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Download Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk Latest Version and play Best Nintendo Games on your Android device. You should try this emulator if you are looking to play games on your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or just want access to your favorite Nintendo Switch titles on your phone.

What is Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk

Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk is a new emulator developed by Dolphin Developers team. It supports various versions of Android, Windows XP/7/8 and Linux. With this app, users can play their favorite games on a variety of devices while Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk eliminates the need for costly equipment.

It was first released as freeware for Windows in 2003. Dolphin was the first GameCube emulator to run commercial games satisfactorily. Delphin became free and open-source software after problematic development in the early years and then got support for Wii. The emulator was ported to Linux and macOS soon afterwards. With more capable mobile technology over the years, Dolphin operating on Android has become a feasible choice.

This emulator is based on the original Dolphin emulator for Windows, which is developed by the same company behind this emulator – Slimemobile. However, the interface and features of this app have been redesigned with several improvements for a simpler gaming experience.

Not only does this app provide a more intuitive interface, it also allows you to manage your library and apps. This feature is especially useful for gamers who want to play games in their favorite apps on their smartphones.

Moreover, this app provides advanced features for advanced gamers such as support for game controllers, gaming profiles, and numerous options for specific settings such as full screen mode, theme, sound settings and more. Apart from the above features, this emulator also supports virtual reality headsets to improve the gaming experience.

Dolphin MMJ Apk Features

Dolphin MMJ Apk allows you to relive Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super NES), New Super Mario Bros. Series, and even your favorite Nintendo Switch games on many Android devices.

Dolphin has been highly known for its high compatibility, consistent advancement in development. The number of features accessible, and its capability to play games with graphical upgrades over its original consoles on IT and video gaming media.

  • This app provides the Android version of the original Dolphin emulator developed by the same company.
  • This version of Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk was redesigned with new features, including a more intuitive interface and simplified settings to make game management easier.
  • The app allows you to organize your favorite games into different categories for future searches. It also provides with easy access to the library for faster navigation.
  • Dolphin MMJ Emulator supports various versions of Android, Windows XP/7/8 and Linux.
  • This app provides advanced features including a built-in gamepad, support for game controllers such as joysticks and racing wheels, and several options for specific settings such as full screen mode.
  • Dolphin MMJ Apk also supports virtual reality headsets to improve the gaming experience.
  • The app provides advanced features for advanced gamers such as gaming profiles, support for virtual reality headsets, and numerous options for specific settings such as full screen mode, theme, sound settings and more.
  • This emulator provides various features for advanced gamers such as support for game controllers, gaming profiles, and numerous options for specific settings such as full screen mode, theme, sound settings and more.


  • Users can enjoy retro games from different versions of Windows XP/7.
  • App includes a built-in gamepad for easy controls and game navigation.
  • Users can play in full screen mode, which is not supported by the original version developed by Apple.
  • App offers a streamlined interface with more intuitive features such as Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk Library for managing your favorite games.
  • The app allows you to add game controllers for a more interactive gaming experience.


  • This version of the emulator is not yet compatible with all games, as it still needs further development. Therefore, it may not be fully compatible with your favorite games. However, Slimemobile already has plans to develop the app further.
  • Some users have reported that some of the features are not yet fully developed. Therefore, the final version of this emulator is likely to include additional features in future updates.
  • The app still requires specific hardware requirements such as a computer or other devices that support specific version of Windows.

Dolphin Emulator 5.0 MMJ Apk

Dolphin Emulator 5.0-9618 MMJ Apk is Upgraded in Dolphin Emulator 5.0-14866 Apk. Now it is a great choice for those who want to relive their favorite Nintendo games on their Android device without the need for expensive equipment.

This New Latest Version Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk. Furthermore, this emulator offers customized game controls that are not present in the original emulator. Therefore, it is great for users who want an improved gaming experience in future updates.

Dolphin has integrated mGBA into Dolphin. Every single Game Boy Advance to GameCube connectivity game works in Dolphin. New features were added based on feedback from users and some things that we noticed ourselves. The full list of new features can be found at the Dolphin website.

The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Connectivity Patch is now available in the Japanese and PAL regions of the game. The patch fixes a bug that makes reestablishing a connection difficult when timings are too perfect. Speedrunners can also use the patch to speed up their runs.

Graphics Experience in Dolphin MMJ Apk

Dolphin MMJ Apk supports arbitrary resolutions, just as many other PC console emulators, although Nintendo and Wii only support up to 480p.

Customized texture maps can be loaded by Dolphin. They can also be higher than the original textures. The emulator is also able to export the textures of a game in order to be modified by graphic artists.

Dolphin can deliver 3D visuals to any Dolphin platform. Also supported are special devices such as Nvidia 3D Vision. The ability to play 3D stereoscopic games is a feature the original consoles never had, although Nintendo initially planned to provide an additional 3D stereoscopic screen for the GameCube.

Additional capabilities are also available to further improve the quality of graphics. Dolphin supports spatial anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, post-processing pixel shaders and widescreen hacking to force broadscreen output on non-native games. Games can also attain greater frames per second than intended.

How To Download Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk Latest Version

  1. Download link is given below. You can Download Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk via mediafire.
  2. Click on the Link then You will see Mediafire Download link so Download Apk.
  3. Go to your android device Security settings and ON Unknown Source if it’s OFF.
  4. Then go to your Download folder and Extract the File which you downloaded from our website because it’s in Zip Format. Use Password👉 gabbayt to Extract the File.
  5. Now Install Dolphin Emulator MMJ Apk Latest Version after Uninstall the Old Version.
  6. After successfully installing the apk now you can enjoy the Wii games on your Android phone.
  7. If you facing Application not available problem so open your android device original file manager application and install this from there.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameDolphin Emulator MMJ Apk
GenreVideo game console emulator
ProcessorSnapdragon 600 and more
Online / OfflineOffline
Dolphin Emulator MMJ 5.0


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