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The game “I am Fish Apk” is now available for free download on Android and iOS devices. You can now play I Am Fish Mobile, a well-known game, on your smartphone.

I am Fish Android Gameplay

It’s like this when you play: Let’s say you’d like to play a game in which you can command animals or fish. I am fish Apk, an Android simulation game, allows us to do just that. Fortunately. If you’re a fan of simulation games, you can now play as a fish. Friendships run deep among the three fish you’ve put on display for us.

I am Fish Apk OBB Download

All of them, on the other hand, had been relocated to new locations. As a result, each fish begins its life in a completely new location and environment from the very beginning. To achieve the game’s most important goal, all fish must be released from their cages. So that they can get to know each other, I’m a fish apk + obb.

I am Fish Game Download Android

In contrast to other simulation games, this one is more of a logic game. In order to progress and reach the end of the level, the player must solve a large number of puzzles. Although there are bound to be a number of roadblocks on the way. Since everyone who plays I am fish android must meet their fish pals at the game’s end, you must do everything in your power to ensure this happens.

About I am Fish Apk

My Fish is an endearing storey about four brave fish who find themselves in an aquarium after being evicted from their home and forced to live in a pet shop. After escaping the confines of Barnardshire (England’s smallest county), you join them on their journey to freedom as they swim, fly, roll, and chomp their way to the open ocean.

Get to know our stars! The goldfish is a happy, brave, and daring fish who was born to swim! Despite its slowness, the pufferfish is a kind-hearted creature that can also roll across the land. It’s no surprise that piranhas are known for their ferocity and aggression. There is no doubt that the Flying Fish is one of nature’s most lovable creatures. Despite the odds, these intrepid heroes will do everything in their power to reunite!

Having a brain sturgeon is not necessary. Challenge yourself by swimming, gliding, chewing, flip-flopping, inflating and flying. If your fish die, you’ll have no excuses, thanks to a simple and intuitive control scheme. It has a stunning coastline and charming seaside towns. For our aquanauts, Barnardshire may appear to be a serene oasis of serenity. But crossing roads, traversing roof tops, dodging deep fat fryers, avoiding wildlife such as cantankerous locals, and avoiding fragile fishbowls are just some of the dangers they face in this aquatic wonderland.

I am Fish Game Download Android

A video game called I Am Fish was released in March 2021 by Bossa Studio and Curve Games for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and iOS. There are many different kinds of fish in this game, which has a simple slice-of-life gameplay mechanic. Despite the fact that you can only control three fish in this game, other creatures are present. Goldfish, piranhas, flying fish, and pufferfish are all playable characters in this game. To top it all off, each one of these fish has its own special gameplay mechanics. The elegance of the game and the graphics in particular captivate all players.

Because of this, you’ll be able to select from a wide variety of gameplay options. Additionally, I am an Android fish apk, and each fish has a different starting environment. The first has been sucked away, the second has been submerged, and the fourth has gone missing in the wild. By completing puzzles and solving riddles, you can assist these friends in completing their goals.

The immediate surroundings of the fish are depicted using high-definition graphics. As a result, everything in the game appears bright and clear. These images brighten up the game and its surroundings. Using your Android or iOS device and the I am fish apk android app, you can communicate with these fishes in real time. Get an idea of what it’s like to dive deep into the ocean with this method. In addition to the primary puzzle mode, there are several other game modes.

I am Fish Apk Features

A group of brave fish companions who are forced to leave their homes by others are the focus of this storey I am fish can be played on a variety of devices, to begin with. There are a wide variety of gaming platforms out there. A series of objectives must be completed before you can return to your starting point. Players can avoid injury by rolling, swimming, flying, gliding, inflating, or biting their way through the game. Re-entering the water to overcome the difficulties of their journey.

Make sure the mission of Four Fishes is successful

The four fish in this game are on a mission to find their friends and be reunited, and they need all of their courage and determination to succeed. It is necessary to complete several puzzles in the I am fish game apk file before you can progress further. The difficulty of the puzzles increases as you progress in the game. Their abilities and control mechanisms are much more diverse.

Each fish possesses a unique set of skills.

In this game, you have access to special effects. This can be seen in the goldfish’s movements. Swish effects have recently been added to this I am fish download android game by its developer.

Every fish in this pond possesses a special ability that makes them stand out from the rest. As a result, they have different in-game control than other fish. Pufferfish, for example, have the ability to land on their backs and roll out. Goldfish have a “boost” option that allows them to swim faster. Additionally, flying fish have the ability to levitate in the air. The piranha fish in I am fish for Android is able to bite its way through several obstacles while reading the book.

I am Fish Android Gameplay

A cute and endearing fish-controlling game can be found even on mobile devices. Everyone is enthralled by I am fish apk’s simple and challenging gameplay. We can still find plenty of interesting tasks and levels in this game with a variety of landscapes and fish to explore. The captivating visuals of this game entice everyone to explore its expansive world.

An excellent 3D game, I am fish apk makes you feel like you’re in the ocean. Additional to that, the soundtrack makes you feel like you’re submerged. This I am fish game is the best of the best because you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

Simple controls

I suppose you could compare me to a fish. It’s fun to pretend you’re at the beach in iOS, where you can explore the structures and then return to your beach house. You are in complete control of your dish and can point it in any direction you choose.. The most important feature of this fish simulation is the simplicity of the controls.

How To Download I am Fish Apk + OBB For Android

In an incredibly varied simulation puzzle game, the lives of fish are explored after they have been separated from their homes underwater. They are in desperate need of the players’ assistance in order to return to the ocean and be reunited with one another.

Their goal was to get to the next level and be even closer with their friends, so they were pushing themselves to their limits and accomplishing difficult tasks. Here you’ll find enjoyable gameplay and visually stunning graphics.

  1. This post contains all the files you need to run the I am fish Android app. It’s not difficult at all to get the game. All you need to do is click on the following link to get started:
  2. Setting up your browser so that you can access websites you’ve never heard of is essential. You’ll be able to install the game files on your phone after you’ve downloaded all of these files.
  3. Last but not least, make sure the game’s obb file is in the correct location. Before you can install an apk file on your phone, you must first complete this step.
  4. I am fish’s primary icon will appear alongside other apps on the phone’s home screen once all of the necessary steps have been completed.

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Requirements And Additional Information

NameI am Fish Apk
DeveloperCurve Games
GenreAction & Puzzle
Online / OfflineOffline
I am Fish Apk OBB Download
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