovecraft Locker App mobile game’s sound design, gameplay, and plot are all of such high calibre that they make the game even more engaging than it already is; this is one reason why the game has become so popular.
  • Lovecraft Locker APK Available for Download on Android This game offers a very straightforward and visually appealing user interface, which makes the game’s various controllers, settings, and other elements extremely easy to comprehend.
  • You will find an intriguing video game here in which young women are required to calm down and take some time for themselves before heading back to the shelter. Through the use of witchcraft, a woman can be drowned in its depths.
  • You can play a casual game in which the player has the option of choosing high school girls and requiring them to dress in skirts.
  • Play this incredible game in which you have to eliminate a large number of levels of the PC game; this requirement helps to make the video game a lot more thrilling and intriguing to play.
  • The game ensures that its players never put themselves in danger and shields their personal information from prying eyes at the same time. To add on to that, you may play this video game on your smartphone without having to sign in first.
  • Play Lovecraft Locker Apk is a video game that does not require any payment to be made in order to play it. Both of these websites offer direct download access to this video game; choose whichever one best suits your needs.

How To Download Lovecraft Locker Mod Apk Full Version For Android

The following is a list of the procedures that need to be taken in order to download and install Lovecraft Locker Mod APK:

  1. You will need to click on the provided download link in order to get the Lovecraft Locker Mod APK Unlimited Money file.
  2. After you tap and wait for twenty seconds, your download will begin shortly thereafter.
  3. On your Android smartphone, you need to make sure that the setting for Unknown Sources is turned on. (This is a programme that was developed by Android that protects your Android device from malicious software and applications that are not officially endorsed by Android.)
  4. Activate the device you’re using. Unknown setting anticipates that you will navigate to Settings > Security > Unknown sources and activate the setting there.
  5. Tap on the Lovecraft Locker APK file once you have navigated to your File Manager or the section of your device where your downloaded files are stored and arrived at that point.
  6. After tapping, the install option will appear on the screen, at which point you will need to tap it once more. The installation will then start, and it will be complete after some time has passed.
  7. Now that you have it, you can have a wonderful experience with it!

Requirements And Additional Information

NameLovecraft Locker Tentacle Lust Mod Apk
DeveloperStrange Girl
GenreVisual Novel
ModUnlimited Money and Unlocked Everything
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Lovecraft Locker Mod Apk Download

Lovecraft Locker Mod Apk Download Mediafire

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"Download Lovecraft locker Mod Apk" Unlimited Money and to also unlock all of the Premium features that are included in this game. The link to get the "Lovecraft locker Mod Apk for Android Latest Version" can be found further down on this page. Simply click on the link to begin the download. The staff at works tirelessly day and night to provide you Mod Apks that are 100 percent risk-free and secure, with the goal of making some aspects of your life simpler and more pleasurable for you. Enjoy!

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