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Hello Friends today I am back with new DBZ TTT MOD. In this Mod you will see many new characters and Attacks. You can play this Game on Android, iOS and PC. So let’s know about this Game.

DBZ TTT MOD Download

This is New DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod released on Jun 2020. DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team is 3D fighting Game. In this Game you will see many play modes like a Story mode, 100 Battle mode, Survival mode, Free Battle mode, Traning and Multiplayer mode. You can experience Dragon Ball Z Storyline in this Game and you will also see Broly Saga in this Game. The Gameplay is very easy to understand. In this game have all Characters skills list so which you can use to know about Characters attacks. You can improve you fighting skills in Training mode. You can play Multiplayer with your friends via WiFi connection it’s totally Offline game. So friends let’s know about new features.

What’s New in This DBZ TTT MOD

This is amazing DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod and in this Mod you will see New Maps BT3 style and new life bar. You will also see new attacks. The one more and very amazing features you will see New fusions.

Goku Ultra Instinct and Vegeta SSB Evolution Fusion in DBZ BT3 MOD PSP
DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Mod PSP ISO Download
Gogeta and Vegito all Transformations in DBZ BT3 MOD PSP
DBZ BT3 MOD PSP ISO Download DBS Movie Broly

About Characters

Black Goku And Vegeta Fusion :- This is new fusion feature added in this DBZ TTT MOD. You can do Potara and Fusion Dance Fusion between Black Goku and Black Vegeta. You will also see Black Goku, Black Vegeta, Black Gogeta and Black Vegito new Transformations and Attacks. In this mod Black future Trunks and Black kid Trunks also have.

Goku and Broly Fusion :- You can do fusion Dance between Goku and DBS Broly. After fusion you will see Legendary Fusion Characters. You will also see New Attacks Goku and Broly and fusion Character. Goku have so many forms like DBS Goku, GT Goku, AF Goku, CC Goku and Xen Goku. You will see Goku SSJ to SSJ5 and SSJ infinity, SSJ10, God, Blue, and Ultra Instinct also available. Goku have more new Transformations.

Goku and Jiren Fusion :- This is going to be very power full Fusion in Dragon Ball super so friends in this DBZ TTT MOD you can do fusion between Goku Ultra Instinct and Jiren. You will also see Goku Ultra Instinct and Jiren real Anime attacks.

Naruto :- You will see new and Perfect model of Naruto in this Mod. Naruto have new Attacks like Anime style. You will also see Sasuke in this DBZ TTT MOD.

Shenron :- You will see Shenron new fan made form in this mod. Shenron also have New Attacks.

Thanos:- Thanos is a strongest Character of Marvel Comic and now you can play with Thanos in this DBZ TTT MOD.

DBZ TTT MOD Download With Permanent Menu

DBZ TTT Mod Download with Permanent Menu

In this DBZ TTT MOD you will see fully permanent fix Menu with new Style. You can see in the screenshot the new menu interface. This is permanent fix and you don’t need to set them and you can play this game any language because the Menu is work all languages. You will see Menu Permanent in Free Battle, Traning Mode and Characters Customize.

About Gameplay Features

  • Kicking And Punching
  • Flying
  • 3D Battle Ground
  • Ki Charge
  • Ki Blast
  • 3 Attacks of all Characters
  • Shot Exchange
  • Blow Exchange
  • Instant Transmission
  • Transformation

How To Install DBZ TTT MOD

  • Download PSP Emulator according to your Device.
  • Then Download ISO / Game. Link is given below
  • After Downloading Game then Extract them. You can use RAP app for extract Game. You can Download RAR App from Playstore.
  • Use Password 1916SHADOW to extract Game.
  • After Extract Game then Install PSP Emulator.
  • Then Open PSP emulator and Select Game in PSP emulator.
  • Then you will see Game is ready to play.
  • If you facing Crashing Problem in this DBZ TTT MOD. So Go to PSP system setting and off fast memory unstable and select language America Latino.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name :- DBZ TTT MOD By Modder SHADOW
  • Game Size :- 520MB
  • Offline :- Yes
  • Online :- No.
  • Mod Menu :- Available with Permanent fix
  • Original Develover :- BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT.
  • Android :- 5.1
  • RAM :- 2GB
  • Processor :- Octa Core


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