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Now God Hand PPSSPP ISO Download For Android is available. You can play this game on psp Emulator of Android mobile. If you want to play it so this is good for you because today here God Hand PPSSPP Download Zip file 200MB available for you. This is God hand PSP highly compressed file which can download anybody.


God Hand is a beat ’em up video game. Which was Developed by Clover Studio and released by Capcom. Shinji Mikami directed the film, which was released in Japan and North America in 2006, and in PAL areas in 2007 (see below). As a PS2 Classics downloadable game on the PlayStation Portable Network,

it was re-released in 2011 for the PlayStation 3. Mikami’s goal was to build a game that would appeal to both dedicated gamers and humorous relief. In Japan, it was met with a mixed reception from reviewers, and sales were small. Final video game by Clover Studio. The game has now been hailed as a cult classic.

The game is a blend of western and Japanese humour, with over-the-top characters and storyline events, according to the game’s developer. In order to construct unique combination attacks, players can map a huge number of fighting tactics to the gamepad’s face buttons. God Hands is the storey of a martial artist who uses a pair of divine arms to save the world from demons.

God Hand PPSSPP gameplay screenshot

Story of Game

When Angra, a fallen angel turned into a demon, his army ravaged the planet. Angra was vanquished by a man wielding the power of God in his hands, who sent him into exile again. The folks he saved dubbed him “God’s Hand.” As it is stated that anyone who obtains the God Hands will be “either a god or a demon”, a clan of humans was formed to protect them.

An army of demons wants Gene’s God Hand, which he possesses as a 23-year-old combatant. It’s hard to ignore his sense of justice in the face of his outspokenness. Olivia, a 19-year-old descendant of the tribe that previously guarded the God Hands, is also with Gene on his journey. The demons killed her family and she fled with one of the god hands. She grafted it onto Gene when he saved her from bandits trying to take the God Hand from her and got his right arm hacked off as a result.

Main Villains of Story

A demonic society attempting to resurrect Angra for world dominance, the Four Devas, are the major villains of the novella. Belze is the boss, Elvis is a cigar-addicted cop, Shannon is a circus ringmaster, and Azel, also known as the “Devil Hand”, is a human who also owns one of the God Hands.

In addition to the flamboyant twins who removed Gene’s original arm, there are a number of other minor enemies who appear in the game, such as: an android warrior sent by Belze twice to stop Gene, an aspiring rock duo who sold their souls to the demons in exchange for ponies, and a gorilla wearing an elaborate lucha libre wrestling mask and mask.

Comical puns and dialogue disclose the majority of the battles that take place in the game. When Gene beats Azel at the Tower of Angra, Azel’s God Hand is ripped off and given to Gene, as Azel does not want to be ruled. Gene defeats Angra with both God Hands and saves Olivia.

God Hand PPSSPP Download 200MB

God Hand PPSSPP Gold Gameplay

Players move in all directions, attack with the face buttons and perform special techniques in this 3D action game. Using a button, the player can turn around. Gene may hop up ladders, pick up things, and utilise special attacks against aberrant foes by pressing the button. On the right analogue stick, four dodge moves are assigned to the direction of the stick. Circle, Triangle, Square and X buttons can be assigned as attacks.

As a result, the player is able to perform many assaults simultaneously. For the player, there are more than a hundred manoeuvres in the game, ranging from the most basic jabs and punches to the drunken-style and capoeira martial arts techniques.

Attack and Abilities

The player’s “God Reel” (or “God Roulette”), a roulette wheel featuring moves that the player chooses, can be used to access more powerful abilities in God Hand PPSSPP. They are limited by a limited supply of Roulette Orbs, which the player may enhance by collecting “Skull Cards” located throughout each stage, which are scattered throughout the game. Roulette Orbs are required for God Reel methods. Others are basic punches or kicks to certain bodyparts.

The God Hand PPSSPP itself is a gaming mechanic that the player can use to his or her advantage. Player’s “Tension Gauge” builds up as he strikes and beats foes. During each stage, the player can also dodge assaults, taunt, employ stress-inducing attacks, or find cards to raise the tension bar. Upon reaching a certain number, the player can remove Gene’s arm bracelet to momentarily release the God Hand’s full potential. All of his strikes get more powerful and faster, and he is fully invincible.

Improve Levels

The player can increase the amount of his Tension Gauge by employing various stat-boosting items. “Difficulty Level” bar adjusts dynamically based on the amount of damage dealt or received by the player. Levels drop if the player is caught up in a flurry of punches or combos. The player’s level will improve if they deal a big amount of unanswered attacks to their opponents. “Die” is the highest overall level.

Game Stage levels in God Hand PPSSPP Android

Players will not be attacked until they are in his line of sight or attacking him during the first and second levels of the game. As you progress through levels three and four, monsters will attack you regardless of where you are standing. Auch die Angriffskraft der Feinde steigt mit den Stufen; at level Die, a fully maxed-out player character can be destroyed in just one or two attacks.

At the end of a stage, a player who has defeated adversaries at a higher Difficulty Level will receive extra bonus points. More advanced techniques can be acquired through scrolls. You may also buy or sell roulette moves and roulette techniques by visiting the shop, which is located at the bottom left of the map screen. From the map, you can also access a casino, which contains a number of minigames such as slots and blackjack. There’s also a fighting arena.

