Hailey’s Treasure Adventure Mod Apk v0.6.3.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

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Now Hailey’s Treasure Adventure Apk Latest Version For Android & PC. You can enjoy free Hailey Treasure Adventure Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems with Unlocked Everything. Today we are going to cover all about this game Simulation Game and how you can Download and install Apk OBB on Android so please stay with us till the end.

hailey treasure adventure apk latest version

About Hailey’s Treasure Adventure Apk [LAGS]

Since the title of the game is “Hailey’s Treasure Adventure,” you can assume that it is an adventure game, and the game’s plot revolves around Hailey. You can tell this because the name of the game is in the time title.

The game was created by Ingeniusstudios, and it can be purchased and downloaded for a price of $2. Prior to purchasing the full version of the game, you can try out the demo version, which offers a limited number of missions as well as some short stories.

The whole version of this game is available for free download on a wide variety of platforms, including Android, Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux computers and laptops.

The game’s developer has added a tonne of incredible new content, including new images, animations, characters, and missions. If you want to learn more about these updates, check out the section that’s below.

hailey treasure adventure mod apk unlimited money

Story of Game

One day a man visits Hailey’s farm and tells her that her father took a lot of money from his and now we want to get all the money back, but Hailey didn’t have much money to clear her father’s debt. Hailey is a young and beautiful girl who lives on a farm with her sister. One day a man visits Hailey’s farm and tells her that her father took a lot of money from his and now we want to get all the money back.

In addition to this, her father went missing while working in a mine, and as a result, her family fell into poverty and debt.

Because of this, Hailey has decided not to repay any of her father’s debts; however, the man still wants his money, so he offers her two options: the first one is to marry him, in which case he will forget about all of his debt, and she will be able to live with him for the rest of her life without having to repay his father’s debts. The second option is for her to leave him, in which case she will have to repay his father’s debt

The second choice is to travel to the mine where Hailey’s father used to work and bury a large number of treasures. Once Hailey discovers the location of the hidden treasure, she will be required to retrieve the treasure for her father, who has given them one month to complete the task.

The man then hands over a treasure map to Hailey, and the story of the game begins. As the player, your objective is to complete all of the challenges and uncover all of the valuable treasure hidden by Hailey’s father during the course of the Hailey’s treasure adventure game.

hailey treasure adventure mod apk Unlock All Skins

Gameplay of Hailey Treasure Adventure Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Diamond

You are the one in charge of the ‘Hailey’ character. One day, a wealthy man stopped by her farm while she was making travel arrangements with her sister. He explained to them that her father was in debt and that in order to pay it off, he would marry off one of his daughters. Due to the unfortunate circumstance that he has been missing for the past ten years, the sisters have little choice but to either pay the debt or marry that man.

Hailey tells him that she will pay the loan if he will just give her some time and she informs him that she will not marry him. The man, recognising an opportunity, shares with her information regarding the prior occupation held by her father. He was a spelunker. During his younger years, he came into a buried treasure and, with the assistance of 23 stone keys, stashed it away in a number of mines across the country. Those mines are inaccessible to anyone who is not carrying his blood with them.

Therefore, the man proposes a compromise in which, if she is able to deliver the treasure to him, he will absolve them of their obligation; but, there is a catch. They have one month to complete the task.

haileys treasure adventure apk mod Latest Version

Features of Haileys Treasure Adventure Mod Apk Unlocked Everything

After you have downloaded the game file and installed it on your device, you can then return to this site to learn more about the features that are included in this version of the Hailey’s Treasure Adventure Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Unlock All Skins.

hailey adventure apk

New Enemies

The programmer of this game has released an updated version that includes a total of six new adversaries, each of whom possesses their own unique set of combat abilities.

When you are attempting to complete a mission, all of the adversaries will work together to prevent you from reaching the prize, but you will have the ability to quickly dispatch them by using your combat weapon.

While engaging in combat with the foes, you can improve both your health and your weaponry to make yourself more formidable, and some of the foes possess unique and very destructive abilities.

