Gacha World Mod Apk 1.3.6 Unlimited Everything

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You can make a Gacha Summoner with your own personal style by downloading the latest version of Gacha World APK Mod Unlimited everything. You’ll have a lot of creative freedom to craft a one-of-a-kind character that accurately reflects who you are as a person.

Gacha World Mod APK Unlimited Money

About Gacha World

Gacha World APK is a free and fun Casual game, made by the company Lunime. It lets you make a unique avatar by selecting from a wide variety of headgear, clothing, facial features, weaponry, and more.

New content, including events and features, is added frequently. On those rare occasions, you might also find unique presents for your pals. New to the game as of late are the rarest and strongest units available: 7-star characters.

Gacha World APK for Android is a great choice if you want to play a fun mobile game with adorable anime characters. While you can play for free, you may need to make in-app purchases for some enhancements.

Gacha World Mod APK Latest Version


Collecting and calling upon characters is the focus of gameplay in Gacha World APK. To begin, you’ll design an own character.

You can customise your avatar’s appearance anyway you like by selecting from a large catalogue of clothing, hairdos, weaponry, and accessories. After your masterpiece is complete, you may begin recruiting players.

In-game cash obtained through successful questing and combat can be used to summon characters. Several playable characters can be obtained, each with its own set of statistics and set of skills.

When you acquire more summonable characters, you’ll be able to organise a formidable fighting force. The turn-based combat are easy to learn and a lot of fun, but you’ll need a strategy to beat the more difficult foes.


Several events and side missions exist outside of the main quest arc as well. The Gacha World is where you can meet other gamers and trade goods with them.

The game mechanics are intuitive and have enough depth to keep you occupied for hours. There is a lot of fun to be had in Gacha World.

Context of Play

As soon as you launch the game and create an account, you are unexpectedly drawn into the virtual world. What exciting and unexpected experiences await you? The game from Lunime promises to reveal all.

Android players will get the opportunity to play with their favourite Gacha heroes from the popular Gacha Life mobile game in a fascinating game world. Collaborate with your favourite Gacha players in thrilling gameplay or RPG adventure. Experience the game to its fullest by learning about the game’s distinctive turn-based fights, which feature stunning visuals in the anime genre.

Gacha World allows you to gather a wide variety of Gacha heroes, each with their own unique abilities and play style. Create a team using the best Gacha heroes in the game, each of them has their own special set of skills and abilities. Participate in the game’s intriguing tactics and strategies to improve your chances of victory.

Unlimited tickets

The bad forces in Gacha World must be eradicated, and you must devise strategies to destroy them. Enjoy the company of friends and fellow online players while engaging in the exciting gameplay of Gacha action in Gacha World. All of which ought to enhance your gaming experience.

Interesting Game Modes

Android players can take advantage of Gacha World’s various fantastic game modes at any time without incurring any additional costs.

Story Mode

Become familiar with the primary storyline of Gacha World by first enjoying the game’s great in-game experiences. Come fight alongside your favourite Gacha girls as they face off against the powers of evil. Defeat hordes of foes, including increasingly formidable bosses, in an effort to restore calm to the land.


In addition, the game’s already-awesome in-game events have been expanded so that players can participate in them and have even more fun with Gacha World’s wide variety of fascinating gaming. The amazing adventures in Gacha World include a wide range of themes, and you’re welcome to join in at any time. The unique event prizes you won can now be claimed.

A Competitive Gaming League

Those who are interested can now take part in the thrilling gaming of PvP actions in Gacha World, which provides a wide variety of testing situations. You can challenge your friends and other players in the highest leagues if you like. Take over the top spots in the leaderboards and play Gacha World to your heart’s content.

Boss Raids

In addition, if you’re looking to immediately immerse yourself in the boss battle adventures, Gacha World’s boss raids offer endless playtime. Take on some of the game’s most dangerous foes and earn some seriously sweet loot in return. Perhaps you could just be enjoying yourself despite facing impossible odds.

Tower Mode

Those who enjoy Gacha World for its exciting turn-based operations can also try their hand at the increasing difficulty of Tower Mode, where they can take on increasingly difficult foes. After a successful round, you can climb the tower ladders and move on to the next level.

