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Now Hero’s Harem Guild Apk Download is available for Android and iOS. You can enjoy Latest Version of Hero’s Harem Guild Mod Apk Unlocked All Gallery Scenes. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can Download and install it on Android without any problem so please stay with us till the end.

Hero's Harem Guild Apk Download

About Hero’s Harem Guild

Hi! Hero’s Harem Guild is being created by me, Komisari. In Hero’s Harem Guild, you play the role of a common, low-class guy who, through a series of fortunate events, manages to avoid being killed by a powerful demon. You will be the leader of a Guild that is comprised of gorgeous explorers who are willing to work, train, and fight for you.

Within this RPG-inspired world, you can unlock fully animated and uncensored sexually explicit scenes by improving the Guild, repairing the town, recruiting new members, cultivating relationships with those who are already there, and completing quests. It already includes more than 5,000 images and 460 animations, and there will be a LOT more added in the future.

Hero's Harem Guild Mod Apk Gallery Unlocked

Features of Hero’s Harem Guild Mod Apk Unlocked All

We’ve updated the website with a history of past modifications.
There has been a version and patch update notifier added, so if there is a new version, you will be notified immediately!

  • 28 events, the vast majority of which are related to the Snowy Event.
  • 14 Lewd Events. 6 for sex and vaginal activity, and 8 for pre-sexual play.
  • 118 Pornographic Animations
  • Renpy updated from v7.3.5 to v8.0.3.
  • It looks like Joiplay is up and running again!
  • The primary menu has been redesigned and now features animation.
  • Added a brief “thank you” scene that plays when the game is opened.
Hero's Harem Guild Apk Latest Version 2023

Snowy Event

  • Immediately after finishing the content for the prologue, a SNOWY EVENT was added.
  • Your objective is to use the candies you collect to set off both lewd and normal scenes as quickly as possible while working towards a total of 13 hats.
  • You can earn candies by correctly answering questions pertaining to the prologue. (Optional)
  • Participating in a fishing-themed minigame of combat.
  • Taking a chance on them.
  • When you are out fishing, foraging, mining, or engaging in any other activity, you can find them as loot.
Hero's Harem Guild Mod Apk

Requests from the Town

  • After the fifth day, town requests become available.
  • Your working space is going to be the Request Board. You are free to arrange your requests in any fashion you see fit.
  • A fresh new request for particular things will be sent to you at regular intervals of time x.
  • When sold at a flea market, the item typically fetches a much higher price than it would in a regular store.
  • When you deliver a request, you also have the opportunity to receive affection.
  • There are a few “special” things that are green. You will be unable to obtain those items UNLESS you first comply with the request.
  • Explanation: It’s always a good idea to add more ways to get money and reduce the amount of grinding work involved. This one is entirely centred on the management of your requests, as well as providing the player with some engaging objectives to work towards in the near term.
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  • Eliminated the potentially perplexing “passive buff” items.
  • You can now accessorise your tools with various new items.
  • Instead of having a chance to break, accessories will now have a durability bar instead of a chance to break.
  • It is NOT possible to use two accessories of the same type together. (You are not permitted to make use of 2 hooks or 2 baits.)
  • When a fashion accessory breaks three times in a row in rapid succession, random number generation is not very funny.
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New Guided Tutorials for Hero’s Harem Guild Apk

  • Added a series of brief tutorials at various points throughout the game.
  • They are very quick and extremely small, but they insist that you look at their features.
  • Explanation: It appears that having a large tutorial window is not enough.
Hero's Harem Guild Apk Unlocked All Characters


  • You now have the ability to alter the music and sound volume, as well as skip or restart the entire cutscene.
  • A notification appears whenever a cinematic is about to take place inside of an event. This feature is brand new.
  • Cutscenes called “Micro” have been added.
  • The timing of the cutscenes has been adjusted so that they are now in sync with the music and the sound effects.
  • When you open the menu, the cutscene WILL CONTINUE PLAYING.
  • When a cutscene starts playing, take a seat and grab something to drink before watching it. Some of them can be thought of as individual episodes of an anime.
  • A restatement of the explanation provided by the present Komisari: Since this text is from chapter 1.

The Benefits Of Experience

  • Perks that have been updated and added.
  • The new particles are really cool.
  • Changed: Instead of costing money, most perks are now purchased with LEVELS.
  • Consuming levels will not bring the percentage of level progress down to zero. Regardless of the level, it will continue as before.
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  • The functionality has not changed, but there has been a significant boost to the performance.
  • New: the remaining time counter.
  • Something new has been added around the reel that will change colour depending on how quickly you reel.
  • Multiple rods and sprites are now available.
  • Adapted: You no longer have to click the arrow in order to change the direction in which you must reel. It’s second nature at this point.

Girls’ Stats

  • Now, thanks to the TALK dialogues, 25% of the girls will have the necessary amount of TOTAL AFFECTION.
  • Modified: The “Trust and Knowledge” Tutorial is now just “Talking” Removed: Trust and Knowledge Stats

Council of Guilds

  • Have taken away the CHEST from the Guild Board.
  • Now, the ladies will place their belongings in the GUILD CHEST.
  • Money will now be stacked by the girls throughout the day, and at the end of the day, the money will be given to you directly.
  • Now the girls will work without stopping and without any interruptions.
  • New “Exhaustion” system: When working, girls will now gradually exhaust over time, depending on how long they have been working.
  • When they are not fatigued, they are able to work at a rate that is twice as fast.
  • When they reach the point where they are exhausted, they will move more slowly.
  • In the event that they run out, you will suffer a reduction in affection.
  • When they are not working, they rest, and the rate at which they lose exhaustion is proportional to the rate at which they gain it.

What’s New in Hero’s Harem Guild Apk Latest Version 2023

  • New! A walkthrough that will introduce you to fishing in the POND, which is designed specifically for beginners.
  • Lucy’s income will decrease as a result of taking a job in the city.
  • Through the process of transferring items at shops, you will move the entire stack of items.
  • If you click on an item while it is in a shop, you will send the entire stack rather than just one.
  • When you receive a Town Request that includes a “Request” item, you will now see a new small text.
  • You can now obtain the money by retrieving it directly from the Guild Chest.
  • The Guild Board perk is only useful for automating the process that came before it.

How To Download Hero’s Harem Guild Apk For Android

  1. Download Hero’s Harem Guild Apk for Android and iOS by clicking the button below.
  2. 20 seconds to generate Download Now button.
  3. Click on Download Now to see Hero’s Harem Guild Apk iOS and Android’s official website.
  4. Mobile device-specific game download.
  5. Install third-party apps on your phone by turning on Unknown Source.
  6. Play game.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameHero’s Harem Guild
Developer Komisari
Platfrom Android
Android 5.1
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Hero’s Harem Guild Apk Download
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The adult-oriented video game Hero's Harem Guild is a three-dimensional simulation of real life. If you enjoy Adult Games that also include some fun, then you definitely need to play this game. The games provide a high-quality graphical gameplay experience with levels that are fun to play.

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