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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PPSSPP ISO Download highly Compressed. Players can play this game on Android & iOS by using PSP Emulator. Today here I am going introduce about this. So please stay with us till the end.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PSP

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, which is a 2011 fighting game produced in Square Enix. This is part of the Final Fantasy series for the PlayStation Portable, is called Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy. It was developed and published on March 3, 2011 in Japan by the company’s 1st production department. This game is both a flashback and a new design of Dissidia Final Fantasy PPSSPP. That exposes what happened in America on March 22, 2011 prior to the events of its predecessor.

The game centres originally on the 12th conflict between Chaos and Cosmos Gods who called various parallel warriors to struggle for the gods. After the 12th cycle ends, the game restores the Thirteenth War of Dissidia’s original final imagination. Then adds other side-stories. Dissidia 012 fights have been able to confront the hardest attacks by using characters. The navigation is now conducted through a typical Final Fantasy map.

The game began in August 2009 with personnel from the Square. Who wished to improve the gameplay from the first Game. They could offer more fun and balance more components for the game. Dissidia 012 was well reviewed and is one of the top Portable PlayStation Games with publications.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PPSSPP all Characters

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PSP Gameplay

Gameplay is similar, with certain tweaks, to Dissidia Final Fantasy. This game is mostly a one-on-one fight on a so-called fighting map, on which the two characters duel. Two different sorts of attacks are available to players: a bravery attack and an HP. Both characters start with a given number of bravery points, which corresponds to the amount of damage caused by an attack by the HP. The player must therefore perform many Bravery attacks to rob the opponent of Bravery points, to boost the power of their HP attack, since Bravery attacks inflict no harm whatsoever.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PPSSPP Gameplay

Skills and attacks

“EX Revenge” and “assist” are the mechanics of the battle system. In order to full out the Ex gauge and turn the character into a powerful state, EX Mode acts identically like the first game, gathering EX Cores in the fight map and allowing players to perform a tremendous EX Burst attack if the HP attacks land during the EX mode.

The support system is a new element of the game that allows a player to invite another partner to fight either to assist the opponent to attack or to defend himself against a forthcoming onslaught. The Assist Gauge, developed by means of Bravery Attacks, is used. [6] The two modes should balance each other because the Assist Gauge of the adversary is decreased to zero when an EX Burst is conducted.

Assist Breaks, EX Breaks and EX Revenge are all three major contraceptive systems. An Assist Break is done by striking the Assisting character of the opponent while the player is in EX mode and therefore for a short time he or she can no longer call the Assist character; the Bravery points to the character of the stage also pass this.

A broken EX is performed by interrupting the EX mode of an opponent by using an assist attack that forces the adversary from the EX mode and passes the bravery points of the stage to the player. Finally, EX Revenge happens when the EX Mode is activated. While it would just put a stop to the opponent’s attack in the first game, the player now has to take time to pump on the opponent, while it sacrifices the ability of the player to perform an EX Burst as it uses the whole EX Gauge.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PPSSPP Play Modes

The largest feature is to be made in the single player history mode of the game, which takes place on a conventional Final Fantasy World Map, allowing players to explore a world of scenarios and events as the tale advances. Players travel across the 3D world map with parties with up to 5 characters and players can talk to the characters. When they go around the map, players meet the adversaries known as “Manikins” and players are taken to a combat map when an enemy is attacked.

The map contains particularly designated shops. The storey mode is also partisan, akin to Final Fantasy VI’s advancement. Parties will be default in specific circumstances, although players are mostly free to select a party of their own. In addition to the new storey mode of the game, the game also features a first game tale, which has been redesigned with the 3D global map. Tetsuya Nomura, the producers and designers, indicated that the game would result in around 60 hours of gameplay for both stories played together.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy All Characters

The core premise of the game centres around the twelfth cycle of the unending struggle between Gods Cosmos and Chaos, who in “Monde B,” the mirror dimension in world A, have summoned many warriors from many worlds to fight. It features the whole cast of the original Dissidia with new and changed skills and presents a total of 30 one new playable characters.

From the beginning of a game, six of the new characters have been available: Lightning, a former soldier and Final Fantasy’s XIII protagonist; Vaan, the sky-pirat and final-fantasy XII protagonist; Laguna Loire, the man who appeared on Squall’s dreams and secondary protagonist of final fantasy VIII. The three remaining characters, which can be unlocked by different activities, are Prishe, a supporting Final Fantasy XI character; Gilgamesh, a recurring villain from Final Fantasy V; and Feral Chaos, an other kind of chaos. Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith Gainsborough is available in the PlayStation network as an assistant (e.g. not completely playable in the game) character.

Game Story

The war is shifting in favour of chaos during the twelfth cycle. Cosmos thus entrusts its troops to recover the crystals that will allow them to destroy Chaos. Cosmos did not anticipate however the forces of Chaos utilising a worldless army of manikini, known as crystalline soldiers, who threaten to deny the power of the Gods to restore the warriors after they’re believed to be murdered.

Kain and the Warrior of Light believe that their defeat is inevitable and derail many of their own companions, to prevent them from battling the Manikins and return to the next round. This strategy is opposed by Lightning and it drives the other active warrants – Vaan, Yuna, Laguna and Tifa – to end the Manikins once and for all by blocking the gateway they come from and finally joined by Kain. Although they do, Cosmos is weakened as he uses much of his strength to shrink the Manikin army when he and his Light Warrior are trying to eliminate it, and Lightning and his friends fall to the power of the Manikins and disappear.

The game reveals Dissidia Final Fantasy’s events, where returning Cosmos warriors will take part in a 13th cycle which concludes the struggle between gods. After completing the 13th cycle, the player has also access to the third and final arch, ‘Creator Confessions,’ which takes Cosmos, a comrade Cid of the Lufaine, into a world of Nightmare, where cycles never finish as punishment for the Cosmos warriors from the 13th cycline following C. The Shinryu, a powerful entity that drains their minds and experiences in every cycle. The player selects five characters to battle Feral Chaos, which will make Chaos stronger and save the cid in jail from the realm of nightmare.

Primary Story

The primary storey is accompanied by a number of “reports,” most of them followed by the other warriors who participated in cycle 13 and explained their roles both before and during cycles. In the twelfth cycle the Cosmo warriors – Terra, Cloud and Tidus—fighting for the Chao side, and Chaos’ Warrior Jecht on Cosmos side with stories on how these characteristics came to change sides, form key features in these reportages.

In addition, the Reports include additional events as well as Gilgamesh’s misadontes when he stumbled into World B, including how the Warrior of Light goes into the conflict and meets Cosmos’ past soldiers Prishe and Shantotto.

How To Download Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed

  1. Download Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PPSSPP ISO by using link is given below.
  2. Extract the Game then you will see ISO File.
  3. Now go to PlayStore and search PSP Emulator.
  4. Install PSP Emulator and open it.
  5. Select Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PPSSPP ISO in PSP Emulator and Start Play.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameDissidia 012 Final Fantasy
DeveloperSquare Enix 1st Production Department
Platform PlayStation Portable and PPSSPP Emulator
Genre3D Fighting Game
Online /Offline Offline
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy PPSSPP
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