Light Chaser Mod Apk For Android 2022 (Unlimited Money)

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This free game for Android you can’t afford to miss is called “Light Chaser”. Hello Everyone Today I am back with another Adventure game Light Chaser Mod Apk for Android. This is online game and you need to Internet connection to play. Please stay with us till the end for more information about this game.

Light Chaser Mod apk Android

Light Chaser Mod Apk

Light Chaser is online Adventure mod game for Android released on Jul 27, 2018. It’s been 3 years now and game developer company “EYOUGAME” are sharing 3rd Anniversary celebration with their audience. You can also join the 3rd anniversary party by playing this game. Three years ago, we started on this journey with you, and to say that we are grateful is an understatement. Thank you so much for all your generous support. In return, we’re going to be giving out awesome rewards when the new server launches.

Become a VIP 6 today and achieve VIP 7 in 7 days. Custom outfits, S Class Minions, and Transmo, which are free, are given as rewards. Parts are ready to be mounted. We’ve also planned some special events just for you. Make the most of your time!

3rd Anniversary Event and Offers

Since the launch of Light Chaser, it has been three years. A staggering and exuberant open world where you live the life of a hero and design a cosy abode with your significant other, where you enlist in adventures and charge into action-packed conflicts with your buddies. No matter how much social interaction or hardcore fighting you like, you can discover your own fascinating universe in Light Chaser!

For your dedicated patronage, we will be offering excellent rewards when the new server launches. Register as our VIP 6 and advance to VIP 7 in 7 days. In addition to receiving 100x experience points and great goodies like cool outfits, Class S Minions, and Mount Transmogrification for FREE, you can also gain these benefits. Are you concerned about your advancement? Stop worrying, every system will unlock over the course of seven days to allow you experience the excitement even sooner! Furthermore, we have a plethora of benefits-filled events prepared for you! Make the most of every opportunity.

Light Chaser Apk download

Features of Light Chaser Mod Apk 2022

Herer the all about game features and about Gameplay. Many features you are available in the which make this game more enjoyable.

  • HD Graphics And HD Audio:- There is nothing but raw power behind the new Unreal Engine 4, with eye-popping visuals, lifelike gameplay effects, and a large map that can be utilised in Battle Royale. Immersive 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel surround sound make it feel like you’re really right in the middle of everything while you play.
  • Massive, Map-Sized World:- going to get deeply immersed in the immersive 3D fantasy world!
  • A non-discriminatory, high-quality game environment”:- We have a powerful anti-cheat system in place to make sure Light Chaser is an enjoyable and fair experience for all players.
  • Growth Funds, Diamond Rewards, free VIP, and Divine Pet are all there for you to enjoy!
  • Breathtakingly beautiful effects:- Breathtaking and delicate effects will allow you to experience something that is beyond reality.
  • Incredible ability:- Your jaw will drop in amazement when you see the amazing fighting skills, breathtaking visual effects, and basic operations! In order to win, all you need is your technique!
  • Well-designed and stylish costumes”:- Because you have so many outfits to choose from, you have the freedom to project your personality into the game!
  • Gothic-style feathered wings:- Not only are the Wings in the game completely aesthetic, but they also have a distinct purpose in the game. If you go with them, you can reach any destination you desire.
  • Guild against Guild war:- Invite your friends and form a guild to help you on your quest.
  • Highly-advanced competitive multiplayer combat”:- The game offers a variety of PvP-related scenarios, such as clan war, and also provides intense game experiences, such as battle royale.
  • In games, you will find your soul match:- Talks of having a century-long wedding ceremony as her ultimate goal. People can want to create a crisis to ruin other people’s weddings because they’re jealous of other people getting married. For an added boost of excitement, we have a variety of wedding-related wedding festivities to include.

Let the adventure of Light Chaser begins!

Light Chaser Mod apk download android and ios

Additional Information

  • This game is rated for players aged 12 and up, according to the rules established by the game software rating regulations.
  • The imagery in this game includes combat, sexual, or attack-related imagery that is not bloody, and/or imagery that makes you slightly uneasy.
  • By implementing game design, players can engage in virtual relationships or marriages.
  • A top-up store is available in this game. It is recommended that you spend your money carefully according to your unique interests and abilities.
  • Engaging in long hours of gameplay may impact your daily life and routine. When it comes to rest and exercise, you should do so in moderation.

System Requirements of Light Chaser Mod Apk

NameLight Chaser Mod Apk Android
PlatformAndroid and iOS
Devices VersionAndroid 9 and iOS 10
ProcessorSnapdragon 400
Online / OfflineOnline
Light Chaser Mod apk

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