God Hand PPSSPP Game Features

  • 3D graphics with excellent definition.
  • For android and ios, there is a full offline mode.
  • Gameplay is based on the action – beat ’em up genre.
  • Combos with a lot of flash are possible.
  • The game god hand ppsspp runs well and without lags.
  • Rom specially created for the ppsspp handheld device.
  • Playing the game and pumping your opponent can provide hours of entertainment.
  • Boss fights that are both thrilling and amazing.
  • God Hand has a very well defined game plot.
  • Moves can be levelled up and new moves can be unlocked.

What’s New

  • New Combos and Attacks
  • Characters bug fix
  • All System bug fix
  • No Lag problem and run in 59FPS
  • Work on all types of Android devices like low and high.

God Hand PPSSPP Download Development

In April 2006, Clover Studio released a teaser page for the game on their website. The team behind Resident Evil 4 worked on this title. Shinji Mikami, best known for the Resident Evil series of survival horror games, was in charge of development, while Atsushi Inaba produced the game. As the two discussed the current state of action games, the idea for God Hand PPSSPP was born.

They noticed that many games in the genre were focusing on weapons rather than hand-to-hand combat at the time. With the help of a poster showing two stylized fists, Mikami approached Inaba with the idea of creating an original game with the two of them. God Hand was originally intended to be a straight-forward “hardcore action” game with no room for humour. But after a trailer for the game at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that included some comic relief, the team decided to incorporate a large amount of comedy into the game based on the audience’s reactions.

Inaba stated that God Hand is “targeted at hardcore gamers,” which is evident in the game’s challenging difficulty level.. As opposed to Viewtiful Joe and kami, the God Hand design team had no specific goal in mind when creating the graphical style of the game. No specific anime was cited as inspiration for God Hand, but Inaba points out that it “shares that same style as 1980s action anime.” God Hand appears to share many elements with classic manga and anime, including Fist of the North Star, MD Geist and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

How To Download God Hand PPSSPP Highly Compressed ISO For Android

  1. Now download the God hand PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed in 7z format here.
  2. Iso files can be extracted with the 7zip programme ( download from PlayStore any one RAR, Zarchiver and 7zipper Applications)
  3. After Extract go to play store and install ppsspp Emulator.
  4. You can now open the PPSSPP emulator and select the ISO file and start Play God Hand PPSSPP.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameGod Hand PPSSPP
DevelopersClover Studio And Capcom
Online / Offline Offline
God Hand PPSSPP ISO Download

Note: This game doesn’t runs in the regular PPSSPP emulator you use. To run this game, we have provided a unique emulator below, you need to download the emulator along with highly compressed original god hand iso.

God Hand PPSSPP 200MB

God Hand is Emulator base game so you can not play it directly on Android. You need to use psp Emulator to play this game. But if you want to Download God Hand PPSSPP ISO 200MB so it’s very difficult to compressed in 200MB. Here you will see 7Z file. God Hand PPSSPP Zip file 200MB Download not available because it’s 7Z file. If you can not able to play God Hand PPSSPP ISO so you can also try in Damon PS2 Emulator. Damon PS2 Emulator is Android PlayStation 2 Console which help you to play PS2 games on Android.

God Hand PPSSPP Users Review

God Hand is a fantastic PlayStation Portable game that was developed by the talented individuals at Clover Studios. I would go so far as to say that it is one of the most underrated games that Capcom has ever published. It is one of the last truly great games to be released on the console, and it is also one of the games that was one of the last to be released on the console.

When West Confronts East

I really like the way that God Hand PPSSPP USA delivers its tale, and one of the primary reasons why I do so is due to the fact that it does not take itself too seriously. You are a master of several forms of martial arts and have been granted access to the divine weapon known as The God Hand. The narrative is told in a very tongue-in-cheek manner, and I particularly like how it blends Eastern and Western culture in such a seamless manner. Even while the plot isn’t exactly the most in-depth thing you’ll ever read, it’s still a lot of fun to read, and it has some fantastic characters along the way.


God Hand PPSSPP is among the very finest beat-em-up games, which I have long enjoyed playing, and I consider it to be among the very best. It is without a doubt the most enjoyable of all the 3D beat-em-ups that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The majority of your time will be spent engaging in battle, since it is the only other aspect of the game.

Thankfully, the game’s fighting system is a lot of fun to play around with. You are able to serve up these incredible combinations and configure the buttons according to your preferences. It could seem to be a thoughtless activity, but in reality, it is everything but. Even while it may seem to be nothing more than a button mashing exercise, this game is really rather difficult. You won’t only become better, but you’ll get better quickly if you play God Hand.

The adversaries will keep you on your haunches until you discover out how to eliminate all of them in the most effective manner. I like the challenge, although I can see why other people would find it to be a bit off-putting.

Sounds And Appearances

As I already said, the tale does not take itself too seriously, and this facetious attitude is reflected in the amazing cut sequences. In terms of visual quality, Clover Studios delivered an outstanding performance. This is a very late title in the PSP’s life cycle, and in all honesty, I would not say that it is the best-looking game on the console.

However, given the circumstances, Clover did the best they could with the visuals given the circumstances. The score is amazing, the game has a catchy theme tune, and all of the thuds, pounds, and shouts are well suited to the action. In addition, the general appearance of the game is something that is extremely nicely done, and it has a rocking music that plays while you are engaging in combat.

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