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Now Carrion Apk OBB Download is available for Android & iOS Mobile. You can play Carrion Mobile Apk on Android without any problem. Today we are going to cover all about Carrion Mod Apk features and how you can play this game on Android & iOS. So please stay with us till the end.

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About Carrion Apk

The Carrion Apk has been created to have terrifying sequences that are really immersive. It enables you to enjoy the gameplay without having to hold your breath the entire time. Because you will control a character with horrifying characteristics, the game’s tone will shift to one of reverse horror.

You are the one who will have frightening characteristics! You ought to make use of them in order to terrify your adversaries and go away from jail.

Even better, the Carrion Game APK comes with a tonne of different features. Your attackers are going to be armed with lethal weapons, such as machine guns and flamethrowers. As a result, you will need to come up with innovative strategies to defeat your crafty adversaries!

The Carrion Mobile is a very responsive mobile device that is also quite lightweight (16.7MB). It has been customised to operate with the vast majority of smartphones running Android 5.0 or later. As a result, you do not anticipate experiencing any lag or buffering issues.

Gameplay of Carrion For Android

The user experience (UX) of the free game Carrion is really good, which ensures that the gameplay will be engaging. It begins with a scene in which you are being taken to jail against your will. You are fortunate in that you have the ability to liberate yourself from their hold and initiate the process of escaping from them.

All that is required of you is to investigate the surrounding area and defeat the monsters you encounter. In this scenario, you will take on the role of the chaser! You have the ability to hunt down your captors and eliminate them.

The setting, on the other hand, is somewhat gloomy and unsettling, which presents a challenge. The good news is that from this point forward, you won’t be anything more than an amorphous form.

As a result, you will be able to shift form and squeeze into confined areas. You can also destroy objects and kill enemies by breaking them with your tentacles. In addition, the Carrion game provides you with a strong flashlight that will keep you safe if you are in a location with low lighting.

Your adversaries will run away in terror at the sight of your mutable nature, leaving themselves open to your assaults. In addition, you have the ability to kill your foes by making use of the setting. For instance, you may conceal yourself in shadowy locations and surprise your enemies as they draw near.

Features of Carrion Mobile APK

  • An Intricate Map. The complex geography complements the creepy atmosphere of this role-playing game. You will need to make use of it in order to find your way around the complex research centre that is laid out like a maze.
  • A Monster Full of Energy You will take control of a shapeless creature with sensitive tentacles in this game. You can utilise them to kill adversaries and travel through tight spaces. As you continue to kill people and evolve, the tentacles will get more powerful.
  • Horror-Defense Game. Your adversaries are going to fight back! As a result, you can anticipate gameplay that is both exhilarating and full of exciting events.
  • Many Levels. The game is split up into multiple levels, each with their own unique set of obstacles. You will never become bored if you do things this way! Explore hitherto unknown regions, and eliminate your foes with flair.
  • Exciting Graphics in Two Dimensions The graphics in this game are both stunning and engaging, despite just being in two dimensions. As you make your way through the game, the setting will gradually become more intricate. In addition to that, it features an original music that will keep you captivated for a good long while!
  • Exceptionally Simple and Straightforward User Interface. The user interface of the game is quite simple and straightforward, making it simple to pick up and play the game. You have complete control over your character and may execute devastating attacks on your foes.

A Secret Location for Scientific Investigation

The action of this game takes place in a subterranean research facility populated by a large number of researchers and scientists. While we do our research on you, you will be kept confined in a cage the entire time. After you have successfully broken free, you will begin your trip to safety.

You are going to put your abilities to use in order to eliminate the researchers and scientists. You take on the role of the chaser in this game! Because of this, you are the one who decides the course of your life.

Evolve to Become Scarier!

A unique and intriguing evolution system may be found in the Carrion game. As you make progress, you will unlock the ability to transform into a form that is significantly more powerful. This will make you an even more frightening and dangerous opponent.

In addition to that, you have the ability to acquire new skills. As a result, you will be able to take on problems that are much more difficult. You will deteriorate into a savage! Make your way through the underground complex while spreading dread and mayhem. Burn anything that gets in your way by destroying metal and wooden doors and setting fire to anything else.

Utilize Tactics, and Win Against Puzzles!

The game also has puzzles that are both entertaining and difficult to solve. To prevail over them, you will need to make use of both your intelligence and your skills. You take on the role of the dangerous animal in this game! As a result, the most effective tactic for overcoming challenges is to make use of one’s brains and cunning.

Always keep in mind that your enemies are using formidable weapons throughout the conflict. You should try to avoid confrontation and instead kill them in a stealthy manner.

