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The game that I’m going to talk about today is called Dream League Soccer 2019 APK (DLS 19 Mod Apk), although it’s also sometimes referred to as DLS 2019 APK. The game known as Dream League Soccer 2019 (often abbreviated as DLS 2019) is the latest instalment in one of the most popular football video game series. This chapter is an unique one and it is a significant improvement over the one that came before it.

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DLS 19 Mod Apk Legends Players Download
Dream League Soccer 19 Mod apk
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DLS 19 Mod APK

DLS 19 hack APK, also known as Dream League Soccer 2019 MOD APK hack download, is superior than Dream League Soccer 2018 in terms of its features and functionality. In comparison to Dream League Soccer 2018, Dream League 2019 introduced much improved visuals and a more fluid gaming experience.

The popular video game Dream Football Soccer allows players to assemble their own “dream team,” known as Dream Team FC, and choose their favourite football star to serve as the team’s captain. The remaining sites are selected at random by the game, and as a result, you have complete control on how they look, including their names, costumes, and symbols.

About Dream League Soccer 2019 Mod Apk

A very well-known football simulation game is called Dream League Soccer 2019, often known as DLS 2019 apk. which First Touch Games was responsible for developing and producing. The game is unquestionably a significant step forward over its predecessor in the Dream League Soccer series, which was referred to as DLS 2018. owing to the fact that it is superior in all aspects, including visuals and even camera angle.

The game now supports 60 frames per second, in addition to fresh new features that have been included. You’ll be able to experience the game at its maximum pace and with smooth visuals if your hardware is capable of 60 frames per second gameplay. New features, such as the ability to build your own football stadium, have also been included. Through the use of this tool, you will be able to create a football stadium of your own and even play matches inside of it.

In order to establish your very own Dream Team and bolster your party, you need look into signing top superstar players like Gareth Bale. The artificial intelligence (AI) has also improved in terms of abilities and gaming, which means that it will be difficult to compete against it in the game. Dream League Soccer 2019 is the definitive package for any soccer fan, as it has all-new graphics, realistic animations, and dynamic action at 60 frames per second (only on devices that are compatible with this feature).

DLS 19 Mod Apk and Obb Files Feature List

This is a football game in three dimensions that you can play on your phone, and it’s available for Android. It is possible that you will hear the commentary in the background, much like we do when we watch a football game in real life on television. Therefore, exactly like an actual performance, this game incorporates a lot of factors from the real world.

  • Enhanced visuals and a fresh camera perspective have been added to the game.
  • This DLS 19 Mod apk has limitless money, and all players may be accessed immediately after downloading it.
  • Dls mod apk features champions league.
  • A brand-new gameplay mode that runs at 60 frames per second, which makes the action seem incredibly natural and unbroken.
  • You will be able to construct your own own stadium and compete in it with your squad.
  • You may personalise your squad in DLS 19 Mod apk obb by adding players of a high quality.
  • Earn money via competition while while improving the strength of your squad.
  • The game now includes a significant number of new players as well as strategies and actions.
  • Playing the game completely offline, so you won’t have to worry about any problems with your network or the internet.
  • The game has almost no latency, so you may enjoy a smooth gaming experience without any hiccups or shuttering.
  • Your players’ levels may be raised via the use of several training choices, which also serve to raise their overall level.
  • Players that use DLS 19 Mod Apk Legends profile has been unlocked. Downloads of the dat save data are accessible right now.

Put Yourself in Charge of the Group

Playing the football management game Dream Football Soccer will allow you to construct the team of your dreams in Dream Team FC, with the captain that you choose serving as the game’s star. The name of the soccer simulation game that you are now playing is Dream Football. You may alter your character at any moment over the course of the game by going to one of a number of randomly generated places and selecting a new name, dress, and symbol to represent them.

The basic purpose of this game is to emerge victorious from a competition that has a total of twelve unique players using any one of six separate skill levels. For your convenience, the following list provides a rundown of the various levels: Division 3, Division 2, Division 1, Junior Elite Division, and Division Elite are the many tiers that make up the divisions of the Academy’s system of divisions. You could compete against other people who are participating in the same activity as you are online.

The atmosphere of the event is created by playing this challenging game. Both the autoplay feature and a number of other choices for customising the camera’s appearance are available for use. The learning curve for the screen reader is quite low, which makes it very easy to become proficient in its use. The fact that only Dream League Online requires a player to have a live network connection in order for them to participate is the aspect of this game that provides the greatest excitement.

When choosing a team, you have to use extreme prudence.

