FaceApp Pro Mod APK 11.3.0 Latest Version 2023 (All Unlocked)

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You may get the most latest versions of FaceApp Pro APK for Android 12 and any other versions for completely free. Using this incredible face-editing camera programme for Android, you can completely transform the way that you appear to other people.

FaceApp Pro Mod APK download

About FaceApp Pro Apk

Alter completely how you think and feel about yourself. FaceApp Pro is a fun camera application for Android devices that enables you to make real-time adjustments to the selfies you take.

Photo editing

Features of FaceApp Pro Mod APK for Android 12

To begin, let’s go over the many features and tools at your disposal that you may use to improve the quality of your photographs. Explore the many options for personalising your photographs that are currently available…

  • To begin, you have the ability to apply Impression Filters to transform your selfies into the very best versions of themselves that they can possibly be.
  • You also have the option of adding a moustache or beard to your selfies. Have you ever pondered how good (or horrible) your appearance may be if you had a little bit more facial hair? Use this tool to get some confirmation that you should invest in a beard or moustache before you make the decision to let your hair grow out.
  • Utilizing the various tools at your disposal for editing hair, you can make adjustments to a wide variety of components of your hair. You’ll have the ability to drastically transform your hairdo and even the volume of your locks with this product.
  • What about women’s cosmetics? Applying some makeup filters can make your face look more flushed and glowing than it ever has before.
  • Using creative light effects will also result in your photographs gleaming and lighting up in an entirely new way.
  • Do you have a few pimples on your face that won’t seem to go away? Don’t be concerned about that, all right? This is due to the fact that FaceApp Pro for Android has the capacity to entirely eliminate these defects from your face when taking selfies. As a corollary to this point, you can even get rid of any of those wrinkles that are bugging you. Achieve silky and lustrous skin that you can flaunt to the world online.
  • You even have the ability to change the size of the different face features. You have the ability to magnify or even reduce the appearance of certain features on your face.
  • You have complete command over the temperature, as well as the level of saturation, of every selfie you take.
  • When you have accomplished everything, you will also be able to evaluate the differences between the results from before and after. If you are pleased with the outcomes in the end, you should definitely post your selfies on various social media platforms so that other people may see them.
FaceApp Pro free

Video Aspects of the FaceApp Pro

Following this, we will discuss some of the various video features that are available within the FaceApp Pro application for Android devices. These functions are quite comparable to those of the photo editor. The majority of what we discussed earlier may also be applied to videos in some capacity. There are, however, some rather minor distinctions that are exclusive to videos…

  • Utilize a variety of filters that are relevant to video. Make your video POP with vibrant colours, eye-catching effects, and dramatic lighting.
  • In a similar vein, any and all of your previously recorded audio can have filters applied to it after the fact. You are able to retrieve old movies from the past and then alter them using the many different FaceApp filters that are currently accessible.
  • In addition to that, there are tools accessible for altering live action. While you are recording your video, you can superimpose a variety of effects and other elements onto it in real time.
FaceApp Pro Mod APK latest version

More Features of FaceApp Pro Mod apk No Watermark

Now that we’ve discussed the two primary components of the FaceApp Pro tool, let’s move on to another facet of the programme. This programme can also be used for playing around and having a good time. Have fun and try out different things with your photography rather than worrying about making it look professional or fitting for sharing. You and your pals will have a great time with the several various features that are available. Have a look at them:

No watermark

It is feasible to shoot pictures without having to worry about a watermark and then share such pictures to your friends. When using the app to take images, you should take caution, especially if you are familiar with the FaceApp APK. On the other hand, if you have the FaceApp Pro App, you can share your images without the WaterMark appearing on them when you click and share them.

FaceApp Pro

Gender Swap:

Transform yourself into the opposite gender! This is your opportunity to find out what you might look like if you were the other gender, if you’ve ever wondered or fantasised about that possibility. Who knows, you could end up being quite the stunningly handsome or lovely guy or woman, depending on which gender you are.

AI Hair Adjustments

What do you think is the very finest way to style and colour your hair? The artificial intelligence of FaceApp will make that determination for you. After identifying your hair, the programme will then choose the style that complements your features the most effectively.


Fly through time as quickly as possible and have a glimpse at yourself many years into the future. How would you appear if you reached the age when you would be considered a grandparent? You could be taken aback by the outcomes, to tell you the truth.

The Celebrity Transform

Transform your appearance to resemble that of any of your favourite celebs. Use this entertaining tool to transform yourself into the next Leonardo DiCaprio or Scarlett Johansson. You may even superimpose your own face over various movie sequences, making it appear as though you were truly present.

Face Swap

The Face Swap function is one more entertaining feature that may be found in various applications. Find a friend to do a face swap with, and you’ll be treated to some hilariously different results.

How To Download FaceApp Pro Mod APK All Unlocked For Android 12

You can now acquire this application completely free of charge while still enjoying all of its premium features. To get started, you need to download the FaceApp APK file onto your Android device. You can participate in all of the wonderful and entertaining activities by yourself or with your pals.

In light of this, the app signature will not be included in your findings. This indicates that you will be receiving the FaceApp Pro APK without the addition of a watermark. Make your images unique and adaptable to any setting with these tips!

  1. To start using FaceApp Pro Mod APK, click the download link down below.
  2. Navigate to “Unknown sources” in the “Settings” menu. To activate the safety feature, select it from the settings menu.
  3. With an Android device, you may grab the FaceApp Pro Mod APK by tapping the link, which will open the download manager. Now is a good time to begin downloading.
  4. The mobile gadget will give you with two options; pick one. There are two methods for installing the OS, however they both necessitate a quick Android startup time.
  5. If you tap the option on your mobile device, a menu of choices will pop up. There’ll be a delay before you can access it.
  6. When you are ready to run the app, pick Open from the menu on your mobile device.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameFaceApp Pro Mod APK
Size85 MB
DeveloperFaceApp Technology Ltd
ModPremium Unlocked
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FaceApp Pro Mod APK Download
Download Now ,,


Fun and functional, FaceApp Pro is a camera app for Android devices that lets you edit your selfies in real time. Selfies can be improved greatly by using Impression Filters, which allow you to make them look more professional. Selfies of all kinds can be captured and edited with the help of the FaceApp Pro app for Android devices. Having fun and messing around is another possible application for this programme. Live action, pre-production, and post-production footage can all be edited with the same set of tools.

You can get access to all of FaceApp's premium features by installing the APK file on your Android device. This fun app lets you dress up like your favourite Hollywood star, such as Leo DiCaprio or Scarlett Johansson. The outcomes of a face exchange with a pal will be wildly entertaining.

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