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Hello Friends, I am back again with New PPSSPP ISO DBZ TTT MOD. This is New Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod With Permanent Menu and More New Fusions. This is fully Crash free PSP ISO. You can play this Mod Without lag on your Android phone. You don’t need any advance setting to play this Tenkaichi Tag Team mod. So friends read this post completely for more information.

About This DBZ TTT MOD

This is fully New Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team and his released in 1 March 2020. This DBZ TTT Modified by Jayzz Modder and his ISO Version is Four. This is amazing mod because in this mod we have total 8 Fusions in which 4 fusions are new.

Dragon Ball All Fusions DBZ TTT MOD

About Fusions

Super Saiyan 4 Fusions – This mod has Super Saiyan 4 Fusions dance and Potara. Both are included in this Mod with perfect animation. You just need to choose Goku Super Saiyan 4 and Vegeta super saiyan and then wait for the ki untill it reaches 4th line and then do the fusion. You can either do Potara and Dance fusion. Whatever you wish to do.

Black and Zamasu – This is one of the most powerful and godly canon fusion in the dragon Ball super. This mod has this fusion with Potara earrings. You just need to chose Black Goku in super Saiyan rose transformation and Zamasu and then wait for the ki to reach 4th line and start the fusion.

Kefla – It’s a half Legendary fusion between kale and caulifla where kale is a Legendary Saiyan and caulifla is a normal saiyan. Hence it’s a half Legendary fusion. This mod has Fusion of Kefla with perfect texture and animation.

Gokhan – Gokhan is a completely fan made fusion. It would have been canon if Gohan happens to wear the Potara earrings in Buu Saga. So Gokhan is a fan made animation which is available in this mod. Just choose Goku and Gohan in their base form and start the fusion dance.

Goku and Vegeta – Yeah yeah, I know Goku and Vegeta a is already there in the original dagon ball z tenkaichi tag team but this mod has Goku and Vegeta From dragon Ball super and their fusion Gogeta and Vegito is also in the dragon Ball super model.

About Characters

  • Broly – This mod has a new model of broly with his all transformations. Broly in his base from opens his mouth whenever he performs any special attacks. Mouth opening is a new features copied from the dragon Ball z BUDOKAI tenkaichi 3. Broly performs mouth beam attack as his special and Giga meteor attack as his ultimate move in his base form. Broly in super Saiyan performs double hand energy balls attack as his ultimate and he opens his mouth while performing attacks.
  • Kefla – Kefla has her all transformations including the super Saiyan 2 legendary. Kefla performs double beam attack is his legendary super Saiyan 2 form.
  • Hearts – The most recent Villain in the whole dragon ball canon and non canon series. Villain Hearts has his base and Final Golden transformation in this mod. Hearts has all original and Crystal type looking attacks. This mod has a perfect Texture of hearts in his all transformations and hearts looks like 3D original.
  • Jiren – Jiren has a new awesome attacks in this mod. Actually the camera angle is modified that’s why the attack looks new but all attacks are old and just their angles are changed. Hence they look so dramatic and different. As you can see the above screenshot of Jiren performing energy ball attack which is an old attack but looks new.
PPSSPP ISO DBZ TTT MOD With Permanent Menu

DBZ TTT New Permanent Menu

  • New Interface ( Homepage )
  • New background images
  • All characters shown at the right place
  • Easy navigation
  • New characters images used in the menu
  • Save time and be cool. Get rid of searching the characters.
  • All bug fixed
  • All characters have four colors and different different characters in each color of every characters.

The menu absolutely permanent means you don’t have to download it separately. Just download the ISO and you have Downloaded the menu along with the ISO. Even you don’t have to set it, it is all already settled. It’s fixed with the ISO so Menu will not get detached from the ISO. So Download ISO and have all benefits of menu.

Gameplay Features

  1. New Fighting Stages ( Background stadiums )/ New maps
  2. All Transformation of Every characters
  3. All attacks of Every characters
  4. No crashing
  5. No black screen
  6. Instant transmission dodging techniques
  7. Combo attacks by using Instant Transmission
  8. Instant transmission ultimate attack ( only for Goku Ssj1 )
  9. Normal Combos
  10. Normal and Strong Firing attacks
  11. Combination combos ( beat the opponent with your partner fighter )
  12. Revenge ( Come back to fight using senzu Been )
  13. Ki charging
  14. Unique techniques ( it cannot be explained because every character uses his unique techniques when you tap L + handle up + O.

How To Download And Install This DBZ TTT Mod

  • Download The PPSSPP Gold from the PlayStore so you will have the latest version.
  • Then Download this ISO ( Download link is given below )
  • If the ISO which you have Downloaded is in RAR, then extract it by using RAR app or any other Extracter.
  • Now you have the ISO file, open it in PSP emulator and start play.

Additional Information of Game

NameDragon Ball Z TTT Mod V4
MODDERJayzz Modder ( YouTube )
Original DeveloperNAMCO Bandai
Released since2010
Mod Released 1 March, 2020
Mod VersionV4
Mod MenuYes / Permanent
Characters CountMore than 100
PlatformPSP / Use PSP Emulator for Android
File FormatISO
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