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Head Soccer Mod Apk iOS & Android

Hello Everyone today I am introducing an interesting Head Soccer offline game to you all that comes with many game modes so you can enjoy the game in many different ways. The game contains 82 Soccer players characters and many of them has their own way to play, although most of them play as same as the first character. So let’s know all about this game.

Head Soccer Mod Apk

Game Modes of Head Soccer Mod iOS iPA

the game consist of 7 modes.

  • Arcade – this is a normal mode of this game in which the one who will goal 5 times first would win. You can also kick the opponent to stop him to goal. But after all kicking the opponent is not that much helpful to win the match. So you must the skills to play.
  • Tournament – one of the most entertaining Option in which there are 8 players and you will play with top 3 out of 8. This option contains players from many different countries. Tournament mode is the best head soccer mode for collecting the coins faster.
  • Survival – The opponent keeps coming until you lose. If you failed to stop a goal from opponent even for once you will lost.
  • League – this option contains amateur, minor and major, these three are the levels of difficulty. Each league contains 18 matches between countries to match and win. Along with tournament mode, league is also one of the best way to collect coins faster.
  • Head cup – this is a world cup of head soccer that costs 5000 coins to start. Means you must have 5000 coins if you want to join the head cup tournament. 32 countries are participating in the head cup and you going to be one of them.
  • death mod – this is an advanced Version of arcade mod, the normal gameplay goes on but there are tricky attacks on the background which can cause you to death.
  • Fight mod – you will hit your opponent with the Ball. You can choose your character and also your opponent. It is a free battle mod of this game.
  • Multiplayer – you need data connection to play Multiplayer and also you must have an existing account on Google play service to play with the other human partner. You can easily Create an account on Google play services using your Gmail.

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Head Soccer Mod iOS

About Players

You will see 82 Avatars Players with Unique Special Shots. Unique Special Shots means you can do power full attack on Ball for doing Goal. This very amazing Avatars characters and now you will see Marvel Avengers Character Thanos with infinity stone hand. In this game Thanos Name is Hanos but attacks is very cool, you can see on screenshot.

Head Soccer Mod Apk Latest Version
Hanos Head Soccer Mod iPA

Gameplay of Head Soccer Apk Everything Unlocked

  • 2D based Gameplay
  • 2D Graphics
  • Health bars
  • L = Move left
  • R = move Right
  • Double Tap L and R – Move fastly
  • Kick – On the ball and on the Opponent to decrease his health level
  • Jump – kick on the ball on air by jumping
  • Power – click on power then smash on the ball to make a goal on one kick. You can do power full attack by use Power Button.

Features of Head Soccer Mod Apk v6.15.2 Latest Version

You’ll find that playing soccer is much simpler than you anticipated. It’s possible that the straightforward nature of Head Soccer’s gameplay will take you by surprise. There are no 3D characters, glossy effects, or flaming matches in this game. It’s all about soccer, and the game has been played out.

There is now only one player left on each of the teams because they are so depleted. Jumping and kicking the ball into the goal to rack up points is all that is required to manipulate the game and get a GOAL. However, the overall simplicity of the game provides you with the opportunity to reflect, put into practise, and demonstrate all of your “tricks” during each encounter. The objective of the game is to score a goal by putting the ball into the net.

However, in contrast to the actual world, the video game Head Soccer allows players to build up their achievements in order to acquire more advanced abilities. You could, for instance, fire off a lightning shot, drive your opponent back, and then simply put the ball into the net in the split second that follows.

If you come out on top at the end of each match, you will be awarded bonus points (game currency). When you have accumulated enough points, the level will grow, and you will be given the option to either upgrade existing players or purchase new ones. Obviously, the artificial intelligence (AI) becomes better based on the quality of the player that you now own.

Every game is enjoyable.

Each battle takes place in a different arena than the last. In this particular setting, the thrill of the game has been further bolstered by the presence of alternation and diversity. Players also come in a wide variety of looks, skin tones, and physiques. Players come from all over the world. It should go without saying that a player’s actual skill and strength are unaffected by their look.

Is there a time limit or a skill cap on the game?

The answer is “no” in a nice way. In addition, there are no restrictions placed on either the amount of time or the level of expertise, as well as any other considerations. If either player is able to successfully kick the ball into the goal of the opposing team, the game is over.

In addition, there are no restrictions placed on points or achievements. As the game progresses, you will continually acquire new capabilities, new strategies, and new opponents. This is what happens throughout the game. When you play this game, you will never find yourself in a dull situation.

When it comes to skills, it takes a day to run through all of them. The most important questions are whether or not you have completed enough achievements to unlock it and whether or not you are making appropriate use of it. In addition to the traditional soccer skills, the game also includes unique moves that can only be found in Tsubasa, such as using fire to increase one’s pace, freezing one’s opponents, and reducing the rate at which the ball moves… You will find it helpful at some point in the future if you unlock as many skills as you possibly can.

The game offers both an online and an offline experience for players.

You can also compete in specialised tournaments if you feel that playing 1v1 matches against AI opponents is not challenging enough for you. You create the game, give it a name, decorate it, and determine the rules before inviting your friends to play it online together with you. Every match uses the same 1 vs. 1 format, but instead of being played against AI, you’ll face other human players from across the world who are competing against each other. A significant rise was also seen in both excitement and inspiration to compete.

The game may be broken down even further through seven distinct gameplay modes, which are as follows: Arcade, Tournament, Survival, League, Head Cup, Fight Mode, and Death Mode. Simply take your time to learn everything.

Upgrades for the player

Your funds (referred to as Points) can be used to purchase new costumes and pets, as well as level up existing players. Every player has a total of six different indicators at their disposal, including Speed, Kick, Jump, Dash, Survival, and Power. You should become familiar with the capabilities and limitations of each player so that you can improve the statistics that are most relevant to them.

Graphics as well as audio

Can call Head Soccer is the football game that has the fewest number of rules in its history. You won’t be able to escape the adorable and hilarious visuals while you’re playing. Everything, from the character design to the colours, details, and backgrounds, is vibrant, in tune with one another, and adorable.

Not to be confused with argumentation, however, music is immensely entertaining and fun. Skills on the music background that integrate seamlessly and are highly catchy to listen to.

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