Kizuna Player Apk 2.1.0 (No Ads) Download For Android [MOD]

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Now Kizuna Player Apk Download is available for Android and iOS. You can enjoy Latest Version of Kizuna Player Mod Apk No Ads with Unlocked All. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can Download and install it on Android without any problem so please stay with us till the end.

Kizuna Player Apk English Version

About Kizuna Player

Enjoyable time can be had by playing dating simulation games. During the game, you will have the opportunity to choose a partner and have simulated conversations with that person. This category of games includes, for example, Kizuna Player Apk, which, due to the presence of mature content, should only be downloaded by those aged 18 or older.

The character’s sound and voice, as well as the background noise, have been made to seem as genuine as possible by using recordings collected from our actual environment. The player will not actually play this character in the game. You also have the option of automating the game, which will allow you to watch it being played without having to do anything. You can improve the quality of your gaming experience by adjusting the BGM volume and speech volume independently through the settings menu.

There are only two language options available for the app: Japanese and English. Mirroring the user interface is another option for viewing the graphics from different perspectives. Once you have accomplished the objective of each level, the auto-finish mode will terminate the game for you automatically. The plot is amazing, and depending on how you interact with it, you will get a different outcome.

Kizuna Player Mod Apk No Ads

Gameplay of Kizuna Player iOS and Android

The gameplay is really straightforward and places a primary emphasis on having a good time. The game does not include any challenging or convoluted activities. You merely need to use gestures in order to carry out actions and achieve the results you want.

Since it is a game geared towards adults, the primary objective will be to complete challenging tasks in order to gain access to a button that will allow the player to complete the mission. You can experiment with and play the game from a variety of postures, each of which offers a unique visual experience.

In this version of the game, there are no control buttons. In order to do actions, you will have to employ gestures on the screen, such as swiping your finger up and down, right and left, and left and right. You will notice that there is a gauge metre on the left side of the Home page of the game.

Kizuna Player Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

Auto Mode

This metre will increase as you complete actions. You can locate the button for Auto Mode in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you press this button, the character will perform the action automatically, and you will be able to observe it and take pleasure in it. After that, a tiny arrow button will appear on the right side of the screen. This is the button for accessing the Menu.

When you tap the arrow, various choices will appear on your screen for you to select from. There you will find a button labelled “Hand,” a button labelled “Self-Enjoyment,” a button labelled “Mouth,” and buttons labelled “Front Fun” and “Back Fun.” You can also remove the character’s attire using one of the options that appear below these buttons in the menu that opens up. The next button is labelled “Settings,” and it allows users to make adjustments to the audio, the speed, and other aspects of the game.

Features of Kizuna Player Mod Apk Unlocked All

The Kizuna Player App is a dating simulation in which users take on the role of their favourite anime character and interact with other players. The amazing features of the Kizuna Player Apk are as follows:

Simulation of the Character

You have complete control over the outcome of the game at any time by selecting the actions you wish to do with your date. In this game, you will not have the option to select the gender of your date.

Graphics and Sound

The visuals are in a style similar to anime, which is a high-quality 2D. The images are realistic, despite the fact that the game is played in two dimensions, and this includes both the voices of the characters and the background music.

This game has background music, sound effects, and voice acting. Simply said, BGM is music, the volume of which may be adjusted or made reactive via the game’s settings. When you simulate your character, a certain amount of background noise is generated known as the SE. You may make quick adjustments to the sound by going to the settings.

Kizuna Player Mod Apk No Ads

The Kizuna Player App is completely free to use. You are not required to pay for any kind of membership or make any kind of in-app purchases or purchases of physical goods. This programme does not display advertisements despite the fact that it is free to use.

The vast majority of free games display advertisements in order to generate cash, but not Kizuna Player App. The overall quality of the gameplay and the gaming experience is guaranteed to be improved when advertisements are removed from the game.

Easy To Play

You can play this game in automatic mode if you become sick of having to press the buttons every time you want to move forward. When you switch to auto mode, all of the game’s operations and gameplay will be completed automatically according to your preferences.

This is one of the games that is the least difficult to play. You have the option to pick the game you wish to play and set it to play automatically. From there, you may win the game with a few simple clicks. However, because this is an adult-only game, anyone younger than 18 years old should not download it.

Key Features of Kizuna Player Apk Latest Version 2023

  • Visuals-wise, the game features really good two-dimensional visuals. It has the sense of an anime and some fantastic visuals to accompany that.
  • Sound: Not only does it have realistic character sounds, but it also has sound effects for the action. All that is required to elevate the player’s excitement to the next level is for it.
  • Free to Use: You won’t be charged for making use of it. To participate in this game, you won’t need a membership of any kind.
  • The fact that the game does not require users to register makes it a secure option to play. In addition, in order to participate in the game, it is not necessary for you to disclose any personal information.
  • The game has a simulation in which players are given the opportunity to interact with the game character. You are at liberty to engage in any exciting activity with your date.
  • Interface: It has an interface that is both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing to look at. The user interface was developed to make the game simple to play and navigate.
  • Auto Mode: The game provides gamers with an option to play in Auto Mode. When you are worn out from repeatedly tapping buttons, you can enable this option instead. You are free to sit back, relax, and take pleasure in the game.
  • No Interruptions: The game does not contain any pop-ups or advertisements of any kind. You won’t be stopped or hindered in any way while you play the game.
  • Characters That Are Enticing The adorable characters in the game are more than adequate to increase the level of excitement that players feel to the maximum possible level.

How To Download Kizuna Player Mod Apk For Android

  1. The Kizuna Player APK is available for download from the “Download” tab for Android users.
  2. Within the next 20 seconds, “Download Now” will appear.
  3. The download will begin in a new window when you click the Download button on the Kizuna Player Apk Mediafire Link.
  4. This APK requires Unknown Sources to function properly.
  5. Installing the game’s APK is required for those using Android.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameKizuna Player
Developer NGL Factory
Platfrom Android
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Kizuna Player Apk Download


Kizuna Player Apk is a simulation game that features beautiful artwork and a cast of unforgettable characters. Because some of the game’s graphics are intended for people over the age of 18 and require their consent, this game can only be played by adults. This application can be downloaded on any Android smartphone with a version of the operating system that is higher than 5.0. You may date in a roleplaying game with anime characters if you download the Kizuna Player Apk.

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