Instagram Aero Apk v22.0.1 Latest Download 2022

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The most recent version of the InstaAero apk which also call Instagram Aero Apk, v22.0.1, is now available for Android, iOS and iPhone 2022. Today is the day to update to the most recent version of Aero for Instagram. This software is a fantastic substitute for GB Instagram’s features. It is an updated version of the InstaUltra apk that was modified by Soula Mods.

They are also responsible for the development of additional mods for WhatsApp and Instagram. Put that out of your mind and concentrate instead on this stunning Instagram filter created by Hazar BOZKURT.

This mod was built with enthusiasm by Hazar for anyone who is a fan of Dark mods. This Insta mod program comes with a Dark Green, Dark Blue, Dark White, and Dark Red version apk in addition to a Dark Gold version. You have the option of selecting an appropriate color theme, and then downloading apk.

It comes equipped with all of the latest and greatest privacy mods in addition to other options. The list that may be found below contains some of the best characteristics. A brief tutorial on how to download and set up this application has also been included in this update. Check that out, and enjoy using this stunning modified version of Instagram.

Instagram Aero Apk Download

About Instagram Aero Apk

Instagram Aero is a software for social networking that users can download for free to their mobile devices and use to take use of additional capabilities that are not included in the standard Instagram application. This modified version of Instagram enables users to view photographs in a better resolution and copy texts, both of which were not possible with the original version or with earlier features.

On the other hand, it is essential to keep in mind that Instagram’s parent company, Meta, does not offer official support for the application known as Insta Aero. Although it is compatible with the official photo-sharing platform, it does not update itself automatically. However, you can use it independently or in conjunction with the official platform.

Instagram Mod apk

Why Do You Use Instagram Aero Apk 2022

Insta Aero continues to attract a diverse group of consumers thanks to the abundance of functions that it offers. To begin, people who have this altered version may view everything, including their profile photographs, in high definition. The first version of the app does not include this feature.

Additionally, users may now easily download their profile photographs to their galleries from within the app. Additionally, it will cover up any stories that you have previously read, ensuring that your feed is always current and organized.

You now have the capability to toggle the autoplay feature for videos by clicking a new symbol that has been put to the very top of your screen. A button on the camera lets you choose between automatic and manual playback of videos.

You also have the ability to move at different points in the video that you are watching. You can either skip to different parts of the video, fast forward, or rewind the video. Additionally, using this software that has been hacked, you now have the ability to copy text resources such as bios and comments.

Last but not least, despite the fact that this is an unofficial modified copy of Instagram, it is essential to acknowledge that it is one of the most reliable of them, thanks to the committed community that is responsible for modifying and testing.

The login information for users is sent directly to the Instagram platform rather than being saved anywhere else on the internet. However, due to the fact that it is a third-party software, you will be required to manually update it by visiting its websites or using other platforms in addition to the Play Store.

Insta Aero Apk Latest Version 2022

Features of Instagram Aero Mod Apk Dark Blue

This mod for Instagram is loaded with a wide variety of useful features. This application was designed by Hazar BOZKURT with a great deal of enthusiasm and consideration for the health of the users’ eyes. Your eyes won’t have to strain as much because to the several dark customizations that Instagram Aero offers. You can examine its other characteristics using the list that is provided below.

Instagram Aero Apk Latest Version 2022

HD Profile Picture

You have the ability to view any user’s profile picture, regardless of whether it is public or private, in its full size simply by pressing and holding the image (HD quality).

You can also download any user’s profile picture by pressing and holding it for two seconds. This gives you the option to do so.

To enable “Long Tap to Zoom,” go to the Profile menu, then select AeroInstra Settings > Feed.

You may be able to view the profile picture of another user in high definition if you press and hold the image for a few seconds. In addition, you now have the option to zoom in or out of the image for a more satisfying interaction with its functions.

Instagram Aero Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

Download Anything (Reels, IGTV, Videos, Stories, Images)

In a nutshell, you can download all of the reels, stories videos, and IGTV videos with just one click. Additionally, you can download all of the articles. You can keep all of your most treasured reels and images in a gallery that is accessible at no cost.

You may download the profile picture of practically any person by expanding their profile image, then pressing and holding on the image for a few seconds.

Hide View stories

You may enable this feature by going to Instaero Settings > Privacy, where you will notice one option that says “Do not notify anybody that you watched Tales.” If you click on this option, nobody will be able to tell that you have viewed their stories.

Instagram Apk

Hide Read DM

You can complete the task by selecting the Privacy option that is included inside the Settings menu of the Instagram app. You will see a choice there that says “Do not designate communications as studying,” and you can select this option.

Simply enabling this option will prevent your messages from giving away your Seen status. It is also possible to change it by pressing on and maintaining the dialog, and then the other option of “Mark as read” alternative will soon come. This is another way it is possible to change it. Then you should simply tap that.

