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Hello Everyone, The new Ben 10 Power Trip Apk for Android and iOS has finally arrived after a long time. As a result, you can rest assured that your search for Ben 10 Power Trip for Mobile apk for Android and iOS devices has come to an end here.

Ben 10 Power Trip Apk+OBB Download

Ben 10 power trip ios game features aliens, animation, a ferocious battle, and more, making it a popular choice for many people. Read this post to learn more about the game and its cast of humanoid and extraterrestrial characters, or simply click on the download link to get started. Also, no verification is required to play this Ben 10 Power Trip apk. It is completely verification-free.

Ben 10 Power Trip Android Gameplay

Ben 10 Power Trip Apk

Ben 10 Power Trip is 3D Action and Adventure game. PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of Ben 10 Power Trip were released October 9, 2020. PHL Collective created and Outright Games LTD published this game.

Ben 10 Power Trip Apk Download

A well-known 3-D open world video game, Ben 10 Power Trip apk Android Mobile by Outright Games and PHL Collective It was also first released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch in North America. It was later added for Android and iOS devices.

Ben 10 power trip apk has a lot of animation effects, high Lightning, and good shaders that make it stand out from the rest of the market. In this Ben 10 game, you play not only with Ben Tennyson, but also with Kevin Levin, despite the variety of aliens’ looks and abilities. It’s also possible to play in a variety of game modes; however, the storey mode is the most exciting.

Game Story

Magician Hex unleashes the power of four baffling precious stones on Ben and his family during their European vacation! Be ready to transform into amazing aliens and heroes as only Ben 10 can break the curse, so get ready to take on enemies, solve puzzles, and explore an exhilarating 3D world with abandon.

It’s time for a new alien hero! All of the hilarity, competition, and tournament from the Cartoon Network show is right here, thanks to Grandpa Max and Gwen. Kevin eLevin is also on board for the experience in native split-screen centre co-operative, since four arms are superior to two. You’ll need to use this method of Power over and over again.

Ben 10 Power Trip Apk OBB Download

You can Download Ben 10 Power Trip Apk OBB and enjoy mobile gameplay. In the game Ben 10 uses his Omnitrix to transform into a variety of aliens to defeat powerful villains and enemies in the game’s sole focus. There are four mysterious crystals in the world that are causing havoc, and Ben must uncover the truth about them to save his world. You can transform into a variety of alien creatures and team up with other players to save the world in this action-adventure game.

Ben 10 Power Trip Android Gameplay

This is very similar to the Ben 10 game Protector of Earth PSP, in which the primary antagonist modifies the Omnitrix to glitch and eliminate the vast majority of Ben’s alien heroes. In addition to the six heroes Ben currently has scattered around the world, he still hasn’t unlocked the Omnitrix’s other four alien creatures.

This is the first Ben 10 open-world computer video game to feature two distinct methods for transforming into an alien life form, and it’s available now. Ben 10: Omniverse, Ben 10: Omniverse 2, and Cosmic Destruction all use a fast switch directional cushion framework, and this one is modelled after the parchment wheel from The Rise of Hex.

Ben 10 Power Trip Apk Mod Gameplay

If you play as Ben 10, you have the ability to transform into various aliens, each of which has at least two special attacks and one ultimate attack. As you progress through the game’s various levels and storylines, you’ll be able to unlock new and more powerful aliens.

In “Ben 10: Power Trip,” Ben Tennyson uses his loyal Omnitrix to transform into a variety of alien species in order to save the world. To save the universe, Ben must uncover the truth behind four strange stones that pose a threat to all life on Earth. Players will morph into powerful aliens and work together to defeat fearsome adversaries in this cooperative game.

We’re excited to be back in the role of these characters “Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games, made the announcement in a statement. Cartoon Network is a longtime partner of ours; with this tag, we’ve made significant progress and built a game that will allow the 10 fans of Ben and his family to participate in the new adventure together.”

