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The FAU-G TDM upgrade has finally launched in beta for Android today, much to our surprise, and here’s today we are going to tell you “How to Download FAU-G Multiplayer (Early Access) Apk” on Android. More new updates are arrive here which you need to know.

FAU G Multiplayer Early Access Apk Download

FAU G Multiplayer (Early Access) Apk

The Indian most high-octane, excitement TDM is finally here! Fearless and United Guards (also everyone known as FAU-G) is an action game developed by nCORE Games, a Bengaluru-based startup. It was published on Android and iOS on January 26, 2021. Akshay Kumar, a Bollywood actor, is the game’s brand ambassador and also works as a mentor in the development process.

On September 4, 2020, Akshay Kumar unveiled the game on his social media channels for the first time. Vishal Gondal, the CEO of nCore Games, stated that the game has been in development since May 2020, and that developers had been hired to work on it prior to the Indian ban on PUBG Mobile. FAU-G will not compete with PUBG and will not be a combat royale, according to Gondal.

The game’s purpose, according to Akshay Kumar, was to assist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s AtmaNirbhar Bharat Movement, and that 20% of the game’s net earnings will be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer trust, a joint effort to support the families of Indian armed troops.

FAUG Game Download Apk Gameplay

New FAU-G TDM mode launched today in India. The gameplay is deceptive and does not meet up to mobile gamers’ expectations in this country. It takes a lot of work and polishing, including various crucial elements, such inviting friends to your team, weapons and more. Currently, the game is beta and nCore Games is looking for feedback from testers, thus FAU-G TDM mode might be expected to get better a few months up the road. In the Gameplay we will going to know FAU-G Gameplay Story means Which Storyline Follow FAU G Game. Also Know Gameplay, Weapon and FAU-G TDM Mode Gameplay (Team Deathmatch).

Game Story

Although the gameplay is similar to that of a soft release, it includes a main story based on the events of the Galwan Valley conflict, in which the player engages in numerous close combat battles. Many of India’s previous historic border clashes, such as the Kargil event, the India-Pakistan war of 1971, and the surgical strikes of 2016, could be incorporated into future episode narrative lines, according to Gondal.

According to Gondal, “We’ll continue to enhance the game once we have more data from users about what components they enjoy. Various modes, such as a PvP mode and a Battle Royale mode, may be added to the game in the next months based on feedback.”

FAU-G Multiplayer (Early Access) First look & Gameplay

If you think The FAU-G Multiplayer (Early Access) Apk Gameplay looks like PUBG, Call of Duty and Free Fire style so you are wrong. FAU-G Mobile Gameplay is very Different. The FAU-G TDM Multiplayer beta is basic and falls short of the rising number of Indian mobile gamers’ aspirations. The Team Deathmatch mode in this game doesn’t resemble the cinematic teaser trailer released by nCore Games a few months ago.

FAU-G TDM Mode APK Download

FAU G TDM Mode Gameplay

When you tap on the “Play” button and hop to the Deathmatch team, in a combat of five versus five on Bazaar you join four other players. The aim is to remove adversaries and kill 40 people within the specified time limit. The team that kills 40 or kills most in 10 minutes wins the game.

Before the battle begins, you can choose your loadout weapon. Don’t worry if you choose the wrong one or are not comfortable with that mid-match; when your enemy takes you down to respawn, you can choose a different loadout. Also, much like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, their most popular competitors are invulnerable for a short time (you are shrouded in a green glow). This is quite standard.

The game also contains various Hindi jokes such as “Pehle prahar aapki ke naam” (the first kill is your team), “double Dhamaka” (when two kills are returned), and many more.

There’s nothing new here when we talk about control and gunplay. You have conventional on-screen controls, but it’s deceptive to see that they can’t be customised. Firing is set automatically by default, however the manual fire button can be placed on the screen. Talking about the gunplay, it’s not as fluid and professional like other mobile shooter games on the market. Rather, it’s quite basic and doesn’t feel that gratifying.

