Cricket 19 Apk + OBB + Data Download For Android (400mb)

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Now Cricket 19 Apk + OBB Download is available for Android mobile, You can install and play Cricket 19 Download For Android 2022. If your Android device not have more free space so don’t worry because we are providing you Cricket 19 400MB Download which work in low as devices. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can play it on Android & PC.

Cricket 19 Apk 400MB
Cricket 19 Mod Apk
Cricket 19 Apk + OBB Download For android
Cricket 19 Lite Apk Download For android

It is the most recent version of the Cricket game style available for all cell devices. Unquestionably, it progresses toward a more accurate representation of the actual experience of playing cricket. Every lover of cricket fantasises about having the most authentic cricket gameplay available on their mobile devices. Having said that, the experience of this pleasure is now entirely doable.

Gain an understanding of the game’s most important aspects overall. where each and every aspect of the gameplay seems completely authentic. Unquestionably, Cricket 19 Apk Obb is an extremely entertaining video game that focuses on sports. It offers a truly staggering variety of both courts and teams to choose from. In addition to ushering in a new era for cricket matches. It is updated to reflect the most recent happenings in the real world of cricket as well. This means that all the events that are taking place throughout the world of cricket are updated. In general, years’ worth of content is made completely accessible for play right here.

In particular, the members of each team have the most recent information. For this reason, a new fan of cricket has the opportunity to pick his or her preferred player. Specifically, the model of each player appears to have such a real-world like appearance. Cricket is played in a variety of ways, each of which has its own set of rules. All of the most recent laws that have been implemented in the cricket globe may be found in the Cricket 19 Apk File. Naturally, we have the ability to alter and determine the rules for our battle on our own. mostly due to the fact that it alters the whole gameplay of cricket.

About Cricket 19 Apk

Participate in a variety of game styles, including ODI, World Cup, T20, and more. The entirety of the gameplay includes all of the leagues that have been played to this point. This indicates that we are able to play the entire Indian Premier League in Cricket 19 Apk for Android. There are also veteran players and veterans still active in those teams. Any die-hard fan of cricket can appreciate watching old teams by doing what is described in the following. It features matches and content from all over the world during the 1990s. This indicates that all of the competitions are very easy to participate in.

You should organise your field according to your own beliefs. Cricket is a sport that can, without a doubt, put your abilities to the test in a variety of different ways. As a result, we have to arrange the field players in partitions, throw the ball in a variety of methods, and do even more. In Cricket 19 Apk Full Version, the fielders have their very own formation all set up and ready to go. Despite this, we always have the option to create a unique version of our fielders on our own during the match. In addition to this, we have the option of storing them away for potential usage in matches or games in the future.

Acquire or seize ownership of a number of different cricketers whose licences are totally optional. In particular, real life gamers are those who hold a licence. They have constructed their model to seem exactly like its counterpart in real life. Their unadulterated voices come from from them, as did their original characters as well. In addition, Cricket 19 Apk No Verification is a reliable game that can be played on our devices. As a result, many games can give the impression of being incompatible with our handsets. On the other hand, this kind of sporting game works out extremely well. It is compatible with an extremely diverse array of handheld device types.

Features of Cricket 19 Mobile Apk

Find below the Cricket 19 Mobile Apk characteristics that all gamers will find more pleasurable as a result of their inclusion in this game.


Cricket is the kind of game that almost everyone, at any time, would enjoy playing. On the other hand, it’s possible that most cricket fans aren’t interested in the other cricket games. Because of this, we now have access to the Cricket 19 APK for Android. It is currently the most realistic version of the game that can be played.

Now, play your favourite sport game with all of your heart whenever you get the chance. Because it may be accessed through our handheld device in a mobile setting, the experience is really satisfying. Additionally, its compatibility works with the vast majority of phone devices. Additionally, its fundamental controls are quite user-friendly and comfy to work with. Because of this, we are able to appreciate it to its fullest extent at any time or location.


The most recent developments in cricket will be discussed and played out in this cricket match. As a result of this thing, all of the most recent teams can be found here. In addition to that, the newly recruited members of the team are also present here. Having said that, this does not necessarily imply that the older ones can no longer be accessed.

Additionally, we are able to enjoy them in a variety of additional unique gameplay styles. Additionally, both the old and new flags of each separate team can be purchased here. There is no question that several teams have, over the course of their cricket careers, altered their uniforms. Because of this, each of these unique costumes can be obtained using the Cricket 19 Apk Download.


In regard to the animations and physics that are present here. They are updated so that they are compatible with the most recent gaming. Through Cricket 19 Apk Mobile, we are able to view some truly remarkable exchanges from real life.

In addition to that, the graphics and images are of the highest possible quality. Because of this, we can now proudly declare that we have a cricket game that is played with a lot of emotion. In addition to this, we have an incredible level of detail and beauty in the surrounding surroundings. The most recent animations involve catching the ball, fielding it, tossing it, and other related activities.


Additionally, there is a career mode in the game, which provides players with a wide variety of unique and fascinating options to play the game. In order to take part in a global tournament, you will need to assemble a specialised squad made up of individuals who have been chosen for their particular skills. These individuals are going to present a lot of competition for the available positions on the national squad.

