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Now Cyber Hunter Mod Apk 0.100.485 Unlimited Everything Download is available for Android and iOS. You can enjoy Latest Version of Cyber Hunter Mod Apk Unlimited Credits and Money with Unlocked All. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can Download and install Apk + OBB file of this game on Android without any problem so please stay with us till the end.

Survival Game for android

About Cyber Hunter Mod Apk

Cyber Hunter is a competitive third-person shooter game that features a battle royale mode and is presented by NetEase, which is known for “Wilderness Action.” An estimated one hundred players make their way to a deserted island, where the playing field gradually gets smaller, and their objective is to achieve victory by making exclusive use of the firearms, ammo, armour, and other supplies that can be found there.

It refers to a certain kind of weapon used in combat. This is possible to move to locations that seem hard to reach, such as the tops of buildings, because this battle royale features actions that are not featured in any previous battle royale, such as “climbing” and “hover gliding.”

It is also interesting to make shielding walls that can block bullets using cube energy and vehicles like motorcycles. These walls can be created and used in combat. Make the most of the many different actions, and see whether you can become the last person standing!

Cyber Hunter Mod Apk Unlimited Credits

Gameplay of Cyber Hunter Mod Apk Aimbot

The video game Cyber Hunter is a combination of elements like survival, shooting, building, and strategy. The gameplay is similar to that of “last man standing.” Because there are already so many games that are similar to PUBG and they are all successful, it is reasonable to anticipate that this will result in the creation of a new gaming experience.

Your battle will start with you and 99 other players being jettisoned from a plane onto an island in the quantum realm that is completely desolate. You will be need to search the several buildings scattered over the island for supplies, including guns, equipment, and objects to use in an emergency. With this collection at your disposal, you will be able to amass sufficient power to overcome all of the other players in the game and emerge victorious.

During the course of the migration, you must ensure that you collect Quantum Cubes. These can be put to use in a variety of ways to help you construct your own line of defence, including the setting up of traps and radar forges, amongst other things. The things on the island can be quickly and simply destroyed in order to acquire the Quantum Cubes that are hidden there. This function is quite comparable to what Cyber Hunter picked up from Fortnite Mobile.

Cyber Hunter Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

Unique Story

The narrative of Cyber Hunter takes place in a world where quantum cells and artificial intelligence have reached their full potential. Because of these technologies, a quantum realm has been established, and a lot of things have taken place there. You also have the option of becoming Celestial Wanderers.

They are a hunter in the tech world and are a symbol of Justice and Zero at the same time. In the game’s universe, every playable character possesses a unique superpower in the form of the capacity to direct the energy contained within a Quantum Cube in accordance with their objectives.

Cyber Hunter Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Gaming like PUBG with New System

Survival gaming in the vein of PUBG is extremely popular across all platforms. Rules of Survival and Fortnite Mobile are extremely well-known titles, despite the fact that players may only access them for a limited period of time. Because the publishers of Netease – RoS and Fortcraft have amassed an excessive amount of knowledge in this particular aspect of the game. They are aggressively capitalising on the market share of multi-player survival games.

Game like PUBG For Android

Features of Cyber Hunter Mod Apk Unlimited Credits and Money

Cyber Hunter MOD APK (Unlocked), despite the fact that the company already has a large number of items, will nevertheless be made available on iOS and Android in the hope that it will inspire the development of something novel.

Deathmatch Full Of Sci-fi

Begin your journey with jet hover gliding! Where shall I make my home? The fundamental controls are similar to those found in Battrois, and they include things like walking on a virtual pad, adjusting the viewpoint by swiping the screen, firing with buttons, altering posture, jumping, and avoiding dangerous situations.

But, shooting does not only involve pressing buttons; for those just starting out, there is also the option of auto shooting, which fires shots simply by aligning the reticle with the target.

In addition, you can climb walls by pressing the jump button while you are facing them. If you press the jump button while you are in the air at a high altitude, you will hover glide, so make good use of this feature. Moreover, in addition to weaponry, you have the ability to hold cube energy, which you may utilise to instantaneously create pre-set shield walls and bikes.


