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Now Code T Apk by NetEase Game Download is available for Android & iOS. You can play Code T Cyberpunk Mobile Apk on Android & iOS Which is developed by NetEase Games. NetEase is responsible for developing the cyberpunk Mobile game known as Code: T. The setting of the game is a hazardous and disorderly city in the not too distant future.

You take on the role of a bounty hunter while also attempting to explore the globe and attract other players. Contains aspects of simulation games as well. Today we are going to cover all about game and how you can play Code T Beta Apk on mobile so please stay with us till the end.

Code T Beta Apk
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Code T Cyberpunk Mobile Apk Download
NetEase Code T Apk Download

About Code T Apk (Theseus)

Messiah, Netease’s in-house game engine, was responsible for the development of the cyberpunk world game Code: T. Within the game’s tumultuous and perilous future metropolis, players take on the role of bounty hunters, controlling hunter businesses, hiring elites from all walks of life, roaming among the city’s primary forces, continually trying to enhance their own influence, and ultimately becoming a legend!

NetEase has recently made a number of announcements regarding new projects and updates for their various gaming products. Some of these announcements include Onmyoji and Project: Ragnarok, amongst many others.

Code T, also known by its official English name, Theseus, is a game with a cyberpunk aesthetic that is reportedly in the process of being developed for mobile devices. Of these, it is the one that stood out the most, despite having the fewest details. According to NetEase, Code T is a simulation game in which darkness and criminal activity are concealed beneath the flashing neon lights of various futuristic environments. The players will take on the role of bounty hunters as they attempt to negotiate their way through a variety of factions on their route to becoming “legends.”

Gameplay of Code T Apk (Cyberpunk Mobile Apk)

In the case of Code: T, on the other hand, the striking similarities to another game, specifically Cyberpunk 2077, stand out as particularly peculiar. There is little doubt in my opinion that NetEase is just as enthusiastic as the rest of us for CD Projekt Red’s newest offering, based on some of the specific images, as well as the way that the game’s title appears at the end of the teaser.

Even though the only thing we have to rely on right now is a short teaser, we get a good sense of the game’s environment and the numerous peculiar characters that inhabit it. It will be interesting to see how this thing actually plays, but considering that the announcement has only just arrived, I highly doubt that we will be able to play Code: T any time in the near future.

The announcement was made during NetEase’s 520 conference, which also featured the introduction of the forthcoming Norse mythology-inspired product known as Project Ragnarok. The reveal took place. Both games sound like they have a lot of potential, but I’m hoping that future gameplay and trailers for Code: T will be able to showcase the game’s unique sense of style and what specifically differentiates it from the games that are most obviously its influences.

Features of Code T Mod Apk

Messiah, from NetEase, is the one responsible for developing the game Code T. Because it will be powered by NetEase’s own own engine, this is going to be the pinnacle of gaming experience.


If we are talking about the visuals of the game, then we can say that the visuals of this game are incredible in addition to having gorgeous graphics. The setting of this game will be a gloomy night, yet despite the darkness, you will see glowing neon lights throughout the game. The neon lights cause the entire city to become illuminated.

This video game will take place in the future, namely in the year 2063, and its plot will revolve around that year. In the year 2063, technological development has advanced at an exponential rate, and the cities of that era have become so advanced that they are also known as Cyber Cities.

Modern World

Prostheses have mostly taken the role of human organs in this modern world. The utilisation of these cutting-edge and potent prosthesis results in a sizeable boost in strength. In addition to that, it also encompasses the insertion of chips and mechanical prostheses. The human body and the prostheses that are attached to it collaborate to create a weapon that is extremely effective and whose energy is similar to that of a robot.

The metropolis is stunning to behold, but on the other side, it poses a significant threat because to the neon lights that illuminate it. You will get the opportunity to watch chaotic bounty hunters in the game Code T. They are always prepared to battle and are capable of completing any task that is assigned to them.

Hacking is the method that bounty hunters employ to accomplish all of their goals, including solving any difficulty that may arise, tracking surveillance, quickly hunting the target that has been assigned to them, committing theft, and engaging in risky business transactions.

Powerfull Enemies

The large financial institutions constitute the primary adversary of bounty hunters. They engage in combat with them and attempt to seize their resources. People in this cyber city form their own teams of bounty hunters and work to improve them so that they are ready to deploy them whenever they are required to do so.


The following is a brief overview of the four characters that can currently be found on the Chinese pre-registration website. The first two characters are bounty hunters, and the remaining characters are identified as informants. I’m going to guess that these are the different character kinds, or more accurately, the classes, that are available in Code T.

Again, there is no specific information regarding the gameplay that has been supplied by NetEase, and it is likely going to be several months before anything definite emerges. Keep an eye out for further developments! This has absolutely nothing to do with Cyberpunk 2077 in any way.

Code T Apk Download

The Code T Apk Download project is now in the production stage; nevertheless, pre-registration for this game has already begun despite the fact that there has been no official word regarding when the game will be released.

On TAP TAP, you will have the option to pre-register for this game. In order for you to have a head start when the game’s beta version finally becomes available to the public.

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How To Download Code T Beta Apk For Android & iOS

  1. You can download the Code T Beta Apk by clicking on the Download Button that is located further down on this page.
  2. After that, you will need to wait for twenty seconds for the download link to be generated.
  3. Your download link will be ready in 20 seconds, and you’ll be able to play the Code T Cyberpunk Apk Game on both Android and iOS mobile devices now.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameCode T (Theseus)
DeveloperNetEase Games
PlatfromAndroid & iOS
GenreRPC, Action Adventure
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Code T Apk Download
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