KineMaster Vs PowerDirector – Which is the Best Video Editor App

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Hello Friends, Today I am going to do comparison of KineMaster Vs PowerDirector. Which is The Best Video Editor App in Android and Which is the best video editor for YouTube Videos. On the competition with PC there are many professional video editings softwares on Android which you can get easily for free. Although all of them features their premium paid versions but still free versions provides all facilities which is needed to export a professional video. Among all Video Editors Two Softwares are very well known by YouTubers. The first is KineMaster and Second is PowerDirector but which one is the best? So Let’s do analysis.

KineMaster – Editors Choice

Why choose KineMaster? Let’s know all the features of it. Kinemaster also has premium a version but you don’t need to pay them for the premium as long as you are ok with their watermark and few Ads. Ads are not that much annoying as they don’t interfere in video editing features.

KineMaster Vs PowerDirector Comparison and which is the best Video Editor app
KineMaster Features

Kine Master Features

  • Choose Multiple videos – The common feature that every editing software must have. You can add over 100 video clips to make them one. In fact there is no limits to add video clips.
  • Video layers – you can choose only 1 video layer at once. Choosing a video clip as layer means to show that clip at the corner of the base video that you are editing.
  • Photo layers – Unlike video layers, photos as a layer has no limits, you can add as much as you want.
  • Video Speed and Slow – You can speed up the video upto 8x. Video will not loose it’s sound whether you speed speed the video at maximum or slow the video at minimum.
  • Video color change
  • Add Musics in Videos
  • Record your own Voice to add in the video
  • Add Graphics to video clips
  • Add graphics when video clip changes
  • Video Rotation
  • Color Adjustment – Increase or decrease a particular color in the video.
  • Audio Filter – Filter all the noice from the audio.
  • Zoom video clips
  • add Stickers such as Hat, alien face, burger, hairstyle sticker and much more.
  • blur the video by FX effects.
  • Add Text in the video.
  • Increase aur decrease Audio volume
  • Capture screenshots while editing the video.
  • Export videos at Full HD 1080p Resolution and with a Frame rate of 30.
  • Increase or Decrease Bitrate of video before exporting your edited video.
  • Save Projects to edit them after some time.

Install KineMaster


Why Choose Power Director? Let’s know all the features of this Software. Usually Kine Master and Power Director are widely used by The YouTubers to edit their YouTube videos. If you are YouTuber and finding a best Video Editor then I would like to say that ignore all other video editors and install Either KineMaster or Power Director. Let’s see all features of Power Director.

PowerDirector Vs KineMaster Which is Best Video Editor app
PowerDirector Features
  • 4K Supported – Do you know that KineMaster supports HD but not 4K quality? Yes, unless you buy their Premium version, you can’t have 4K quality. On the other hand here is Power Director in which you can produce 4K videos without paying any money.
  • Multiple Clips – you can add as many clips as you want.
  • Multiple Video Layers – Unlike KineMaster, you can add more than 1 video layers in Power Director.
  • Add Multiple musics
  • Speed Up video up to 8x
  • Use FX effects ( Blur video )
  • Crop the video
  • Color adjustment
  • Reverse The video
  • Beauty Effects ( Skin Lightening effects )
  • Decrease or increase volume level

Install Power Director

Side By Side Comparison ( Kinemaster Vs PowerDirector )

FeaturesKineMasterPower Director
4K SupportedNo ( 1080p Maximum )Yes
Voice RecordYesNo
Video speed upYesYes
Voice speed upYesNo
Video cut in midstYesYes
Video cut in midst after speed upYesNo
FX EffectsYesYes
Video CropYesYes
Audio Volume up and downYesYes
Reverse The VideoNoYes
Color AdjustmentYesYes
Voice RecordYesNo
Beauty EffectsNoYes
Multiple Video LayersNo ( only 1 kYes
Multiple Image LayersYesYes
Capture screenshotsYesNo
Auto Save ProjectYesYes
Video RotationYesYes
Up and Download Video QUALITYYesYes
Export TimeDepends on Video sizeSame
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