The next edition of this game, which will be developed by IngeniusStudios, will feature an additional three foes, each of which will have a unique ability that will prevent you from obtaining the prize.

hailey adventure mod apk

Additional Animations Included in Gallery

As I stated before, the game’s developer has included six new foes, and each of these foes has an animation that can be viewed while you are carrying out an action move within the game.

The amazing part about it is that you can also store the animation in the gallery choices, and then view it several times directly from the gallery.

Check out the characters who are eligible for the animation feature here. As of right now, the animation is only available to a limited number of characters.

Honey Maker, Golem, Assasin, Vines, Head Hunter, and Mantis are all 2P items. Mantis is also a 2P item.
Spiders, Honey Makers, Zombies, and Goblins make up the “3P” monsters.

Treasure adventure apk

Hailey’s Treasure Adventure Mod Apk Unlocked All Skins

Once you have accumulated enough coins in the game, you will be able to go to the shop and see that many new and interesting skins have been added. You will be able to purchase these skins once you have accumulated enough coins.

You can use the Tomb Explorer skin to earn more gems, and the developer has stated that you can earn up to fifty percent more gems by using this skin. Personally, I think this is the best skin, but each skin has its own unique features.

You can also look forward to a new skin for the game’s main character, Hailey. Additionally, the developer of the game is planning to create a new swimsuit that will be able to increase the running speed of the game’s main characters.


Using the Teleportation function, you may now move your character quickly and easily from one location to another with just the click of a button.

To teleport your character in the game, you must first press the letter ‘T’ to set a teleporter, then enter the number 1 on the numeric keypad to teleport.

If you run into any problems while attempting to use the teleportation feature, simply restart the game.

Additional New Levels

The designer of this game has included five additional extra features, and users who have already finished all of the game’s missions can continue to play the game with some new features and stages.

If you’ve made it through all five levels of Hailey’s Treasure Adventure, then all you need to do is wait for the next and most recent version, which is version 0.6.

Mummy as Villain

The first foe in the new version is referred to as “Mummy,” and the developer planned to create this character because Egypt is home to a large number of tombs that contain treasures in the form of mummies.

Slime and a Miniature Praying Mantis

The name of the second foe is Slime, and it is a squishy, boneless organism that moves through the water. The Mini Mantis is a third foe that is comparable to the mantis but is a more diminutive version of it.

Videos and Still Photographs

Every new character has an animation, and if you complete an action assignment, you’ll be able to watch that animation play out. At this time, the animation is only available for the three new opponents—the Mummy, the Slime, and the Mini Mantis—but it will eventually be made available for all adversaries.

What’s New in Update 2023

  • Bug Fix.
  • New Chapters and Storylines.
  • More New Items Available to use.
  • Latest Version Update 2023.
  • Work in all Android Devices low to High.
  • No Minimum Requirements.

How To Download Hailey’s Treasure Adventure Mod Apk For Android

  1. Simply click “download Button” to Download the most recent version of the Hailey’s Treasure Adventure MOD APK available for download. There is nothing else that is required on your end to be done in addition to this.
  2. Please do everything in your power to avoid opening the file while it is being downloaded. Thank you. Because of this, there is the possibility of experiencing a number of different complications.
  3. The video game must be installed after it has been completely downloaded to the computer.
  4. There should be no exceptions or loopholes built into the strict adherence to all laws and authorizations; these should be built in from the beginning.
  5. As soon as the installation of the programme is complete, you are free to begin utilising each of the software’s features as soon as you are ready to do so.
  6. Launch the game and begin playing.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameHailey’s Treasure Adventure Apk
Size160 MB
ModUnlock All Skins and Unlimited Money
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Hailey Treasure Adventure Apk
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Is It Possible to Play the Hailey Treasure Adventure Apk Offline?

The Hailey Treasure Adventure video game was released by Ingeniusstudios for usage without an online connection, and users do not need to be connected to the internet in order to run or play the game.

What is the System requirements of this game?

Since the most recent iteration of the Hailey Treasure Adventure game does not have particularly stringent system requirements, you should have no trouble playing it even if the specifications of your computer, Mac, or Android device are not particularly impressive.

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