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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Apk is a most popular game of year 1993. Many people still like to play it today. In this post I am going to tell you, How to play Cadillacs and Dinosaurs on PC and we also tell you How to Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs for Android. Many things you need to know about this game. So stay with us till the end.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Apk

A 1993 Capcom arcade game called Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Sometimes known as the Mustapha game, was released in Japan as Cadillacs Kyouryuu Shinseiki. This is Japanese Language Name of this game キャディラックス 恐竜新世紀, Kyadirakkusu Kyōryū SShinseiki which after translation we see that name is Cadillacs Dinosaur New Century.

The game story Based on the Xenozoic Tales comic book series, it is a side-scrolling beat ’em up. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, a series of animated shorts produced by Hanna-Barbera that aired in 1987. That was used as a marketing tie-in to the game that was published in the same year. An unreleased version of the Capcom Power System Changer was under development.

Mustapha Game Story

In the 26th century, a gang known as the Black Marketeers began hunting dinosaurs for some unknown cause. Overhunting has caused the dinosaurs to become angry, and they are now assaulting villages and people. Four heroes: Jack the mechanic, Hannah the diplomat, Mustapha the Cairo, and Mess O’Bradovich the adventurer have banded up to oppose the Black Marketeers.

The protagonists travel to the “City in the Sea” where they assume the whole hunting network is based. At the top of a skyscraper, they fight with Vice Terhune. When attacked, Vice tells them of Butcher, who was hunting in the northern woods. Following the information, they encounter more dead dinosaurs before arriving at and destroying the Butcher.

Meanwhile, another well-known hunting network member, Hogg, discovers that Jack is involved in the swamp forest and takes over his garage. The heroes journey into the desert of death and suddenly the automobile is followed by Hogg on his cruiser motorcycle. The criminals have seized control of the garage after fighting Hogg. When they arrive, they evict the gangsters from the garage, then face and defeat Slice, who is the leader of the gang.

Interesting Part of Story

When they get a message from an old villager, the dinosaurs exhibit bizarre behaviour and plead for aid. In response to the cry, the heroes arrive in the village where they see dinosaurs on the attack and the buildings are on fire. They go further and meet the old villager again, who tells them about the entire network. In the middle of his storey, he is killed by Morgan, who assaults the group as well. During the fight, Morgan rants about how powerful “doctor” transform is, calling it Morgue. They know now that a doctor is attempting to generate new lifeforms.

Moving ahead, the heroes encounter a dinosaur trying to crush them at the coal mine and a jungled area. Eventually, the group encounters Tyrog, a tentacled creature that attaches itself to the gangsters’ bodies as a horrific dinosaur-human hybrid. All the evidence is pointing towards Dr. Simon Fessenden being the ringleader of the problem.

The crew approaches his hideout, which is in the “Sea City”. After finding the computer lab, the heroes encounter the doctor on the computer screen who declares himself the creator of a new planet. Below the bio-lab lies a cave, which eventually leads to Fessenden’s lab. He sees the squad, becomes Morgue-like, but is beaten. As the serum transforms Fessenden into a three-headed monstrosity, the heroes manage to destroy him.

The defeat by Fessenden causes the entire facility to blow up. As the laboratory explodes, the heroes rush for their lives, but Hannah collapses and Jack stays to save her. Only Mustapha and Mess survive the laboratory’s destruction. As they are walking back to their homes, Jack and Hannah are at the back of the automobile. Everyone returns home.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Apk Android Gameplay

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Apk Multiplayer Gameplay

You will see Single Play Mode and Multiplayer Mode. In the Single Play Mode you need to complete all stages alone. In the Multiplayer Mode you can complete all stages with friends. 4 Players can play Multiplayer Mode together and complete all stages easily.

The game is similar to Capcom’s other 2D punch-’em-up fighter, Final Fight. One of the objectives of the excavation is to discover the remains of 20th-century New York City, which have been buried underwater following a major earthquake. One of the many possible reasons why so many dinosaurs are being abducted, mangled, and used in odd genetic engineering studies is to find out why so many dinosaurs are being captured, mangled, and used in bizarre genetic engineering projects.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs All Characters

About Character & His Abilitys

As many as three players can take control of the characters as they progress through eight stages, engaging in battles with varied adversaries and bosses. There are four playable characters, each with strengths and weaknesses. Each character is presented as having different skill sets and styles. You will see Jack is balanced type, Hannah is skill type, Mustapha have speed , and Mess power type Character. The dinosaurs found in the game (also known as the titular dinosaurs) appear as neutral characters that may assist the player characters as well as the enemy.

Each character can use various attacks. Characters each have two unique special techniques, including one that uses up a character’s health when it connects with an adversary and another that can activate a team attack when two or more players join in. In addition to numerous firearms, there are also several weapons available for players to find and employ, such as rocks and explosives, and melee weapons such as clubs.

One of the huge monsters threatens the losing player with a rifle while shouting things like “Eat lead, baby!” Otherwise, the crook fired his gun, resulting in a game over.

How To Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Mod Apk for Android

  1. You can Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Apk For Android from PlayStore. If you Download the Play Store Cadillacs Dinosaurs Mustapha Game so you need to see Ads to play the game. The Link is Given below.
  2. Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Apk (Mustapha Game) Provide by our website Apk2me. Features Ads free.
  3. Play By Using Mame4droid If you want to play Mustapha Game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs by using Mame4droid so Download Mame4droid Apk form play Store and then Download the ROM File (Link is given below) Then Select ROM File in Mame4droid Emulator and Start Play.

How to Play Cadillacs and Dinosaurs on PC

You Can Play Cadillacs and Dinosaurs on PC by using BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a PC Software which helps you to play Android games on PC. There are some steps to play Mustapha Game Cadillacs Dinosaurs on PC.

  1. Download BlueStacks On Your PC and Install it. BlueStacks Link.
  2. After install you will see the Play Store is open in the BlueStacks so create your Play Store account and Login. If you have already play Store account so login directly.
  3. Then you can follow All Steps of “How to Download and Play Cadillacs Dinosaurs on Android.
  4. If you Download Mustapha Game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Apk provide by our website so Go to BlueStacks and Click on File Manager and Find the Apk where you Downloaded. Then Install and start play.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameMustapha Game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Size9MB, in the Play Store 20MB
PlatformAndroid & Mame4droid
GenreAction, Adventure & Arcade Game
Online / OfflineOffline
Mustapha Game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Apk
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