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The original Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile game Latest Version were a huge part of many players’ lives for more than a decade. It’s time to give them an upgrade, and take your skills to the next level. This post will be giving you a Dragon Ball Unreal game to playing the Unreal Latest version Download of Dragon Ball. To know about this game please stay with us till the end.

Dragon Ball Unreal all Characters

Dragon Ball Unreal

The video game Dragon Ball Unreal Apk is the latest and one of the best games in the futuristic genre. Dragon Ball Unreal is a fan-made game created with unreal engine Emud in the Dragon Ball Universe. The project is currently in its early stages.

The graphics are awesome, there are plenty of powers to choose from, and it has a very interesting storyline that will keep you going until the end. It’s also relatively cheap which means you can download it on your smartphone without worrying about spending too much money for a few hours of fun.

It’s also referred to or formally named DBU, is a ball game developed by Emudking in 3D Open World, or you can call it Emudshit. The game’s creator is a big admirer of the franchise Dragon Ball and is also a Youtuber.

This game is a non-official dragon ball game originally announced for DB hardcore fans on July 13, 2015. The public game demo has already been released and the game is still being developed. The game’s name contains Unreal because the game is built via Unreal Engine 4 and is available both for PCs and mobile devices.

Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile Gameplay

Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile Gameplay

Gameplay of the game is both fun and fair, which means that it offers something for everyone. Fans of Dragon Ball will have an easy time with the combat, controls, and storylines, while those who don’t know anything about it will also be able to enjoy the fighting game. 

The combat system of the game also offers plenty of customization options. You can choose what skills you want each character to have and how they are used. You also have the chance to customize your own powers so you can create unique superpowers.

The story of the game is very intriguing, especially if you are a fan of Dragon Ball. The storyline is more than enough to keep you excited about what’s going on, and there are plenty of surprising twists that will make you have a hard time putting down your mobile device. The game also has local multiplayer options that allow up to six players fight against each other.


Dragon Ball Unreal mobile is much more than a simple game. The gameplay is authentic, and it has all the features you need or want in a fighting game. You will be able to fight your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball universe, such as Goku, Vegeta, or even Piccolo. However, there are also new characters that you will be able to use such as Android 21.

There are plenty Dragon Ball aficionados who have heard about the unreal and incredible gameplay and aesthetics. Some players have already taken a shot with the game, and below is a list of playable characters. Goku Base, Ssj1,2,3,4, Ssb Goku God, Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct, Vegeta Base, Super Saiyan, Blue Vegeta, Super Saiyan 4 vegeta, Gogeta SSJ4, Goku Black Base and rose, Cell, Broly, Beerus, Hit, Golden Oozaru and more.

Features of Dragon Ball Unreal 2022

So if we talk about its gameplay, Dragon Ball UnReal offers big stunning maps, unlike the regular Dragon Ball games, which already exist and are available for download. The major feature and beauty of this game, which makes it look funniest than others, is its hyper-real 3D world graphics and playability, particularly in the fighting scenes. So the characters are basically simply Textures at present and the trick set is the same for all of them.

  • You have to charge your ki/Aura power during the gaming. Also note that during fighting mode there is no opponent lock.
  • A recent official announcement by the DB Unreal team has shown that Amed is starting to work on multiplayer modes to enjoy the game with your buddies. Updates, tasks and events are still in progress, so just stay tuned! And continue to frequent this page for more Android Dragon Ball Z games.
  • customiz you characters like Color, Clothes, skills level and more.
  • High Graphics with open world experience. Move your characters any where.

How To Download Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile Apk for Android, IOS & PC

  1. Click and Open the Download link I Given below.
  2. You get to an encrypted site. Wait a few seconds and click nothing.
  3. After a few seconds of waiting, click “Click here to continue,” and then wait until the MediaFire website is forwarded and you may download it quickly from there.
  4. Extract the file using any extractor after downloading.
  5. After extracting the zip, you can install the apk file on the mobile device and start downloading the Obb data inside the apk.
  6. Click file. Click file. Go to >DBUNREAL.exe in the WindowNoEditor. (If you are using a PC)
  7. All right, just double click and install. All right. So just start the game by choosing your map, round, stage number and character.

Dragon Ball Unreal PC & Android Requirements

Dragon Ball Unreal is only accessible as of date on Android devices. No IOS version has yet been revealed officially. It works best on Snapdragon CPU mobile phones. The mobile game offers personalization, transformations, mobility and battle system. The Antarctic and the planet of King Kai are the only mobile maps that can be explored. Note that the higher the transformation you are in this game, the faster your personality moves.

For those who like to play this game with their PC, at least or greater than i5 2400 or i3 2120 must be the minimum need. This is required in conjunction with a 4GB-RAM R9270X for better frames, in particular when played with the Grand Canyon map.

Android 9 or 10OS Window 10
Processor Snapdragon 600 and moreProcessor Intel i5 & Ryzen R3
6GB Free Internal Space6GB Free Space
Dragon Ball Unreal Requirements

Additional Information

NameDragon Ball Unreal
Online / OfflineOffline
Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile

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