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Now College Brawl Mod Apk Full Game Download is available for Android, iOS & PC. You can play and win this game by downloading College Brawl Mod Apk Unlimited Ki, Health, God Mode and One Hit Kill on Android and iOS. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can Download and install it on Android so please stay with us till the end.

College Brawl Apk Full Game

About College Brawl Apk

The action mobile game College Brawl is a two-dimensional beat ’em up in which the player assumes the role of Ken, a troubled college student. When he gets to class one day, a friend of his tells him that he has been accosted by a gang and that they have taken his backpack as a result of the attack. As a direct consequence of this, Ken is more than determined to take immediate action and start delivering the goods to the all-female gang as soon as possible.

When I say “immediately,” I really mean it. You won’t even have time to process this information before you’ll be besieged by Red Katz Gang members. It is recommended that you see the store page in order to acquire a grasp of the controls. Because there is no way to communicate with you or show you that they are present, you will be mercilessly assaulted as you fumble around trying to figure out how to defend yourself.

You will be playing the game in the role of Ken, an unafraid college student who has an insatiable hunger for information. A few days ago, your close friends had their possessions taken from them by a criminal organisation known as the Red Kat Gang. Please assist them immediately in retrieving their items.

What are the odds of you being able to accomplish that task? Every stage is longer than the one before it, and the boss battles are extremely difficult. The graphics in this game have a pixelated appearance. The gameplay is more enjoyable when you win fights, keep your health in check, and collect the awards that are earned from those fights.

College Brawl Apk Latest Version download

Story of College Brawl Full Game Apk

Story Start with 2 Characters Ken and Anko. Ken and Anko is main character can f this game and all game based on those characters.


Your character is Ken, a student at a local university. One day, they attacked your companions and stole the things that they had with them. Your duty now is to retrieve them as quickly as possible.

The adventure is broken up into five phases, each with their own challenging boss. The extras mode includes a total of six photos and twenty-six different sex animations. After defeating the foe, you have the option of either gaining health points or engaging in sexual activity in order to restore your KI. Utilizing your HP points to heal your health is an option.


You play the part of Anko, the younger sister of Ken, the main character. One of the dangerous members of the gang has orchestrated the production of X-rated videos. Your classmates have been assaulted while you were out of the room. What steps can you take to ensure their survival?

There are a total of three stages and four bosses throughout her narrative. In the extras mode, there are ten different sex animations, as well as five different photos of Ako.

College Brawl Mod Apk Unlimited Ki

Gameplay of College Brawl Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

As you go through the game and beat adversaries, they will occasionally drop food items. Different foods, such as sushi, apples, and chicken, each have their own unique impact on one’s HP. Apples additionally provide an additional 2 HP and KI power, whereas sushi just provides 1 HP.

If Anko takes three hits in a very short amount of time, she will be rendered unconscious and the adversary will be able to engage in sexual activity with her. Repeatedly pressing Left or Right (or the Revive button on Android) can bring her back from the knockout stage when she was sleeping.

Play the part of Ken, a student at the university. After the Red Kat Gang attacked your pals and stole everything they owned, it is now up to you to devise a plan to rescue them and bring back their stuff.

The game consists of five stages, each containing a different boss character, as well as 26 ABC animations and six graphics that complement the scenarios. The more health points your character recovers after dealing damage to an opponent, the more experience points (KI) they will get. Make advantage of your HP points to replenish your health.

College Brawl Mod Apk Unlimited Health (HP)

How To Play College Brawl iOS and Android

There is no need for you to be concerned about the Key bindings at this time. You jump with the up arrow key (S), attack with D, and unleash your special move with A. Additionally, Ken is equipped with thirty different healing supplies that can be used at any time by hitting the E button.

If you have at least five healing items and are about to lose all of your health, pressing R will immediately throw you back into the fight if you do it in time. Now, V, V is still a puzzle to be solved.

The webpage for the store refers to it as “HP Points,” yet it appears that clicking the key will not accomplish anything. The F key is the last one on your keyboard. This allows you to sexually abuse any defeated foe and refills a portion of your KI metre, which is used for special attacks. Additionally, this allows you to regain a portion of your health.

College Brawl Apk Full Version

Features of College Brawl Mod Apk Unlimited Health and Money

There are many features available in this game and you can enjoy this game if you play so here the all following features available in College Brawl.

Unique Background Animation

An adversary can be confronted at any time and in any location. At the very least, Ken couldn’t care less if there are spectators looking on. You can find quite a few different backdrop animations that are only available from NPC characters, which are otherwise easy to ignore. If they are with their other girlfriends, they might be shocked, they might cheer you on, or they might even follow your lead.

The presence of this individual bestows a great deal of vitality upon the world. You will not be attacked while the sex animation is playing, but as soon as it is through, you should raise your hands and prepare for combat once more. Because your attackers never stop regenerating, it is highly possible that you will be cornered by the time you have completed the game.

