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Hello Gamers, Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden is an emulator 3D game that is not for Android. The game runs in Nintendo DS (Drastic) but today I have brought an apk Version of this game which can be run on Android very smoothly without any lag.

Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden for Android

This is and APK file in which the game and the Emulator is attached with each other. Hence you don’t have to download them separately. You just have to download an APK file in which both ( the game and the Emulator ) are included. If you hearing about this  game first  time then this  going to be an amazing movement for you, so let’s know all features of this game.

Game Features

Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden apk, Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden for Android
Dbz Ultimate Butouden apk

Story Mod – The story mod contains Raditz to buu saga serial wise stages. It is exactly like watching the whole dragon ball z Series again. There are perfect 3D animations that also called BGM within the game which made this game looks fantastic.

Challenge Mod – In challenge mod, the game gives you tasks associated with gameplay and key combinations. For instance the first take is to make a firing move. So it’s like a training mod but a little more advanced.

VS. CPU – VS CPU is a free battle type of options as compared to other games. Vs CPU is just another name for free battle. You choose one fighter and enemy and just start battle.

Training – all type of key combinations are there in training mod. You can easily learn all moves, combos, special and ultimate attacks. You can learn every single character’s all attacks.

Customise Character – This is an amazing features I’m which you can make a particular characters more powerful than others. So you can win any fight easily. You can customize health level, attack level, defense level and ki level of any character.

Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden apk
DBZ Ultimate Butouden apk

Characters and Attacks

  • Goku – Goku has super Saiyan to super Saiyan 3 transformation with all original attacks. SSJ3 has dragon fist as his final move. Goku base has Super Spirit bomb as his ultimate attack.
  • Vegeta – this game has Vegeta Ssj1,2 and majin Vegeta. Majin Vegeta has self explosion attack as his ultimate move. Vegeta Ssj2 has final flash and big bang attack.
  • Gohan – Gohan has father sun Kamehameha ha attack in his super Saiyan 2 transformation.
  • Buu – this game has all types of buu such as evil buu, majin buu kid buu and super buu. All buu has their original ultimate attacks.
  • Cell – this game has cell perfect transformation with his Ultimate Kamehame ha attack. Cell has only his two last Transformations.

Gameplay Features

  • Combo attacks
  • Firings
  • Flying
  • Special attacks
  • Ultimate Attacks
  • Ki charging
  • 3D Textures
  • Awesome Background
  • Instant Transmission
  • Defence
  • Counter attack
  • Transformation technique
  • Beam struggle

These all are the features you can use during the gameplay and its a 3D Dragon Ball Z game. So Download it and enjoy. Hope you like this game.

NameDragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden
Size60 MB
File typeAPK
GenreFighting game
3D graphicsYes


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