Copy Comments on social media

Hide Typing

Again, you may hide your own typing by going to the Settings menu on Instagram and selecting the Privacy option from there. Where at least one option to “Hide my own typing.” will undoubtedly be available. When this occurs, it is possible to hide your typing.

Insta Aero Mod Apk May Be Used To Open Any URL

You will find an option to “empower in-app browser” if you navigate to the settings menu and select the “General configurations” submenu. Doing so will allow you to turn on this feature. If you enable this feature, you will no longer need to use a separate browser to access the Instagram website.

Instagram Apk Copy Comments

Comments will be Copied and Translated Below.

You can copy a remark by first selecting the remark, and then by touching the icon that looks like a timeless copy of the statement. If you want to translate something, you’ll need to select the option for translation that’s supplied on the other hand.

Turn OFF Gestures Used for Navigation

If you choose to enable this option, the gesture that is performed when your finger is placed on the home display will be turned off. To enable this, navigate to the Instaero Settings menu, select the General settings tab, and then click the alternative labeled “Slide Navigation.”

Get Followers on Insta Aero

Key Features of Insta Aero Apk Latest Version 2022

  • View and download high-definition versions of any Instagram user’s profile images. Access anyone’s DP while maintaining the ability to zoom in and out.
  • Videos that can be sped up and slowed down.
  • Hide the read status of direct messages by using the “Don’t mark messages as read” option within the Privacy settings of Instagram Aero.
  • Mods to conceal your activity, such as “Hide View Stories” and “Hide Typing,” are available.
  • Make copies of the bio, comments, and then translate the comments.
  • If you go into Aero Settings and enable the “Start videos straight with sound” feature, you will be able to enjoy videos that start with the audio playing automatically.
  • Data Privacy: The program doesn’t save data in a private server. It is safeguarded by Instagram’s official security team in a direct fashion.
  • In all seriousness, a lot of other features have already been implemented, and more are going to be added. Simply download, set it up, and get started utilizing this brand-new app, Instagram Aero 2022 mod.

What’s New in Instagram Aero Apk Latest Version 2022

  • Several crash and clone version bugs that were in v21.0.1 have been fixed.
  • Added a font style switch for the NEON font style, which can be found in the AeroInsta settings under the Stories tab.
  • Fonts and emojis for iOS are now available for NEON font styles.
  • The base has been brought up to version
  • The feature that allows users to “Hide view live” has been refined and made more stable.
  • The “Mark as read” tool has been improved to be both quicker and more reliable in this newer version of AeroInsta!
  • Downloader functionality that has been improved (more stable).
  • Added a custom URL address for the blue checkmark that indicates a confirmed account (located in AeroInsta Settings >> Verified account).
  • Enhanced the functionality of a long tap to display a user’s profile image within comments.
  • Improved: More stable adblocker.
  • A whole new approach for copying and translating comments (Thanks to Omvir S).
  • Hidden live view has been added. The proprietors of live streams will never be made aware that viewers are watching their streams.
  • You are able to watch live streams in this manner even though the owners of the live streams will not be aware of it (AeroInsta Settings >> Privacy >> Hide view live).
  • Added: Improve the quality of the reels that are uploaded (AeroInsta Settings >> Stories >> Improve the quality of the reels that are uploaded).

How To Download Instagram Aero Apk For Android & iOS

  1. You will be able to get your hands on the Instagram Aero Modded APK if you go to the website
  2. To start playing the game, open the File Manager application and then double-click the executable file that you extracted from the archive.
  3. Make sure that “Unknown Sources” is chosen in the settings in order to resolve any problems with the installation.
  4. Choose the choice to install, then wait a few moments after making your selection.
  5. When the installation of the app is complete, you can start using it by clicking on the app’s icon.
  6. Due to this, please close Instagram Aero MOD APK and start it back up again.
  7. On your Android smartphone, the game should now be installed, and you should be all set to play it. The downloads can be installed on all of your electronic devices in a very short amount of time.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameInsta Aero Apk
DeveloperSoula Mods and Hazar BOZKURT
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Insta Aero Apk Download 2022
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It is feasible for you to use anywhere from two to three to four other Instagram modes in addition to the standard Instagram app on an Android device if you make use of this instaAero Mod Apk. You will also be able to install the official Instagram app, as well as gb Instagram, Instagram Plus, and instaAero apk on an Android device.

It's possible that you're wondering which of your Sinta arrows should make use of Instagram Plus, GB Instagram, Oz Instagram, and Insta Arrow. Because of this, my recommendation is that you simply utilize the instaAero apk as a result of it has updated the brand new future, which options you won't find in Instagram Plus or GB Instagram. Therefore, you put it to use in the application.

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