Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PPSSPP ISO Download

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Now Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PPSSPP ISO Download is available. You can play DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod with all New Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie characters. You can also play this Game on mobile by using PSP Emulator according to your device like Android & iOS. If you are interested in this game so please stay with us till the end.

Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP Download
DBZ TTT MOD Download Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super Manga PPSSPP ISO Download
Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PPSSPP ISO Download
Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PSP

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PSP

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PPSSPP ISO is 3D fighting game for PlayStation Portable (PSP). You can play this game on PSP and PPSSPP Emulator which you can download from PPSSPP.org official website of PSP Emulator. PPSSPP.org provide you psp emulator software according to your device like Android, iOS, PC and Mac. Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is new Modified version of DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod ISO where you will see all New Dragon and Super Super Hero characters with orginal anime, manga Attacks.

BANDAI Namco Entertainment is developer of this game and the normal version of this based on Dragon Ball Z series but in this DBZ TTT MOD version you can enjoy Dragon Ball Z Storyline with DBS Super Hero Characters means you will see different type of Dragon Ball Storyline in this DBZ TTT MOD PPSSPP ISO.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PPSSPP ISO Features

  • Put together the perfect group of people. For the first time ever in the Dragon Ball series, you’ll be able to compete in battles pitting two teams against each other. Up to four players may now compete against one another in the most epic Dragon Ball fight yet with the ad-hoc mode. Competing against your opponents in a test of your skills and strategies requires you and your partner to work together.
  • Personalize your Favorite Characters – Pick from any of 70 fan-favorite characters, including Mastered Ultra Instinct, Final Gohan Beast, Vegeta Ultra Ego, Super Saiyan Rage Trunks, Orange Piccolo, and more! You may get an advantage in combat by first customising your characters with unique items that change the attack characteristics of those characters, and then using those customised characters in the conflict.
  • Choose your own Adventure – There are a number of single-player and multiplayer game modes for you to choose from, each designed to keep your heart racing and your skills sharp. In the brand-new “Dragon Walker” mode, you can relive key moments from the Saiyan saga all the way through to the Majin Buu saga. You can also follow the original anime story. You may also choose to refine your abilities and hone your senses by putting yourself through rigorous training in the “Training” option. Are you prepared to fight? You can either create your own fights in the “Battle 100” mode or engage in combat with advancing foes in the “Survival” mode. Either way, the game throws you right into the action as you complete key battle scenes from the anime.
  • Dragon Ball invites you to enter its world! Fight in any of the ten various arenas that are based on the Dragon Ball world, and move about freely inside any of them thanks to the game’s refined control system.

Key Features

  • Over seventy characters with extensive personalization options.
  • 10 distinct phases.
  • Personalization options for the character
  • The voice acting for DBZ Kai.
  • Incredible breadth and depth of the combo system.
  • 1 versus 1, 1 vs 2, 2 vs 1 & 2 vs 2 bouts.
  • Experience Tenkaichi in its entirety on your PSP.
  • Fights with a lot of impact.
  • Consists of a combination of blows and shots being sent back and forth.
  • Alterations made inside the game.
  • All characters have access to three Super Blast attacks or other battle techniques.
  • Dragon walker, combat 100, and survival are the three main objectives.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PPSSPP Gameplay

Join Forces to Pull Off the Ultimate Takedown! Dragon Ball-style tag team combat is about to become a whole lot more exciting! In Dragon Ball Super: Tenkaichi Tag Team, players will be able to engage in high-impact combat between two teams of two for the first time in the Dragon Ball series.

You will engage in brutal combat on a scale never seen before thanks to the game’s seventy playable characters, each of whom can be customised, as well as the game’s user-friendly control mechanism, which enables you to get straight into the action. You may test your talents against an avalanche of expert fighters or even build your own match-ups that have never been seen before in the anime via the game’s many single and multiplayer modes, which let you to go through major missions from the original anime. If you want to win this tournament, you’ll need to have a lot of endurance, a good plan, and Super Saiyan abilities.

About Characters

  • Goku Base form to Mastered Ultra Instinct from Anime & Manag Goku Bardock Armor.
  • Vegeta Base to Ultra Ego from Anime and Manga Vegeta Bardock Armor.
  • Gohan Base to Final Gohan Beast Form from Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie.
  • Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Characters Gamma 1 or Gamma 2, Cell Max, Organic Piccolo, Pan, Gotten, Trunks and Fat Gotenks.
  • Dragon Ball Super Manga Characters Moro all Forms, Granola, and Gas all Forms.
  • DBS Tournament of Power Characters Jiren Full Power, Toppo Hakaishin, Kefla and more.
  • God of Destruction Beerus, Champa and more Angle Whis.

Every Character have new DBZ BT3 Attack, Anime and Manga Attack. You can Transform all Characters into his full power forms and Short 3 super Attacks.

How To Download Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PPSSPP ISO File For Android

Follow the all steps to Download the DBS Super Hero PPSSPP ISO.

  1. Click on Download Button which is given below.
  2. Wait for 20 seconds to Generate Download Now Button.
  3. Click on Download Now Button and then Download page is open.
  4. Now Wait 15 seconds in Download page then you will see GET LINK Button.
  5. Click on GET LINK Button and your Downloading is start automatically.
  6. After completing downloading process now install PSP Emulator from PPSSPP.org according to your device and you can also download psp emulator from play Store and app store.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameDragon Ball Super Super Hero PPSSPP
DeveloperBANDAI Namco
MOD ByDavid Vargas
PlatfromPPSSPP Emulator
Genre Fighting
Releted:-Dragon Ball Heroes PPSSPP
Dragon Ball Super Super Hero PSP ISO Download
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