Features of Gacha World Mod APK Unlimited Money, Gem, Ticket

  • 90 or more characters. There are a tonne of characters in this game that may be collected. By reviewing their stats prior to summoning them, you may make sure you obtain the best units.
  • Play for Free. Without investing any money, you can play this game for free and use all of its features. Even better, it allows offline play, making it easier than ever for you to gather 2 gems.
  • Unlimited Money, Gems and ticket are available to use in this modified gane
  • Generous System of Rewards. For every pull, you can get 3 gems; for 10+1 gacha, 30 gems; and for 50+5 gacha, 150 gems. By purchasing hats, outfits, and other accessories from the store, you can utilise these to give your hero a unique look.
  • You can check out the scoreboard for this game on Google Play Games and see how you’re doing in relation to your pals. Compare whose character collection can result in the biggest awards.
  • Wonderful work of art. A colourful cast of characters and gorgeous 2D graphics are featured in this game. The artwork is certain to appeal to admirers of anime and excellent art.

New 7-Star Characters

Gacha World stands apart from similar games in that it allows players to call upon 7-star characters. This was added in a recent update by Lunime, and it has rapidly become one of the most sought-after aspects of the game.

Seven-star heroes are the game’s rarest and most sought-after units. Their one-of-a-kind skills and attributes make them invaluable in the battlefield.

The odds of actually getting one are extremely low (only 0.1)! If you’re able to call forth one of these heroes, you’ll have a significant edge over the competition.

Dice, Lulano Skybunny, Shishi, Penelope Coconut, and Phoenix Ami are all examples of such entities. Rare though they may be, you can get your hands on a 7-star ticket that lets you temporarily summon one unit for free.

You can play Gacha Lotto to earn tickets or purchase them from the Event Store. Paying real money to increase your chances of getting a specific character is a gamble.

Advanced role-playing game battle system

First off, Android players of Gacha World will have a blast slaying monsters and exploring the game’s fantastical universe thanks to the fantastic role-playing game system. Use the fantastic RPG battle system to your heart’s content as you take on a wide variety of engaging quests and see your characters develop and grow. As you progress through the game and learn your strengths and limitations, you’ll gain access to the game’s addicting set of activities. Explore the game’s great features and have fun with the role-playing game’s depth when you’re ready.

Superheroes with specialised abilities

And if you’re interested, the various heroes of Gacha World are now available for your amusement, each with their own set of special skills. You’ll have to go through a lot of grindy challenges to get all the cool Gacha heroes you want. There are more than 90 playable characters to select from, each with their own set of skills and special abilities. Participate actively in the game’s great features and enjoy yourself to the maximum.

Create your own unique heroes if you like!

Also, the game is greatly enhanced by the ability to freely equip and accessorise your in-game heroes. You can change their appearance anyway you choose by picking up various articles of clothing, caps, belts, weapons, and other accessories. As a corollary, you may discover that you are able to access and develop previously untapped strengths.

How to Download Gacha World Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

With this mod, you can enjoy everything Gacha World has to offer without ever having to part up a single cent. A wide variety of items will be available for purchase, and you’ll be able to call upon any playable character you like.

Also, the Max Level APK of Gacha World grants you access to everything in the game. Tower of Gates, Boss Mode, and Special Occasions are all a part of this. You won’t have to spend hours grinding in order to enjoy everything this game has to offer.

Follow the instructions below to get your hands on a special Gacha World Mod Apk. Unlocked:

  • To get the most recent version of the gacha world mod Apk, just click the image below.
  • In exactly 10 seconds, the countdown timer will reach zero, at which moment the download link will be shown.
  • The user’s experience in gacha world Mod APK is unaffected by the quality of their internet connection because the game can be played both online and offline.
  • The Installer should go well if you have done all the necessary preparations.
  • It doesn’t take long to install the Android app and setup it.
  • Thanks to the MOD APK you downloaded, you are able to use any and all of the game’s tools and abilities.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameGacha World Mod APK
Size96 MB
ModUnlimited Money, Tickets, Gem
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Lunime's free Casual game Gacha World APK is fun. Players can customise their avatars with several accessories, clothing, face haircuts, weaponry, and more. Occasionally, a new event or feature will unlock the game's strongest and rarest units. The game's principles are simple but complex, keeping players entertained for hours. Lunime's game provides everything.

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