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New One Piece game Code Departure Apk Download is available for Android & iOS Mobile. Code Departure One Piece Apk is new RPG game on mobile in the High graphics gameplay quality. Today we are going to cover all about this game in this post so please stay with us till the end.

About Code Departure One Piece (代号:伙伴)

(代号:伙伴) “Code: Departure” Genuine One Piece Adventure Action Mobile Game! Get ready to battle alongside your allies and set sail!

Original animation reproduction, extremely shocking tough action experience, super high degree of freedom open partner creation, vast multi-person team formation, and real Toei animation licence A copy, a range of interactive partners, and sailing ships deliver gamers an experience that is unparalleled in its scope.

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Code Departure One Piece apk download

“I am the man who want to reign as King of Navigation!” – Authentic voice actors with official permission from the original cast, 3D replication of the storyline from the original animation “There are clouds flying in the sky, pink snow is falling on Magnetic Drum Island, and the yellow sand from Alabasta is all over the sky.

” The actors in the scenario have been re-engraved in a very clever way, and the world of sailing is right there in the palm of your hand. The ocean may be dangerous, but it also has a lot of unexpected things to offer. Do you want to obtain the infamous treasure? Then you should go locate it! People will never cease dreaming as long as we continue to pursue ambitious objectives.

“The scar on the back is the swordsman’s greatest source of embarrassment!” – Dozens of combo combinations, powerful core punches, and blows that feel like they pack a punch Unique combat combinations, as well as free and entertaining combos. Rubber -> Giant Rocket Launcher -> Three Swords Flow -> 108 Troubled Phoenix…

The capability of the partner’s manoeuvres, meticulously reconstructed and demonstrated with originality! Let each action demonstrate the extent to which the operation can be pushed, whether it be a dash, a counterattack, explosive gas, profound significance, or rich feedback on an attack. Come on, take care of those that are standing in your way!

“I’m going to be a valiant warrior on the high seas!”


Devil Fruit ability restored, open-ended partner development.

“Luffy’s second and third gears are switched, the Empress releases the arrow of captives to petrify the opponent, and the dark fog of Blackbeard destroys the sky and destroys the earth…” “Luffy’s second and third gears are switched,” “The Empress releases the arrow of captives to petrify the opponent,” and “The dark fog of The infamous Six Forms and Devil Fruits are both featured in this package. Open talent, will-based random attribute generation, and a variety of play styles. For the sake of your own independence and your own blood, for the sake of your relationships and your dreams, allow yourself to grow stronger.

“Let’s accompany you, that’s the dream of the so-called One Piece!” [Original: “Let’s accompany you!] – Conquer epic battles together as a team by working together strategically and winning fights in tandem.

To begin, assemble all of your travelling friends! Without a regiment, it seems impossible to rise to the position of pirate king. Gather three to five close pals around you, and prepare to get your back broken by your life. In the original cartoon, astute collocation, smart deployment tactics, and collaborative victory over the epic conflict all contributed to the victory. The greatest prize of a maritime journey is a partner who has been at your side through every perilous moment, as well as a fight that never gives up!

“If the wind and the water are your adversaries, you had better sail!” Bring your crew with you, and get ready for some fishing, cooking, adventure, and treasure hunting at sea!

Zorro was sunning himself on the deck while Nami was making plans for this time in the sailing room. What should we make of Joba? Perhaps he was out fishing with Liebu; after all, Chef Sanji was patiently waiting in the kitchen to prepare a delectable meal for them. This ship is as brilliant as the sun, and the flag is something that we have a duty to defend with our life as it sails through thousands of miles of treacherous waters.

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