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Now DayZ Mobile Apk OBB Download is available for Android & iOS. You can Download and Play DayZ Apk + OBB on Android & iOS Mobile Offline Free. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can install DayZ Apk + Mod + OBB on Mobile. If you are interested so please stay with us till the end.

DayZ Apk OBB Download
DayZ Mobile Apk OBB Download
DayZ Apk
DayZ Android Free Download

About DayZ Apk

Bohemia Interactive is the company that created and published the survival video game known as DayZ Apk. It is the standalone successor to the mod with the same name that was available for the game ARMA 2, and it was released recently.

After having an early access period for Windows that lasted for five years, the game was finally made available to the public in December of 2018, and it was made available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2019.

The player finds themselves in the fantasy post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus, the setting for the first instalment of the ARMA series. There, a mysterious plague has transformed the majority of the population into violent “infected.”

In order to survive the outbreak, the player takes on the role of a survivor who must search the world for resources such as food, water, weapons, and medicine. At the same time, the player must either kill or avoid the infected and either kill, avoid, or cooperate with other players.

When the mod’s author, Dean Hall, joined Bohemia Interactive in 2012 to begin work on the standalone version of the game, development on DayZ officially got under way. During development, the primary focus has been on modifying the engine so that it is suitable for the requirements of the game, establishing a client-server architecture that is functional, and introducing new features such as diseases and an improved inventory system. During the early access phase of the game’s development, more than three million copies were sold.

Gameplay of DayZ Android

The objective of the survival video game DayZ is to make it through the zombie apocalypse that has befallen the in-game world while preserving one’s own life and wellbeing. The player begins the game with nothing more than some basic clothing, a glow stick, and only half of a bandage.

Explore Big Open World Area

They are instructed to begin exploring the vast 225 km2 (87 sq mi) geography of the fictional ex Soviet Republic of Chernarus in order to scavenge for supplies at various locations such as houses, barns, and apartments.

These resources include food and water, all of which are fundamental need that are essential to the player’s ability to live longer. In addition to the fundamentals of survival, players can find a variety of articles of clothing that, in addition to providing warmth, also allow for customisation and additional storage space for supplies.

Additionally dispersed over the playing field are a number of weaponry, giving players the ability to defend themselves against other players and zombies alike, should the situation call for it. The majority of the emphasis here is placed on a diverse selection of melee weapons, although there are also a few firearms and a few accessories for those rifles, such as suppressors and telescopic sights.

In addition, the game includes gas attacks, which involve the release of a poisonous gas that causes the player to bleed and throw up, eventually leading to unconsciousness and death if the player does not exit this area and seek appropriate medical attention.

To protect themselves from harm, the characters might don an NBC suit and a gas mask. Interaction between players is a crucial component of the DayZ gameplay. Both text chat and proximity voice chat can be used within the game. It also enables in-game motions, such as waving, or putting palms up to symbolise surrender.

Medical Supplies In All Maps

Players can also find a variety of medical supplies as they travel across the map. This is helpful in light of the fact that their characters face a variety of dangers from the environment. Diseases like cholera, dysentery, and hepatitis are going to be playable features.

These diseases are contagious and can be acquired by consuming spoiled food or water, and they can only be treated with the appropriate medication. Items that are carried by a player may sustain damage if that player is shot or otherwise hurt.

In the event that a player is bleeding, immediate bandaging is required to reduce the amount of blood that is lost. Excessive damage or blood loss will result in a significant reduction in the player’s vision and may even cause unconsciousness.

Features of DayZ MOD Apk

The ability to construct safe havens in the game world for the purpose of storing one’s possessions is one of the features that is scheduled to be included in the game. Other possible additions to these bases include programmable computers and various types of security systems.

The standalone version of the game will expand upon the text and close-range voice chat of the mod by adding a new whisper channel and radios. The former will enable players to communicate over a very short distance without other players nearby hearing, while the latter will enable players to communicate over a longer range and include the possibility of encrypted two-way radios and player-run radio stations.

Both of these features will build upon the text and close-range voice chat of the mod version. The release now includes a number of new features, such as the ability to hunt animals and cook food. When was this feature added?


You will not find any scoreboards, daily missions, or map markers to assist you in the creation of your story. There is only Chernarus, a 230-square-kilometer post-Soviet country that was hit by an unidentified virus that turned the majority of its population into raging infected. This country is the only place that has been affected by the virus.

Your task? Attempting to live through the destruction of civilisation for as long as it is humanly possible. Always keep in mind that death is irreversible in the cruel land of Chernarus. When you start afresh, the only thing you will have to remind you of your previous error is the memories it evoked.


At any given time, up to sixty players are vying for their lives and using any and all available ways to do so. If you don’t make friends, murder anyone who comes near you, and develop a base, you run the chance of being betrayed over a can of delicious beans.

You can communicate with the other players in any way that you see fit by using VOIP. When your life is always on the line, every interaction takes on a deeper level of significance. Be cautious. Keep a level head. Believe in no one.


You are not the only one who needs to be concerned; in addition to the diseased, there is also the fauna and the elements. Find refuge from the relentless rain, fight off gangs of wolves and bears in a frenzy, and look for a source of light in the pitch blackness of the night. In addition to this, you will need to master complicated survival dynamics pertaining to your hunger, thirst, body temperature, and other factors.


Always check to see that your equipment is prepared. Repair your worn out clothing, make do with what you can find, and then set out to explore cities that appear to be abandoned in order to acquire useful supplies. Restore a vehicle and then conceal it within your covert base by surrounding it with strategically placed traps.

If you have the guts, venture into the contaminated areas, but keep your wits about you and your eyes alert for valuable loot. It is imperative that you keep in mind that you will not make it very far without a full hazard suit and gas mask.


It is possible for intense PvP activity to break out at any time and in any location, although it is particularly likely to occur in hotspots such as abandoned military outposts, where heart-pounding firefights are the norm. Some of the survivors are after your goods, while others are just out to enjoy the thrill of hunting.

There are also individuals who are terrified that you may fire the opening shot. Master the art of combat and train your mind to recognise when the time has come to put aside your ego and run. One gunshot has the potential to completely alter everything. Always keep an eye on your rear.


Visit the Steam Workshop and look for a specialised server that meets your requirements there. You may tailor your DayZ experience to fit your preferences by becoming a member of an active community of other players who share your interests. You can look through thousands of user-created additions, including firearms, maps, and features; all of these can be simply managed directly from the game launcher.

How To Download DayZ Apk OBB Free For Android & iOS

  1. You may begin downloading DayZ Mobile APK by clicking the button located above; doing so will start the download process. When the download is finished, you will be able to locate the APK file in the “Downloads” area of your web browser.
  2. You will first need to ensure that your mobile device supports the installation of programmes from third-party sources before you can proceed with the installation on your phone. The actions necessary to enable this are almost identical to those that are detailed below.
  3. You can enable your phone to install apps from locations besides the Google Play Store by going to Menu > Settings > Security > and selecting the checkbox next to Unknown Sources.
  4. After you have finished the procedure above, navigate to the “Downloads” section of your browser and click on the APK file that you have downloaded once. It will begin to show the installation prompt that asks for permissions, and all you need to do to install it is follow the steps.
  5. When the installation is finished, you can begin using the application as you would normally at that point.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameDayZ Mobile
DeveloperBohemia Interactive
PlatfromAndroid & (iOS Coming Soon)
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Dayz Free Download For Android
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