FM 23 Mobile Apk 14.0.4 (Real Name Fix) For Android/iOS [Update]

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Now FM 23 Mobile Apk Update Version Download is available for Android. You can play Football Manager 2023 Mobile Apk OBB (Real Name Fix) Latest Version For Android. Today we are going to cover all about this Football Game and how you can Download and install it on Android so please stay with us till the end.

About FM 23 Apk

Sports Interactive is responsible for the game’s development, while Sega is in charge of publishing. Although it may be downloaded for use on a variety of operating systems, including Pc, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and PlayStation Portable, the version for Android will serve as the primary focus of this article.

The management of games is the primary focus of Football Manager 2023. Within the context of the game, you will be put to the test of your managerial abilities as you will be given complete authority over the day-to-day operations of a football club.

The accomplishments of your club are directly proportional to how well you manage the team, beginning with the construction of the facilities, the hiring of players, the conduct of training, the implementation of strategies or formations that bring out the best in your players, etc.

Gameplay of FM 23 Android and iOS Mobile

Therefore, if you believe that you have the knowledge and skills to manage a football club, or if you are looking for a game to learn how to manage a club like a professional coach, then Football Manager 2023 is the game for you. The game is currently available for Microsoft Windows and macOS. Dream League Soccer 2023 is an additional game in the same genre.

Agents and Scouts are available in FMM 23, and their primary function is to help you acquire fresh players for your squad. When it comes time to sell a player from your team, these agents will also carry out their responsibilities. The profits obtained from the selling of such players may be invested in the club’s general fund or used to finance the acquisition of a new player.

Features of FM 23 Mod Apk OBB Unlimited Money

The Football Manager Mobile Apk database contains more than 60 public titles, a large number of opportunities, and second-level associations from all around the world. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to strategize and aid your team in their efforts to compete for the crown.

Every association adheres to a different set of principles and has its own set of associations. However, in order to advance to the final round, the most important thing is to win matches against a variety of different opponents on the field. Strategies are an important factor. Because your opponent will get more experience with each encounter, you need to keep evolving in order to stay one step ahead of them.

Facial Improvement

Licensed country associations, such as those for Mexico, Argentina, and Canada, have been incorporated into the newest edition of Football Manager 2023 Apk.

Strategies Revamped

The Tactics portion of the Mobile Football Management game has been upgraded, and a new Strategies format has been added to the game so that you can play in a more stylish manner while also further developing your soccer club’s execution.

Increased the level of Dynamics

This new feature of FM 23 Apk enables you to do such things as learn the positions in your group, have the option to discuss effectively with your group chief, and furthermore learn what is happening in the changing area. Get to know the positions in your group.

Included New Leagues

In addition to the various leagues already included, the Moroccan leagues have also been included.

Be The Difference Maker

Engage your teammates in meaningful conversation by holding “Team Talks” when they could most benefit from your input. Motivate your team to achieve their goals by making them available both before the games and at halftime.

Create Future Stars Who Will Be Superstars

Utilizing the new Development Hub, you may mould talented up-and-comers into top-tier players. Make use of the expertise of your more seasoned players with an improved mentorship programme, and evaluate your team’s potential using a redesigned youth intake screen.

Build Your Dream Team

The reworked transfer and loan talks will provide you clear feedback in your pursuit to shape your ideal squad, while the behaviour of competing clubs in their dealings with you will be more realistic.

Create Your Own Personal Identity in FM 23 Mobile Apk

Put your unique stamp on the action with the revamped Manager Profile, which lets you track how you play the game. As you progress through your career and compete in UEFA Club Competitions, you will develop a variety of traits and qualities.

Key Features of Football Manager Mobile Apk OBB Download

  • the faces of the players The improvements make it seem as though they are more real.
  • Enhancements to the scouting
  • Participants in transfer agreements for agents
  • The inclusion of a greater number of fresh, younger players that have promising future points
  • Increases in Overall Player Ratings
  • Included are new data save files for the team.
  • New skills unveiled
  • Various types of celebrations
  • The hidden chamber You, as the manager, will now receive input from the staff in order to evaluate the player’s skill.
  • Additionally included is the Canadian League.
  • Additionally, the Moroccan League was included.
  • Game control more enhanced
  • Includes more than 62 leagues representing 26 different countries. Simply pick your favourite team and work to make it the very best so you can bring home the hardware.
  • In career mode, you can load up to five different countries at once to create a pool of starters from which to choose.
  • During the transfer window, you have the opportunity to acquire any elite player of your choosing provided that your money is sufficient to do so.
  • Choose from a variety of pre-made templates for different formations within the game, or just develop and modify your own strategies to best fit your squad.
  • The management of football has reached its pinnacle.

How To Download Football Manager 23 Mobile iOS and Android

  1. The link to the Football Manager 23 Mobile Apk OBB Data For Android download page is down below.
  2. There will be a 20-second delay between pressing the Download button and seeing the Download Now button appear.
  3. After you click the “Download Now” button, the downloading process will begin immediately.
  4. In order to install, please read the instructions below.

How To Install FM 23 Mobile Apk + OBB + Data For Android Offline

  1. FM 23 Mobile is available for download by selecting the appropriate button at the top of this page.
  2. Utilize Zarchiever and the RAR App to zero down on a single copy of FM 2023.
  3. With a tap of your finger on “fm 22,” a menu of options will emerge for you to choose from.
  4. To extract, select the corresponding menu item.
  5. The next step is to tap on the Zarchiever App’s higher interface to access it.
  6. Device memory should be chosen from the menu that shows when the option is pressed. In some gadgets, this setting may be referred to as “SDcard0.”
  7. Next, choose the “Android Folder” option.
  8. Look for an Obb folder that was likely generated on Android.
  9. Final steps involve clicking the “extract icon,” which looks like a downward-pointing arrow, and waiting for the extraction to complete.
  10. Locate the game’s APK file, have it installed, and then begin playing.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameFootball Manager 23 Mobile
PlatfromAndroid & iOS
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Football Manager 23 Mobile Apk download
Download Now ,

How To Fix Real Name in FM 23 Mobile Apk

The year is 2023, and Sports Interactive no longer possesses the licence necessary to include the names of professional FIFA players in the game. There is, however, a workaround for this problem that will enable actual player names to be used in the game.

Simply download the FM 23 Real Player Names Save Data Files and replace your existing game data file (which can be found in the file manager on your Android device) with the new save data files. This will allow you to use real player names and real squad kits in FM 23 Mobile.


In the best sports management game ever made, you can race to the top of the soccer world rankings. The fact that Football Manager 2023 Mobile has sold more than nine million copies firmly establishes our position as the premier mobile soccer gaming league and makes it the best game in the series.

Construct a team that is full of superstars, mould your wonderkids into players who can compete on the global stage, and utilise team talks to motivate your players to take action.

Experience a heightened sense of occasion with fully licenced UEFA Club Competitions this year, as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Europa Conference League, and the UEFA Super Cup are all accessible.

FM23 Mobile is the slickest and most genuine version to date, with a play style that is rapid without being loose at all. Take the path that will get you to the top in Football Manager the quickest.

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