DQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds Mod Apk 1.11.0 Download (Android/iOS)

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is an Anime series. Today now the new Official Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Game released for Android and ios Mobile. The game is RPG and it’s name is DQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds Apk. If you want to know more about this new game so stay with us till the end.

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Mobile Game

DQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds Mod Apk

DRAGON QUEST is a Japanese manga series that was serialised in the 47 million-copy-selling Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. ‘The Adventures of Dai’ is a classic work of manga that has been faithfully reimagined as an award-winning animated series! * Not all regions have access to watch this video.

This new action-packed RPG has been re-created and tailored for your mobile device, so you can relive the epic of The Adventure of Dai. Dai makes a promise to his mentor and meets new people as the world faces yet another crisis. He also learns about his own inescapable destiny as he goes along. In this episode, Dai embarks on an epic journey to become a legendary hero.

From July 1991 to July 1992, Toei Animation translated the manga into an anime series that aired on TBS. After Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel, this is the second Dragon Quest anime to be based on the series. In October 2020, TV Tokyo will broadcast the first episode of an anime sequel.

DQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds Mobile Game for Android

DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai A Hero’s Bonds Mod Apk Features

  • This Team Action RPG will put your reflexes to the test!
  • In order to defeat your opponents, you must upgrade your weapons, equipment, and attacks. You can also play cooperatively with up to two friends or players from around the world.
  • DRAGON QUEST-inspired painting style with bright colours and vibrant details Anime: The Adventures of Dai! In exciting three-lane combat, join forces with your comrades and charge forward!
  • Devastate your opponents with devastating attacks, then go forward!
  • The secret to victory is knowing when to use your “Break” power.
  • Avan Strash, Bloody Scryde, Beast King Redemption Blast and Kafrizz are just some of the devastating special techniques you can use to prove your worth!
  • Try playing battles in Auto Mode for a more simplified experience.
  • Upgrade your tools and abilities, and take on new challenges!
  • Skills and equipment from The Adventure of Dai are back, and they’re better than ever!
  • Weapons, armour, and character abilities can all be enhanced. – Increase your strength by forming stronger connections!
  • Join forces with your allies and go on an adventure!
  • You’ll be able to see more of a character when your Friendship Level with them rises.
  • Raising friendship levels will allow the Ally Board to develop even more.
DQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds all Characters

About Characters

There are a lot of well-known faces here! Create a group of friends and embark on an exciting journey! It ranges from members of Avan’s Disciples—Dai and Popp to the Dark Army’s Crocodine and Hyunckel.

Be a part of the growth of the relationships between the main characters! Although they don’t fight, several characters from the original series show up as Soul Crystal’s! Characters’ power is stored in special items called Soul Crystals. Each character is allowed to equip a maximum of three Soul Crystals. As soon as you’ve done this, strong Soul Skills will activate, boosting your character’s numbers even further!

DQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds Game Story

After a young boy named Dai remembers a storey about the defeat of Demon King Hadlar by a hero named Avan, he is adopted by the monster magician Brass. As soon as Hadlar was defeated, all the monsters were released from his grip on power, and the world enjoyed ten years of relative tranquillity. Dermline is a peaceful haven for monsters and demons. As the storey’ youthful protagonist, Dai lives on a deserted island by himself. Dai, who was raised by Brass and his monster best friend Gome, has aspirations of becoming a hero when he grows up.

A Story that takes place in two distinct universes

  • “Dragon Tracks,” a well-known fable:- The plot of Dragon Tracks is based on the Adventures of Dai. Take on tasks to recruit friends from your past!
  • “An Unusual Journey,” a New Experience”:- Riku Sanjo, the original author, supervises a brand-new storey called The Bonding Journey!
  • Set in the enigmatic world of Milladosia, the world in The Adventure of Dai bears a striking resemblance to Milladosia.

Discover The Adventure of Dai’s world as the Luminary Leader! Makeovers for your hair, face, and other features are available! Make your character and your experience unique by customising them! Become a hero, a warrior, a magician, and many other professions! Select the one that most closely matches your preferred method of play!

How To Download DQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds Mod Apk 1.11.0 Unlimited Everything

  1. Click on Download button according to your Device which is given below.
  2. The you will see the Download link of this in App Stores like Android Play Store and iOS App Store.
  3. Install and Start Play.
  4. Internet Connection is required to play.

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Requirements And Additional Information

NameDQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds
DevloperSQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
PlatformAndroid & iOS
Android & iOSAndroid 9 or 10 And iOS 11
Online / OfflineOnline
DQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds Apk
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