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Now Error 143 Apk OBB Download is available for Android and iOS. You can enjoy Latest Version of Error 143 Mobile Mod Apk Full Game Unlocked. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can Download and install it on Android without any problem so please stay with us till the end.

Error 143 Mobile Apk

About Error 143 Apk

Jenny Vi Pham is the creator of the recently released visual novel game known as Error 143. Jenny Vi Pham launched the game. Error 143 is an excellent choice for you to consider if you enjoy playing games in the visual novel genre.

Error 143 is about two competitors trying to gain access to each other’s databases by breaking into each other’s computers. If you have only recently begun playing this game, you are probably curious about what the password is in order to move further with the game.

While you are playing the game, you will require a complete list of the Error 143 codes and passwords that we have provided for you in one of our guides. You can find it here.

For those who are unaware, this game has three possible conclusions, all of which are distinct from one another. When you finally unlock an ending, you will be amazed to learn how it all turns out and how it all comes to a finish.

Error 143 Apk Free Download
Error143 Mod Apk full version

Gameplay of Error 143 Mobile Apk iOS and Android

It’s a video call to Micah. Before the phone has finished ringing once, he answers it. He makes a silly face and asks, “What are you doing, loser?” as he tries to suppress a yawn. You may ask, “Why are you trying to call me at what time is it? You should be in bed sleeping by now; what do you do? Just like an angel.”

Just takes a few blinks of the eye for him to recognise who you are. On the other hand, whenever he does so, he wears a sardonic look on his face. “Don’t say you miss me,” he says while raising his eyebrows in a questioning manner.

When he says that, butterflies start fluttering in your stomach, and it makes you feel embarrassed to admit that they are there. But it’s late. You’re worn out as well. And a short circuit occurs in your brain, which explains why you appear bewildered and perplexed. It takes him a little while to figure out what’s going on in the situation.

Error 143 Mod Apk Full Version

Game Story

As he finally understands, he immediately begins to flush and puts both hands to his face. It sounds like he’s saying, “Don’t tell me you actually—,” when he makes a whimpering sound between his fingers.

It was clear that he was not going to complete what he had started saying. You push yourself to say, “Wow, if I had known that my silence was all it needed to shatter you, I would have been a mime.” You put on a strong face and force yourself to speak these words.

He covers his face with his hands for a fraction of a second longer. As he locates them, though, he flashes his signature arrogant grin and says, “Aww, but if you did that, I wouldn’t be able to hear any of your snarky comments.” He shows his interest in you by flirting with you while leaning his head on one hand and turning his face to the side.

The amount of flirting you do is ridiculous. Do you really think that person would believe that? For an instant, it seems as though he is staring right at you, but you know he’s just looking at the camera. “I don’t think that technique would work for anyone other than you,” you said.

Error143 Apk OBB

Key Features of Error143 Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

  • A project with complete voice acting!
  • The guy with the f-ing stupid grin on his face (the hot snarky asshole man)
  • There is a wide variety of pronouns available.
  • 3 endings.
  • Music and scores from a hell of a lot of movies
  • Might we perhaps have some time to play? It will take you anywhere from one to three hours if you are feeling good.
  • The capacity to break into the PC of the game’s creator and modify the manner in which you play.
  • A talent that gives the impression to others that the hacker is working through a hangman problem.
  • A reserve fund in the amount of $5 million has been established.
  • If you want to hear some very great music, you should check out the music box. There are some like Hella tracks available.

How To Download Error 143 Apk Full Version Game For Android

  1. Simply Download the “Error 143 APK” by clicking on the download button.
  2. Please wait twenty seconds while a download link is generated for you.
  3. After the file has been downloaded, select the Install Download File option from the menu.
  4. Launching the Installer will bring the process of installation to a successful conclusion.
  5. In the Android Sequrity settings, make sure “Unknown Source” is On.
  6. Wait for it to finish installing on your mobile device before proceeding.
  7. With the Error 143 APK 2023, you can get free unlimited access to everything.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameError143 Apk
Developer Jenny Vi Pham
Platfrom Android
GenreVisual Novel
Version 0.73
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Error143 Apk Download
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If you wish to download the app, you have arrived at the correct location. This is the most up-to-date version, as well as the procedure that allows for the download to be completed the quickest. As a result, you ought to make use of the download button, which can be found at both the top and the bottom of the page. The download will start in just a few moments, so please be patient.

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