Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk V3 For Android Download

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Hello everyone, Today I am going to give you Anime Mugen Apk game for Android. The name of this game is Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen and it’s only for Android phones means you can play this game on Android with any Emulator so let’s know about this game.

Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk For Android Download

Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk For Android

Jump Ultimate Stars is Pixel Fighting Game for Android and this game is fully like Mugen games. You know the real Mugen games is not possible to play on Android and it’s very difficult to play on Android. If you like Mugen games so you can download this Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen apk game because in this game you will see all effects like Mugen and it’s very easy to play on Android. In this Game you will see all Anime Characters with his original Attacks and amazing effects.

Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk For Android

Play Modes

Jump Ultimate Stars is based on all Anime Characters so in this game you will not see Story mode option for play but you will see normal Play mode Options so let’s know about it.

  • Team Play:- You can select 2 Characters and create your team Characters then you will do battle with other team Characters in Team Play mode. You will see 2 Type of Team Play mode first Team Acrade and Second Team Vs CPU. In Acrade you will win one battle then next battle is begin but In Vs CPU you can do one battle.
  • Single Play:- Single Play mode mode fully like Team play Mode but in this option you can do battle between one Vs one and you will also 2 more options namely Single Acrade and Single Vs CPU.
  • Traning:- You can improve your fighting skills and lean all Characters Combos and Attacks. Traning Mode is help you learn this game.
  • Credits:- You can see credits of those people that are helping for creating this Mugen.
Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk Download
Jump Ultimate Stars Full Version Mugen Apk For Android

About Characters

This Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk have 3 Versions, Lite, Mini Lite and Full version. On the screenshot you are seeing all version Characters. Lite version have 50 Characters, full version have 190 puls Characters and Mini Lite Version 55 Characters and this version is maked compressed which you will see same graphics both 2 version style. In the mini lite version you will see some new characters and battle maps. You will see All Anime Characters and Marvel much more famous series. All Characters have original anime attacks with his English sounds effects. This Mugen Apk is give you real Mugen games experience. In Lite version you will see some most popular Anime Characters but Full version you will see all.

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Gameplay of Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk Full Version

The Gameplay of this game is very easy and fully Mugen style. So let’s know about Gameplay Features which you can use in game.

  • Jumping and Punching
  • 5 to 6 Combos Attacks of every Characters.
  • 3 Types of small Super Attacks of every Characters.
  • 3 types of Big Super Attacks of every Characters.
  • Transformation.
  • Instant transmission.
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How To Install Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk on Android

  1. First of all Download Apk. The Download link is given below.
  2. Then Go to your Android phone system setting and Security option and then ON Unknown Sources Option.
  3. Then Check you Internal Memory it’s required 2GB space for Installing this Apk.
  4. After Clicking Then Install and Start Play. If Google Play protect asking allow so click on Allow for Installing this Game.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name:- Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk
  • Game Size:- Lite Version 800MB And Full Version 1.61GB
  • Apk Mod By:- AlexDzy Gaming
  • Platform:- Android
  • Genre:- Fighting
  • Online:- No.
  • Offline;- Yes
  • Android:- 5.1
  • RAM:- 3GB
  • Internal Memory minimum Space required:- 2GB
  • Processor:- Octa-Core or Plus


Version of the popular fighting game Jump Ultimate Stars that was created by a MUGEN enthusiast. The game includes the majority of Jump’s most popular characters. It is revealed in the manga and anime that each of them possesses their own special skills. You can play solo or with your pals in vs or cooperative mode.

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