Carrion MOD Apk Features

This updated version of the game has all of its features accessible right out of the box. The following are some of the advantages of using it:

  • Unbounded Sums of Money If you use the tweaked version, you will have access to an infinite amount of money. Because of this, you will have complete freedom to acquire any and all goods available in the game.
  • There is no need to take root. This MOD, in contrast to others, does not call for access to the root account. As a result of this, it is compatible with a greater variety of other devices.
  • Without Limits to Your Health You will also have an infinite amount of health, which will make it much simpler for you to play the game.
  • Complete Unlock of All Levels You will be able to access every level in the game. This means that you can play the game at your own leisure as you make your way through it!
  • No Ads. This MOD version does not include any advertisements either. Your time spent gaming will become more fun as a result of this!
  • All Flaws Have Been Fixed At long last, every glitch in the game has been ironed out. You will now have a gaming experience that is uninterrupted and devoid of buffering.

Carrion iOS Mobile

Your objective is to guide your slime monster through the dungeons while hacking and stabbing anything that stands in your path. It’s a horror game with the tables turned, and the controls are straightforward and easy to understand. Your monster should be evolved to the point where it can destroy wooden doors as well as steel and iron ones.

There has not been very much work done in the subgenre of horror known as reverse horror. If you’re a lover of scary movies and books, you’ve probably seen and played your fair share of games that are dark, disturbing, and bloody. On the other hand, it’s not such a bad thing to play the role of the villain once in a while. The incredible gameplay and captivating plotline of Carrion iOS demonstrate the app’s value as the player progresses through the game.

It has developed into a tentacle slime monster and possesses everything that you could possibly imagine. Even the physics and the logic behind the game are brilliantly implemented, since the player controls a slime that can pass through very small openings. The screams of your adversaries are guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine, so don’t get too comfortable and get hunting!

Carrion APK OBB Download 2022

In order to download this software, the security settings of your device must be adjusted to allow installation from unknown sources. Unknown Sources can be enabled in Android versions 6.0 and higher by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and checking the box.

After that, you will search for a third party that provides a download link for the game. When you click on the link, the download of the Carrion OBB files will start automatically.

When it is finished downloading, all you have to do to install it is click the icon on your desktop. Following that, the game will be downloaded into your Android device!

How To Download Carrion Apk OBB For Android

Using this game as a means to break free from the confines of your mental prison and release the beast within you. The excellent gameplay, the understated aesthetics, and the gruesome tale all give the impression that the game will be really entertaining.

You absolutely need to play this game if you consider yourself a fan of horror video games, as it is an absolute requirement. Simply by following the link that has been provided below, you will be able to download the game. If you are already familiar with the steps involved in the download, you can simply move on to the following section. If you are not familiar with this form of installation, however, you should follow the procedures that are described below.

  1. Before you begin downloading the game, check that you have a connection to the internet that is reliable.
  2. Simply follow the link that is provided above, and then wait for the download to begin.
  3. Holding down a click on your browser can reveal previously concealed security settings.
  4. You also have the option to go to the settings menu if you want to change the app’s settings.
  5. To allow installation from the “browser-name” source, click the “Allow installation from” button.
  6. Installing the game requires you to return to the download option.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameCarrion Mobile
DeveloperDevolver Digital
PlatfromAndroid & iOS
GenreHorror Game
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Carrion For Android
Download Now ,


The Carrion game is a horror-themed defensive game that includes a variety of enticing add-ons and extras. In order to prevail over your foes, you will need to make use of both your intelligence and your cunning.

In addition to this, the game has interactive monsters and a detailed map. Both the download and the gameplay are completely free. On the other hand, players can spend their own money to get certain items within the game.

The game is split up into multiple levels, each with their own unique set of obstacles. You will never become bored if you do things this way! Explore hitherto unknown regions, and eliminate your foes with flair.


Is It Possible To Download Carrion For iOS?

There is no difference between the two. Downloading and playing the game is possible on every platform outside Windows and Mac computers, including Android and iOS devices. The one and only difference is that in order to play the game on an iOS device, you will need to download it from this particular website. The URL to access it on an iOS device can be found above.

Is It Dangerous To Download Carrion APK For Android?

When you download games from other websites, it is highly likely that they will be infected with malicious software and viruses. However, our website is thoroughly scanned for any malware or defects, and the file that may be downloaded from the link that was supplied earlier is absolutely risk-free to use.

How to Update Carrion Apk in Latest Version?

You will need to update the app from the location where you obtained the game because you are not downloading it from the Google Play Store. This website would have regular updates, and any new versions of the app would be made available on this website as soon as they become available. You need only keep checking back on this website to see if the version has been updated.

Can I Download Carrion For PC?

There are two different approaches that can be taken when installing a PC. To begin, visit the web store and look for an Android emulator. Once you have one, download the app you want to use and then run it on the emulator. Second, you can obtain the Carrion APK file for your own computer by downloading it directly from this page.

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