Dragon Ball Z Game Budokai Tenkaichi 4 DBZ TTT MOD Download

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Hello Gamer, a new dragon ball Z game for psp has been released with original budokai tenkaichi 4 style graphics. Actually it’s a mod game of dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team with new major features. This game contains many different options which are extremely time killer. So let’s know all about this PSP ISO.

Game Features

  • The game contains more than 100 dragon ball Z and super characters.
  • All characters has three special attacks.
  • The characters have their unique combo moves
  • There is also a character customization option in the game, through which you can make a particular characters stronger than others.
  • Mutiplayer mod – Offline multiplayer is available in this game. No need for data connection.
  • Story mod – all new stories of tournaments of power are included, not formerly but randomly.
  • Survival mod – survival mode with limited 50 stages and 100 characters to achieve victory over.

What’s the New :

This dragon Ball Z game contains many new characters from dragon ball Z, super and heroes. There are characters with full original models which are shown below.

Dragon ball Z Game DBZ TTT MOD Download
DBZ TTT MOD Download

New Broly Model – this New mod contains a new HD Model of Broly. Broly looks like dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi characters which is very awesome. Broly’s face and hairs are very well designed and looks great. Attacks are all anime port and original.

Kanba – the new extremely amazing BUDOKAI tenkaichi 3 shining model in dbz ttt mod. Kanba has dark red ball attack as his ultimate one. Aura is sparking yellow which surrounds kanba completely and make him look powerful.

MUI Goku – mastered ultra instinct goku is made of original HD texture. Attacks are very powerful and original Xenoverse ports. Aura is light blue as it should be.

Super Saiyan 10 – a completely imaginary characters designed by the modders and Namely Goku super Saiyan 10. Attacks are all new and no transformation is added to this character.

Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 psp

Vegito God blue – This mod has new Saiyan transformation of vegito. In this transformation Vegito looka half God red and half God blue. That’s why it looks so awesome and aura is also blue and red colored. This is a fan made Transformation of vegito God Red blue.

Vegito super Saiyan 4 – Now Play with original dragon ball heroes Vegito Xeno Super Saiyan 4 with all original anime attacks and new dark red aura.

Jiren – Jiren has new small red but very powerful energy ball attack as in the real anime. Jiren is made of BUDOKAI tenkaichi 3 graphics.

Mr. Satan – Mr. Satan has a new combo dramatic attack in which he keeps punching the opponent and the opponent stands still doing nothing.

Game informations and Recommend Requirements

Version V5
Release Date Feb, 2020
Supported system PSP
File format RAR
Needs to be extracted ISO file
Use emulator for Android PSP Gold
Android version supported 5.0 and above
Ram 2GB
Rom 16GB
Processor Octa Core
Crash free emulator AWE PSP emulator
Save data 100% Completed Download
Faster play settings Download

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