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Now GB WhatsApp Apk Update 2023 Download is available for Android. You can enjoy GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Latest Update Version 2023 Download on Android. Today we are going to cover all about this App and how you can Download and install it on Android so please stay with us till the end.

For the most recent version of GBWhatsApp, download the official APK now. WhatsApp dominates the market for messaging apps. Many desirable characteristics, however, are absent. When all else fails, Gb WhatsApp is there to save the day. In comparison to the original Whatsapp, gbwhatsapp APK boasts twenty or more extra functions. Detailed instructions for using Gbwhatsapp are provided below.

GB WhatsApp new version

About GB WhatsApp Apk

There are a number of different WhatsApp Mods available, including WhatsApp Plus APK and GB WhatsApp download APK. With this WhatsApp Mod, you have all the same functionality as the original WhatsApp, plus some extras. It retains essential features like broadcast messaging and pop-up notifications while introducing many others. These include support for a wide variety of languages and screen resolutions, as well as advanced messaging capabilities, theme customization options, icon and icon style options, voice control, profile management, and location tracking.

This WhatsApp tweak, in comparison to the stock app, adds a number of handy features. You may hide your last seen, blue tick, online status, and other similar indicators, which is arguably one of the best features. Many folks find this to be excellent.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download

Features of GB Whatsapp Apk Update 2023

It’s time to upgrade your Android device with GB WhatsApp Pro Apk and experience a new standard in mobile messaging.

Address Messages (New)

You won’t have to re-read every communication ever again. When you tap and hold a message, five emoji will show (Like, Happy face, Red Heart, Shocking Face, and Sad face). the same as the Facebook-style reaction buttons. Demonstration in the video below.

Universal Delete Protection

Among the many impressive capabilities of GBWhatsApp Pro, this is a top pick. The original WhatsApp included a function called “Delete for Everyone,” which you may be familiar with. You will never be able to erase the file from your end if someone else uses that function to delete a faked message from your chat. To prevent a revocation, as in this case.

GB WhatsApp free download

Recover Previously Hidden

If you’re looking for a way to conceal your online status on GBWhatsApp, you’ve come to the perfect place. In this article, you’ll find detailed instructions for keeping your WhatsApp last seen secret from all of your contacts.

The last saw status in WhatsApp notifies your contacts of the last time you used the app. Because of security or privacy concerns, we have to disable this function at times. You can find this function in WhatsApp by default, and if you utilise it, you’ll be able to check when other users were last active.

The fascinating part is that after you activate this option, you will be able to see e others’ Last seen, thus I’m going to share several distinct hues with you today.

Responding to Messages Automatically with GB WhatsApp 17.10 Update

You can enter a personalised message before going offline, and it will be sent to everyone who tries to contact you at that time.

It’s Important to Keep Your Word, Communicate with pinpoint accuracy. Send well wishes to a specific person at at the right time by writing and scheduling a personalised message to be delivered to any contact.

WhatsApp GB

Cover Up Your Drafts

Turning off the Writing Status in the bar ensures that other users cannot see what you are typing.

Getting a lot of unsolicited contact lately? Make sure no one knows whether you are online or not by setting your Online Status to “None.”

A Bunch of Stickers

It includes a large library of premade stickers for you to use immediately. More Stickers are available at no additional cost in the Google Play store.

To prevent others from discovering that you are in the midst of recording a voice message, you may simply turn on this option.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download 2022

Carpooling Automatically

When using GBWhatsApp Pro, you can send audio files of up to 100 MB in size, eliminating a major restriction on the app’s previous iteration.

The same is true for video; WhatsApp supports HD video up to 1024 MB in size. Verify that the recipient likewise has GBWA.

GB WhatsApp Pro now supports more than 30 images. Select up to 100 media files at once to send to an unlimited number of recipients.

Cool Checkbox with Radio Button Symbol

Modify the Default Symbols for Single and Double Ticks in Bullion. The trendy “check mark” symbol is available in over 30 variations.

You may wish to conceal GBWhatsApp or replace the uninspiring icon that appears by default when you launch WhatsApp. There are over one hundred fashionable WhatsApp icons to choose from.

In addition to customising the icon for the app itself, you may also alter the icon used to indicate new notifications. It can be confused with the Telegram or Instagram emblem if you so choose.

Status After 48 Hours

Awesome! There will be no more Status Miss, Typically, WhatsApp Statuses disappear forever after 24 hours have passed. The Status of a user can be viewed for longer than the standard 24 hours with this functionality. The app has this function turned on by default.

Characteristics That Really Matter

Check out the awesome functions of this WhatsApp Mod. Which means you’ll have a lot clearer understanding of why you need this app.

A built-in auto-reply function has been added to this.mod. Among the many useful features is the ability to set up automatic responses to common types of communications, such as the ones listed below.