You can see the adversaries designated in red from far away, but it might not be easy to pull them down. I played some strange matches on my OnePlus Nord (running in FAU-G TDM mode with a medium setting of 60-70 fps) with the AK-42 attack rifle and the SVS 63 to obtain a feeling of close quarters and a wide spectrum of battles. While the precise weaponry sometimes felt at my side, the Bayonet melee device became my favourite partner in eliminating spawning bots. Yeah, that was my FAU-G TDM highlight today.

Yeah, the game’s full of bots right now. They act in two directions – either they see you from afar and shoot you instantly, or they respond and collect at fixed spawn points on the map. Between these spawning sites you may simply grab kills and extend the lead towards victory.

FAU-G TDM mode is a multiplayer game, nCore Games should have been able to add friends and play as a team together. The main substance of this restricted beta building is absent. But we hope that developers will receive this input and have the option to join friends, invite them to your squad and take enemies together.

FAU-G Game all Weapons

FAUG Game Apk (Maps & Weapons)

When you open the game, the single map accessible in FAU-G TDM beta mode is to be welcomed with a first look. It’s named “Bazaar,” and as the developers have told IGN India, this map recalls the Jaipur and Udaipur markets. Now Bazaar is a quite large map on both sides with several entrance and exit points. It will bring back memories of childhood, recalling the Counter-Strike days. There are also a variety of points of view and a wide cover on the map, and there I have no hesitations.

You can select a specific loadout in FAU-G team death match mode at the beginning of each round. In the middle of the game, you can’t buy weapons. The main weapon, a secondary weapon and two grenades are each loadout (one tactical and the other lethal). You can adjust the loadouts on your home screen to match your style of play. Six preset loadouts, including one with an attack rifle, an SMG, a sniper rifle and more, are provided by the developer.

FAU G Game Battle Mpas

How To Download & Play FAUG Game (Early Access) Apk+OBB on Android

In its announcement by nCore Games states that the FAU-G TDM beta contains only limited spaces. So if you can’t enter the beta test, here is a way to test your Android device with FAU-G multiplayer right now. If you would like to test the FAU-G TDM upgrade, simply follow the following steps:

  1. You Download FAU-G Multiplayer (Early Access) Apk From PlayStore by clicking on this Link.
  2. Download the FAU-G TDM mode Multiplayer APK and OBB files from Google Drive Link.
  3. Once downloaded, run your preferred Android file management software and unzip ZIP files. Then instal your phone with the FAU-G Multiplayer APK. But open the game immediately. Tap “Done.” Tap “Done.”
  4. Now go to File Manager and copy the OBB file to the location /Android/obb.
  5. If you don’t already have a folder called “com.coregames.faugmp” in this directory, you will need to manually create a folder with that name. Then insert the OBB file.
  6. Long click on the game icon in the app drawer and tap on the I icon to enter the options page of the app info. Before you open the game, please give FAU-G: Multiplayer all necessary rights.
  7. Start the game and play the beta update FAU-G TDM mode on any of your Android phones.

Can I Download FAUG Game (Early Access) Apk on Lowest Android Device.

The FAU-G TDM upgrade will not require much storage on your phone. The download size of FAU-G TDM mode Apk is about 292MB from the Play Store. It needs approximately 430MB of storage on your device. So yes, you can download and instal it easily on most Android phones. If you facing any problems while playing so you can Do the Review in the PlayStore because it’s in Development Mode. I hope when The FAU-G TDM Multiplayer Mode APK Release in Full Version so it can be gives perfect performance.

System Requirements And Additional information

NameFAUG Game Apk
DevelopernCore Games
GenreAction Game
Platform Android & iOS
Online or OfflineOnline
Developer Official Social AccountsTwitter, Facebook and YouTube
FAU G Multiplayer TDM Mode Apk Download
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