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The New Harry Potter Game, Harry Potter Magic Awakened free Download now is available on Android and iOS Device. This mobile game, sanctioned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Netease Games, is known as “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.”

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Game Download

Harry Potter Magic Awakened

The mobile game, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, is available for pre-registration in China. The game blends card-based combat and RPG narrative-telling, and it has ten years’ worth of plot available following the Battle of Hogwarts. Warner Bros. and NetEase created the game together, under the Portkey Games banner. In the Game Story, In 10 years’ hence, a first-year Muggle-born, unaware of the wizarding world, receives an unexpected visit from a huge man who goes by the name of Rubeus Hagrid, who delivers their acceptance letter to attend Hogwarts and takes them to Diagon Alley so they can buy their school supplies. The first year, Ivy Warrington, goes away during the Sorting Ceremony, leaving the player to assist track her down.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Apk download

Game Features

  • Retells the magic world setting from a European perspective:- Wand One was selected from the diagonal line at Hagrid’s. The Hogwarts Express then brought students to the castle where they found a warm and elegant auditorium, where they heard the singing of the branch hat. The tale will be expertly shown using European retro book-style visuals, and the mysteriousness and breathtaking nature of the fantasy world will be brought back.
  • Experience a new wizard showdown while amassing a stockpile of magical cards:- buzzing, drowsy, burning To cast a magic spell, drag the card to the spell bar. To be able to wield more stronger spells and magical animals, the wizards should work hard in the magic classroom. The conflict between courage and wisdom is just one part of the wizard showdown. In addition, your opponents contain some deceptive and violent individuals. They may also use the expression “Avadaso”.
  • look for previous echoes in the land:- Walk along the lively Diagonal Lane and say hello to old acquaintances; every image in the rotating cloister features a different face; spend time in the secret forest where powerful horses and elegant unicorns roam free… Discover iconic characters and the secrets of the past in the world of magic.
Harry Potter Magic Awakened Gameplay

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Beta Apk Gameplay

When you enrol in the Magic Academy, you will go on a strange and mystifying quest alongside other cohorts. At Hogwarts, you will see many familiar characters as well as learn a variety of exciting magical lessons. You will also be immersed in action-packed wizardry, with a few surprises to boot. Customizing your character and selecting your Hogwarts House will be among the options available to players. They will also be able to learn from their house’s Professor, explore the grounds, take extra lessons, and partake in the Duelling Club. In order to continue to grow, players will have access to new spells, make new friends, and experiment with new magic-based combat methods and spell combinations.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened All Characters

In the Game you will see 25 Characters which divided into the some category.

  • Students Characters:- Ivy Warrington, Daniel Page, Colby Frey, Fisher Frey, Lottie Turner, Robyn Thistlethwaite, Kevin Farrell, Cassandra and Unidentified student Character.
  • Hogwarts staff:- Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Rubeus Hagrid, Horace Slughorn, Minerva McGonagall, Neville Longbottom, Filius Flitwick, Pomona Sprout, Rolanda Hooch, Argus Filch, Górowski and Brindmore.
  • Other Characters:- Gossamer, Garrick Ollivander, Sorting Hat and Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Apk Download Features

You can challenge other wizards online in Dueling Club, a 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer brawl. The outcome of a match can be changed by clever positioning of your avatar, strategic card selection, and team synergy!
Gather new spells for your magic card collection by attending classes; learn how to make potions and brew them; hone your defence against the dark arts; and much more.

  • Enter with friends into the Forbidden Forest (or solo, at your own peril). Track down clues, take on dragons, and more… Become a sleuth to uncover clues and gain rewards.
  • The Unnamed Book: Relive your favourite Harry Potter moments as Harry, Hermione, and other characters.
    Get to the top of the leaderboard and win glory for your House by competing in the House Cup!
    This is the sport of choice for Wizards and Witches, so get on your broom and fly through the field.
  • The Ball: Invite a classmate to join you on the dance floor and see how well you can keep time and keep your partner entertained.
    You can catch a glimpse of Hogwarts’ nightly fireworks show by flying your broom around the school. The perfect way to end a long day of wizarding school!

Requirements And Additional Information

NameHarry Potter Magic Awakened
DevelopersWarner Bros, NetEase and Portkey Games
GenreCard RPG
PlatformAndroid & IOS
Android9 or 10
ProcessorSnapdragon 600 and more
Online / OfflineOnline
Harry Potter Magic Awakened Apk Download
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