GB WhatsApp Update Apk Download

Key Features of GB Whatsapp Without Ads

  • Brand-new emoji and other emoticons built into Android Oreo, in addition to other amusing stickers
  • The Do Not Disturb (DND) setting helps you stop the app from communicating with the outside world, blocking incoming messages from friends and family. It also aids in lowering the possibility of privacy and security breaches.
  • Provides the option of altering photos and videos before emailing them while keeping their original quality intact.
  • You can send as much as one hundred files at once and not have to worry about any download problems.
  • Get on the phone and call people, both those in your address book and others you don’t know.
  • The automatic media download functionality can be activated for specific groups.
  • The stories and pinchats you save on your phone can be read at a later time.
  • Try to conceal your blue ticks, second ticks, and so on.
GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version download

Why Use GBWhatsApp APK 17.10

Here are some of the reasons why GBWhatsApp is so awesome and why it is so popular right now. Because it provides twice as much space for sharing multimedia files as the official version does, which is only one of the many useful things it provides. With GBWhatsApp APK, it is simple to send files of a significant size to one another. It conceals a plethora of useful functions.

If you keep going through this post, you will be able to learn everything there is to know about this mod (GB WhatsApp). In addition, this article provides information about the features of GBWhatsApp, as well as its benefits and drawbacks, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the app’s legality and appropriate use.

Finally, the article concludes with “The Final Verdict,” in which the authors share their opinions and engage in conversation with the site’s visitors. Stay with us until the very end so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to download this software and avoid feeling any regret in the future.

The most important information regarding the “GB WhatsApp Download” functionality is presented in this section. The most recent version includes many features, one of which is the ability to share multimedia files (we can share larger & bigger files with GB WhatsApp as compared to the official version). There are features that are hidden, themes that may be changed, support for numerous accounts, and a lot of other unique features.

GBWhatsApp is everyone’s favourite messaging application because the official WhatsApp client lacks the vast majority of the functionality that can be found on GBWhatsApp APK. You can read the post if you want to learn about all of the characteristics of this unique mod as well as the most recent news regarding it.

GB WhatsApp Mod Apk

What’s New in GBWhatsApp Update Pro v17.20

There have been various bug patches and general enhancements made to the application in the most recent version, which was just launched earlier this month. As we have seen, there are some bugs and glitches that users are encountering. For example, there are some bugs when adding sticker packs, or when calling people in a group. However, there have been some improvements made, and you can check them out here.

  • We still rely on this, therefore it’s important that you’ve fixed all the kinks and errors.
  • More recent emojis have also been included.
  • Calling on members of the team you’re currently working with is a possibility.
  • An issue that arose when downloading stickers from the Google Play store is now fixed.
  • The issue where a crash may occur when looking for themes has been fixed.
  • The app will be more reliable going forward.
  • Don’t fret over the ban; it’s very reasonable. A ban cannot stop GBWhatsApp.
GBWhatsApp Update 2022

Good and Bad Thinks Of GP Whatsapp Downloading Apk

If you don’t understand much about the Good and Bad things, you can read all the information that is provided below in this section of GBWhatsApp. This is the section that explains the Good and Bad things. I really hope that this may assist you in comprehending the app.


You should already be familiar with the benefits of using GBWhatsApp after reading about all of its features. It has a large number of features that are not going to be included in the official app.

You have the ability to exchange larger audio and video files, you can hide your online status, and there are many more features that are available, as you may have read in this article. On the other hand, every application that has certain benefits also has some drawbacks.


You are aware that GBWhatsApp possesses a plethora of features that are of the highest quality. However, the official developer team does not encourage doing so at all. If you use this app for an extended period of time, you risk having your WhatsApp account permanently disabled.

Therefore, the most effective way to avoid being banned is to make use of a temporary number. If you only need to use WhatsApp for a short period of time, download the GBWhatsApp APK. I wish you the best.

How To Fix GB WhatsApp Apk Not working

How To Download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk 17.20 Latest Version For Android

If you want to successfully install this Mod on your device, please refer to these instructions. After that, have fun with your newfound knowledge and put it to good use for yourself.

  1. To Get the GBWhatsApp APK, Click Here
  2. The application package (APK) file must be downloaded to the mobile device first. To get it, just click the “Download” icon up top.
  3. Release the GBWhatsApp APK Installer.
  4. After the software has been successfully downloaded. All it takes to download the app is a tap.
  5. Prepare your device by downloading the GBWhatsApp APK.
  6. If you want to begin the installation procedure, you must click the Install button. Let the APK download and installation process run its course on your smartphone.
  7. Fire up the GBWhatsApp client.
  8. After the app has been downloaded and installed, an Open button will appear. If you want to enjoy it so Open it.

How To Install GB WhatsApp Apk Latest Version November 2023

The App is available for download and installation on both rooted and unrooted devices. To root your devices, you can get KingRoot for Windows or Mac. That means you’ll get a better version of WhatsApp Messenger with all the same great features but none of the complexity.

Make sure your mobile device allows the installation of apps from unknown sources before beginning the download of this mod. If you’re using Windows and want to play Android games or use Android apps on your computer, then you should read this guide.