You have the option of creating a character of your own and then using that character in the game’s career mode if you want the experience of playing the game to be more fun, fascinating, and engaging for you personally.

This game makes use of modern artificial intelligence that is modelled after the real world in order to make the gameplay feel more realistic and to enhance the overall aesthetic quality of the game. Teams and players who are extremely well known include: This competition involves all of the most well-known teams and players from each of those teams in order to increase the level of indulgence that is experienced by the participants.


Develop your cricket abilities to the fullest extent of their ability. The level of detail in the gameplay is definitely higher here. During such time we have a variety of options for throwing the ball and making shots. The act of throwing a ball involves a variety of other processes as well.

Each everyone of us earns one metre for our own particular throw of the ball. Which completely modifies the pace as well as the position of the toss. As a direct result of this, you have access to more than 37 different photos here. If you execute these shots well, it will be possible for you to rack up a large number of runs.


This most recent issue features the most recent information and content. The options for competitions and championships in this location are extremely diverse. In particular, this fully encompasses IPL, T20, ODI, One Day International, and additional types of matches.

These matches each have their own individual regulations that must be followed. Regardless of this, it determines the total number of balls and overs played in a match. Every single one of these gaming matchups is filled with hard events and activities.

The Advantages of Cricket 19 Mod Apk Download For Android

  • Put together a cricket team of your very own. that you have complete control for personalising exactly as you want it. Put them to use in battle and you will emerge victorious in all of the competitions. Alterations can also be made to the uniforms of each squad, including both the flags and the costumes. In addition to that, our crew has the ability to alter their outward presentation.
  • There are opportunities for more than 54 different teams. Players from both the past and the present are definitely available in it. Its variation section offers players the opportunity to select any team version they like. It is entirely due to the fact that all teams went through some roster turnover throughout the course of the years.
  • Really convenient and user-friendly controls for the cricket experience. Which you will have in your possession in no time at all.
  • The game of cricket provides an entertaining and stimulating experience. Where the tides of a match can be turned back at any time. Put up your best effort across all of the trick shots that are accessible here.
  • Excellent standards for the tossing of the ball. This determines the speed at which you throw the ball as well as its alignment.

How To Download Cricket 19 Lite Apk Download For Android

Acquire the most recent version of the Cricket game for yourself. if you consider yourself an avid follower of cricket. Then it is safe to assume that you have always desired to be able to play cricket everywhere. As a result, we now get the most authentic experience of cricket. which we are able to play on our mobile devices.

  1. The.apk file can be downloaded by following the URL provided below.
  2. Simply hover your mouse over the download link provided down below.
  3. When you click on that button, you will be taken to a different website.
  4. We will be able to obtain the link to download the file for this game by going to that location.
  5. subsequently to obtaining the APK file. Ensure that you install it properly by following the appropriate steps.
  6. Give it the space and time it needs to install itself on your phone before interfering.
  7. Once the installation has been completed. You can examine the game file by going through the menu on the main screen of your phone.
  8. Enjoy some cricket by starting the appropriate game from that location.

Additional Information of Cricket 19 400MB Download

NameCricket 19 APK
Size408 MB
DeveloperBig Ant Studios
RelatedReal Cricket 22 Apk
Cricket 19 Download For Android
Download Now


The intensity of the feeling of playing cricket is a truly fascinating aspect of the game. The game of cricket is without a doubt one of the most well-liked aspects of sports in general. As a result, being able to enjoy it on our handset is a truly satisfying experience. This particular gameplay offers all a cricket lover could wish for and more. This iteration is the finest one for it, considering that it is already a truly fantastic sport.

In addition, we get the chance to compete against both new and established teams here. which, for Nostalgia, features both its original members and its more recent recruits. The visuals in the game are of a fairly high quality for the entirety of the gameplay. Which gives the impression that the game is actually taking place in the real world.


Can I Play Cricket 19 Apk on Android?

Yes, this Cricket Apk is available on Android mobile because the game is compatible with all devices. However, the device needs to meet the minimum specifications in order to avoid experiencing any lag while playing the game. Those who are interested in using this Android phone should have a minimum of 4 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), free internal space of up to 6 gigabytes, the most recent CPU, and many other things.

How exactly can one improve their performance in the gameplay of this instalment?

It comes with a variety of playable modes to choose from. Where we can pick up some pointers and also get some practise to improve our talents. Every conceivable hint and strategy is there for us to study and put into practise. There is no doubt that this game has all the tricky shots. This can teach us a thing or two about the coach mode.

How can I gain access to the other championships?

By completing the lesson, you will be able to unlock some of the championships. In addition, completing 5 matches and victorious completion of those matches will unlock more ones. Which covers IPLS, One days, Half day, as well as additional options.

Does the IPL feature appear in Cricket 19 APK?

The Cricket 19 video game gives you the opportunity to compete in Indian Premier League tournaments, in which you'll represent your preferred IPL team. In addition to that, you have the ability to select your preferred players for the roles they will play on your squad.

Can I play Cricket 19 Apk Offline?

You can play the cricket game offline because it enables offline gameplay, but the only mode you have access to is the Quick match option, in which you can compete against either the computer or the artificial intelligence. You have the ability to choose the level of difficulty, the venue of the match, both teams, the number of overs, the day, and many other options according to their preferences.

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