Adult School Game l

Single Play

You won’t be able to vary or strategize this attack in any way, so you’ll just have to keep pressing the D key and cross your fingers that it works. In order to avoid being overwhelmed by the never-ending legion of foes, you will need to utilise the special power that allows you to destroy any adversary that is in close proximity to you on occasion.

The use of jump buttons is limited to situations in which there is only one boss to fight. Due to the fact that it poses a very high risk, you are not going to utilise it unless there is no other option. Jumping inflicts a small amount of damage on foes that you hurl yourself at, but that damage is negligible, and the animation for jumping takes up too much time without allowing you to break out of it.

Because of this, the opponent sustains only minor damage, and you, in turn, suffer defeat until you are able to restore control of your character.

Conflict in the C-Suite

Because of this, engaging in the behaviour is fairly risky for you. In the game, the primary reason you want to have sex is to refill the KI metre associated with the skill you are now utilising. Because you can only strike what is directly in front of you, if you ever find yourself surrounded by enemies, you will either have to take the damage yourself or give up the KI that you’ve just gained.

Your adversaries have a wider scope of influence than you do. Even in one-on-one battle, there is no method to protect oneself from taking damage because their strikes have a greater range and there is no wind-up period for them. This game’s combat is missing certain enjoyable components, including the ones I just listed, which is a shame.

It doesn’t make much sense not to stroll right past all of the enemies, absorbing the damage you would have taken regardless, and then going straight into the fight against the boss.

Various Steps and Grades

There are a total of five stages, and each one culminates in a fight against a boss. Fighting them can range from being exciting to quite frustrating depending on your perspective. The game is primarily the latter until late in the game when it attempts to boost the difficulty in ways that are not really impressive.

If you provide sufficient damage to the boss in a relatively short amount of time, it is feasible to defeat them. You can then make the most of this chance to have your way with them by taking advantage of it. This is the only time that the sex mechanic will actually work for you, as it will both deal harm to their health and replace a portion of your SP metre.

After you have vanquished a boss, you will be treated to a computer-generated sequence that is unique to that boss. The rest of the repetitive action on the stage is really spiced up by these bouts, despite the fact that they are a bit of a mixed bag themselves.

Establish a New High Score

The concept of having sex can also function as a point system for high scores. This does not do a good job of serving that function. When you die, not only will the adversaries continue to spawn indefinitely, but your score will also not be reset. Patience is absolutely necessary to succeed in this scoring system because you have to start over on the same screen each time with a full health bar and 30 healing supplies.

The sexual pixel animations on this website aren’t half terrible. There are a great deal of them to look at, and the quality of the experience is satisfactory. Because new foes appear so quickly, the idea of actually carrying it out is rendered moot because you cannot afford to waste any time or you will risk losing even more resources to careless hits.

This is because every foe has a greater range than you do. You will be able to view all of the animations and CGs once the game has been completed thanks to the Extras mode, which can be accessed from the main menu after the game has been completed.

Extras Mode

In the Extras mode, you will have the ability to alter the background, speed up or slow down the sexual animations, and ejaculate whenever you choose. The sheer quantity of them, combined with the high quality of each individual one, makes this College Brawl’s most appealing feature. It’s possible that you’ll also notice that not all of the animations and scenes in that area have been unlocked yet.

This is due to the fact that completing the main game will also unlock an alternative story mode consisting of four stages for you to play through. You won’t be playing as Ken anymore, but rather the female gym instructor Anko when you play it. Because someone is willing to pay a good amount for a sex tape with her in it, every male in town is trying to seize the prize in any way that they can. You, the sexual offender, are now playing the role of the victim in this mode, which presents a welcome shift in perspective.

How To Download College Brawl Mod Apk iOS and Android

  1. Downloading the most recent version of College Brawl Mod Apk is as easy as hitting the Download Button, which can be found further down on this page.
  2. There is a 20-second delay between clicking the Download Button and seeing the Download Now Button.
  3. Following the Download Now button activation, the next screen will display the College Brawl Mod Apk Mediafire Link.
  4. Android Sequrity’s Unknown Source option must be enabled, and the previous version of the app must be uninstalled.
  5. The most up-to-date version of Mod Apk can be found in the Downloads folder of your file manager.
  6. Simply download the APK and start playing!

Requirements And Additional Information

NameCollege Brawl Apk
PlatfromAndroid and PC
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College Brawl Mod Apk Download
Download Now ,


This mode is the product of a significant amount of labour put in by the developers. They did not merely provide us with more levels featuring a new character; rather, they made significant alterations to the original game. One advantage is that your adversaries are less likely to desire to beat you until you are incoherent.

In contrast to the standard campaign, enemies will now attempt to grapple you at close range, giving you the advantage in terms of range when engaging in combat. In addition, when they are defeated, they leave behind healing goods, which makes the never-ending respawns somewhat more palatable.

After wasting time with the sex animations in the original game, the only benefit you received was a minute increase in the size of your SP metre. In addition, there was no means to acquire any further objects that could heal. You will now not only have a consistent supply of materials at your disposal. But you will also earn KI for gathering those resources without having to go through the animations that Ken was had to do.

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