What exactly is the procedure for accomplishing this? As a matter of fact, the vast majority of us probably have that option turned on already. However, here are the necessary measures to take before installing an app for the first time:

  1. As a first step, you should access your phone’s preferences.
  2. To get to the bottom of the settings, scroll down. Click the tab labelled “Security” to see these options.
  3. The setting to “Allow Installation of Apps from unknown sources” may be found over there. On some devices, you may just see “Unknown Sources.” Turn it on, and you should be all set.
  4. As soon as you have finished enabling the function. Your Android smartphone is now prepared for the Mod installation. If you just do what I say, everything will be OK.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameGB WhatsApp
VersionLatest Version
Update OnNovember 2023
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GB WhatsApp Update Download
Download Now ,

How To Fix GB WhatsApp Apk Not Installed Error

There are a few potential causes if GBWhatsApp failed to install on your mobile device. First, since it's not officially part of your platform, you'll need to verify your account using an OTP before you can use the app. Yet, there is a more sophisticated method if you are experiencing problems updating to GBWhatsApp version 2023 on your phone.

An additional factor could be sluggish network speeds. The most recent version of GBWhatsApp APK can be difficult to download if your internet connection is slow or weak. If so, check your connection settings or try downloading the app from a different Wi-Fi network. Then, it ought to function. Check the antivirus software if the issue persists (if you have it). Some APKs cannot always be downloaded because of anti-virus software. To download and install the APK, you must allow installation from unknown sources under your antivirus programme.

Finally, provide a constant connection to the web. If your Internet connection is too slow, the app won't work. You might try reinstalling the app and restarting your phone if it's running slowly. Possibly a malfunction in your mobile device prevents installation. In this case, the app's creator can simply update the app to fix the problem.

You can get GBWhatsApp APK, install it, and use it without any problems if you have the most recent version of Android. There are, however, some frequent reasons why you might not succeed. In the device's settings, you should first see if the option to "download from unknown sources" is enabled. If it is disabled, then the download must be allowed. Second, there's an issue with your online connection. It is important to ensure that your network is stable. There are a number of other reasons why the app could not be operating on your device, such as the need to update your browser, your phone, your device's storage, etc.

There is no competition between WhatsApp and the other messaging apps available now. However, the original WhatsApp is lacking in some key functions. Every single feature is available in GB WhatsApp APK 2023. This APK adds a tonne of great functionality to the original app that wasn't there before.


GB WhatsApp is an open-source programme that facilitates textual communication by allowing users to customise the appearance of their chats through the use of different colours. It comes in a number of colour combinations, including as blue, yellow, red, and green.

If you want your chats to stand out more, try using a different hue. It works with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. By switching themes, you can alter the look and feel of your discussions, including the colour scheme used. The best thing about this software is that it's totally free! Here you can get the apk file.

Thus, these were just a few of the app's many fantastic functions. There should be more incentives to switch from the stock WhatsApp client to this Mod there. Be sure to save this page and check back regularly for the latest version of GBWhatsApp. Do not hesitate to ask questions in the space provided below.


What is GBWhatsApp Apk

There is zero coercion involved in getting Gb WhatsApp. You are well aware of the costs and benefits, therefore the decision is entirely up to you. Newer versions of GBWhatsApp have numerous useful and innovative additions. I warned you that this was a tinkered-with version, so don't take my word for it. If you're worried about having your account permanently banned by the authorities, you can use GB WhatsApp on your mobile with a temporary number. But short-term GBWhatsApp usage is fine.

Can I make voice and video calls with recent Update version of GB WhatsApp?

That's correct; we recognise the significance of this calling function. GBWhatsApp allows users to make voice and video calls to one another. In order to use this function, all you need is access to the internet. WhatsApp users can make phone calls to one another for free, provided they have access to a wireless network or a data plan. Although this function is missing from some older versions of GBWhatsApp APK, upgrading to the most recent GBWhatsApp is still a fantastic alternative.

How Can I Update My GBWhatsApp Apk

Any application's usefulness quickly declines without updates, but with regular updates and the addition of new features, an app can remain in use for years. So, GB WhatsApp receives regular updates. For the most up-to-date version, simply download the updated file from the manufacturer's website and replace the existing application.

Is It Safe to Update GB WhatsApp?

Because it doesn't need root access, GBWhatsApp is a safe alternative to the official WhatsApp that doesn't compromise device security. However, your account will be banned if you use GBWhatsApp. Therefore, I suggest a temporary contact number. To avoid having your WhatsApp account permanently banned, you should never use a number that is particularly important to you.

Can I use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in GB WhatsApp Apk

Multiple accounts are allowed, of course. You are free to utilise several accounts. Both the official app and GBWhatsApp can be installed and used simultaneously. However, you must use a separate numerical value for each purpose. Considering that your official WhatsApp account will be terminated once you sign up for GBWhatsApp. If you want to use the official WhatsApp app, you'll need a second phone number to sign up.

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