When putting up a roster for Dream League Soccer 2019, it is important to give careful consideration to the selection of players whose skill sets cover a range of different facets of the game. In order to play defence, an individual has to have a great deal of power and be competent at making high tackles. When choosing your choice, it is essential to take into consideration the forwarders’ finishing ratings, as well as their speed and speed up ratings.

The ability to cross the ball and pass it on to teammates is essential for players who play in the midfield position. In order to be successful, fullbacks and wingers need to have a high level of endurance. As a consequence of this, you should act with the greatest caution while joining your team.

It is best to refrain from becoming aggressive towards other people.

You will be able to reclaim possession of the ball and put a stop to the forward movement of your opponent if you execute a slide tackle at the appropriate moment. The problem with making tackles is that if you use excessive force, you run the risk of receiving a yellow card or being penalised for “needless roughness,” which is the term used in American football.

You will be given a yellow card if the referee deems your behaviour to be too violent. If you choose with Option B, you won’t be taking many risks, but you also won’t be making too many successful tackles since it is a safe and cautious choice that can be used in both the offence and the defence.

It is possible that using A may assist you in regaining possession of the ball; nevertheless, doing so will increase the likelihood that you will be penalised for a foul, which will result in the other team being awarded a free kick, or that you will be shown a yellow card.

You should save the A button for when you are attempting to come back from a deficit or score that critical late goal in order to win the game or, at the absolute least, maintain a draw in the score. When an opposing player gets the ball, you should not rush into a tackle as quickly as possible. You will get a penalty if you make contact with another player while you are within the box. Therefore, continue with extreme caution after you’ve entered that area.


In order to win a game, you need to score a lot of goals in a short amount of time. Your team will not be successful if it does not use a style of attack that is more aggressive. If you want to come out on top, you will need to put up as many goals as you possibly can. It is necessary to hit the A button in order to set a goal, however the button should not be pressed too strongly.

In order to circumvent this, the purpose is irrelevant. Try it out for yourself, and you will quickly see how futile it is; this tactic is completely fruitless. You may potentially improve both your accuracy and your chances of scoring if you tap the button A with a light touch.

Consider using the tactic known as the “rainbow kick,” in which a player kicks the ball very high into the air and then watches as it sails beyond the defence of an opponent. If you are successful, you will get a point for your efforts. As a result, there is a greater possibility of gaining points.

If you are able to understand and effectively use this dribbling approach, you will be able to outscore your opponent in terms of the number of points earned. To perform a rainbow kick on your smartphone, keep your finger on the ball while you do an upward swipe in the middle of the screen.

Visualizations of the DLS 2019

As I already said, the visuals are superior than those of Dream League Soccer 2019. As a result, I have given you with some gameplay images of Dream League Soccer 2019 500 megabytes in order to demonstrate the whole of the game’s gameplay as well as its aesthetics. It is quite obvious that both the visuals and the camera have seen a significant degree of development in recent years.

Dream Football Soccer or DLS 19 Mod apk is a rather low-key football simulation game when compared to other games in the genre, such as FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. As a direct consequence of this, the game is playable on a diverse selection of devices, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. Animated graphics for the 2018 season of fantasy soccer The addition of graphics may make any device better.

The game does, however, contain superb aesthetics, images of players that are similar to one another, and smooth and dynamic player movement on the field. The audio is really enjoyable because to the inclusion of both music in the background and commentary throughout each match. Since the last edition was launched in 2018, there has been a significant increase in both the quality of the environment and the animation.

Minimum Requirements

This game, like all the others, has some prerequisites that must be met before you may play it. The game requires a minimum of 2 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) and 500 megabytes of space or storage in order to be played on an iOS or Android smartphone. If your computer is capable of handling the game’s requirements, then you won’t have any trouble maintaining a frame rate of 60 frames per second while playing it.

DLS 19 Offline game mode

The fact that there is also an offline option in Dream League Soccer 2019 MOD APK is one more feature that contributes to the game’s overall improvement. You are able to play the game without the need for a network connection or the internet. This implies that you are free to play the game whenever and whenever you choose, regardless of location.

How To Get DLS 19 MOD APK Legends Players Download

  1. Continue browsing the site and locate the download option at the bottom of the page.
  2. After that, go farther into the site, and then after that, download the game.
  3. After that, to start playing the game, click on its icon in the downloads folder.
  4. when the installation of the game has been finished in your device in its entirety.
  5. In order to launch the game, you must first click on the game’s icon.
  6. When you are through with that, adjust the settings so that they are exactly as you want them to be based on your preferences.
  7. After that, you may play the game Dream League Soccer 2019 by downloading it to your iOS device or installing the Dream League soccer 2019 APK.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameDream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19)
DeveloperFirst Touch Games
ReletedDLS 2020 Mod Apk
DLS 2019 Mod Apk Download
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