You are free to set up three skills, and then you can challenge the fight! Let’s adjust the skill so that it corresponds to the manner in which we fight. Skills that use cube energy to build something can have their parameters altered before the actual conflict begins. You have the ability to freely configure up to three skills, and the release of different talents will depend on the level of the player. Because each one consumes a unique type of cube, you will need to employ a certain strategy when using them.

Skill System

The ability to fashion various useful items out of thin air thanks to the skill set that grants you the ability to build your own things will cause a significant shift in the way you engage in combat. If you dismount your bike, you’ll be able to travel at a breakneck pace and eliminate the foe in their current state.

You won’t be able to construct a weapon that can hit directly like a gun, but it comes with a tonne of talents that, depending on how you use them, can either help you or defend you. Which of your skills do you plan to use in the battle?


To begin, if you are climbing a vertical wall, you can imitate Spider-climbing Man’s techniques and climb along the wall until you reach the roof of a building or house. I received the feeling that it was conceivable to conduct anything like that, which involved taking a direct route to the location where the sniper was concealed.

You may also easily cross the river without having to go under the water if you use the terrain for hover gliding and take advantage of its characteristics. Always be alert of your surroundings to protect yourself from being a target!

Sci-Fi System

The background features a variety of different mechanisms, beginning with someone flying on a jet board and ending with many weaponry that are reminiscent of the not too distant future. It is true that there are many science fiction settings, and because this is a virtual environment, anything might happen in it.

The pictures of the mechanical components are also extremely lovely, and if you have a powerful computer, you’ll be able to appreciate the finer details. There is even a science fiction treatment shotgun, as well as a weapons designed just for squads.

Key Features of Cyber Hunter Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

  • Matchmaking for Many Players: This game features a user-friendly matchmaking system for multiple players, allowing you to instantly compete in any game style of your choosing. To get things rolling won’t take too much time at all.
  • Various game modes: You can choose to play any one of a variety of game modes, such as “traditional,” “arcade,” or “another brief period.”
  • 99 players will be with you, and there will be 99 different players with you. You will be landed in an isolated desert, and you will have to jump from the plane into the quantum world.
  • After you have successfully landed on the land, you will need to collect your weapons, equipment, and any other items like a health kit or armour that you will find on the building that is located on the island. You can do this by going to the building on the island.
  • Kill your enemies: Once you have gathered all you require, you will have enough power to compete with the other players in Cyber Hunter MOD APK. At this point, it is time to engage in combat with your adversaries in order to emerge victorious and take the title of “last man standing.”
  • Acquire Quantum Cubes: In order to get various forms of defensive equipment such as set traps, radar forges, and a great deal of other things, you will need to acquire quantum cubes, which may be obtained by acquiring quantum cubes. Crushing a variety of various things will result in the collection of these cubes.

How To Download Cyber Hunter Mod Menu Apk OBB For Android

Please carefully read the instructions below if you’re interested in getting a customised version of Cyber Hunter Mod Apk. Open and shut: –

  1. To get the modified version of Cyber Hunter light, just press the button below.
  2. The countdown timer will end when it reaches zero in around 10 seconds, at which point you will receive an email with a download link.
  3. It is irrelevant if the user is connected to the internet when playing Cyber Hunter lite Mod Apk because it can be downloaded and played offline.
  4. Once everything has been configured, you can start the Installer. Without a hitch, it ought to go off.
  5. Installing and configuring the app on your Android device won’t take very long.
  6. You have full control over the game’s options and resources thanks to the MOD APK you downloaded.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameCyber Hunter Mod Apk
DeveloperNetEase Games
ModUnlimited Everything
RelatedProject BloodStrike Apk OBB Download For Android & iOS
Password 👉
Cyber Hunter Mod Apk Download
Download Now ,


If you are a fan of games in which players compete to be the last one standing, then your Cyber Hunter MOD APK is an option you should consider. Downloading this game is something you should do at least once, and I say this even if you're a fan of action-packed arcade games.

If you were successful in downloading and installing the game, that is fantastic; but, if you were not, you can leave a comment below the post, and I will provide you with the solution. If you want to get anything out of playing this game, you need to do so with your pals, therefore don't forget to let them know about it.

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