Ben 10 Power Trip Apk Features

  • Players must control Ben Tennyson and an entire alien race.
  • Three game modes are included in the android game’s ben 10 power trip apk download: cooperative, split-screen, and stowaway.
  • It is possible to play the game with a friend and compete against each other’s abilities using the split-screen feature. In storey mode, you must assume the role of Ben Tennyson and complete a series of challenging tasks.
  • To top it all off, this ben 10 power trip apk game has some of the best jokes ever seen in a cartoon.
  • In addition, the 3D animated graphics are of such high quality that they give you the impression of watching a genuine cartoon.
  • Kevin also possesses aliens that aren’t the same as those described by Ben Tennyson. Their design, power level, and set of abilities all differed greatly as a result of this.
  • While slaying the game’s bosses, players will come across a number of managerial shows.
  • Alien power and energy can also be boosted by using coins.

Amass coins to gain access to new aliens and improve the abilities of existing ones.

As you progress through the level, you can earn and collect coins faster by defeating enemies, completing missions, and also by simply exploring the world around you. In-game purchases such as Ben’s stat upgrades and treasure maps, on which collectibles are hidden, can be made with the coins you earn. Playing this game is a pure joy because there are so many things to spend your money on and so many stages to complete as well as numerous villains to defeat.

You Should Know This About Ben 10 Power Trip Apk

  • This is the first Ben 10 video game with an open world.
  • This game takes place during Season 3 based on Ben’s Omnitrix.
  • Unity was used to create this game.
  • Bill Rogers voices Rath in place of Dee Bradley Baker, who was unavailable at the time of recording.
  • Troy Baker voiced Lord Decibel instead of David Kaye for the character.
  • The most difficult aliens to implement into the game were Rath and Shock Rock.
  • In the video game Jet Set Radio, players could grind on rails, and that served as an inspiration for XLR8’s power line grinding ability. When the game’s lead programmer Terry DiFeliciantonio became a fan, he added this feature.
  • Adding Ben’s scooter was done so that XLR8 would be easier to traverse the land while it was locked up. Because Terry used to ride a scooter to work every day, a scooter was chosen as the mode of transportation. It was initially opposed by PHL Collective’s founder, Nick Madonna, but he changed his mind.
  • Grey Matter and Cannonbolt were originally slated to appear in the game at some point.
  • Grey Matter was axed from the game because his gameplay style, which involved shrinking down and solving puzzles in small areas, didn’t mesh well with the type of game they wanted to make.
  • At first, Cannonbolt would use ramps to get around, a design decision that would be carried over to XLR8.
  • For the first time in a Ben 10 video game, players have two ways to transform. This time, there’s a scroll wheel and a quick-switch directional pad system like those seen in Ben 10: Omniverse, Cosmic Destruction, and Ben 10: Omniverse 2.
  • Ben 10: Protector of Earth’s main villain tampering with the Omnitrix causes it to malfunction and removes most of Ben’s aliens from the Omnitrix. Six aliens are scattered across Europe, and Ben needs to collect them to reactivate the Omnitrix with the remaining four aliens.
  • Ben had access to only five aliens in Protector Of Earth, while the other five were locked away.

Final Word

I’m very excited about what I’ve seen so far. This is a vast improvement over the previous reboot-based game, which I strongly discouraged. In this game, all aliens had a light attack and an ability that could only be activated by charging up a bar. There were no combos in this game. It is unfortunate that there are fewer aliens in this game, but at least they all have unique ways of getting around and fighting.

Fighting in this game is no longer a chore, but rather an enjoyable experience thanks to the return of combos. It’s also nice that this game has an open world. There are so many things I enjoy about exploring the map and completing all the quests I have available to me. In contrast to the previous entry’s more linear style, Ben 10 works extremely well in this type of game.

How To Download Ben 10 Power Trip Apk+OBB For Android

Download the Emulator Provided below to Search the Game in that emulator and then select and play online.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameBen 10 Power Trip Apk
DeveloperOutright Games
GenreAction & Adventure
Online / OfflineOnline
Ben 10 Power Trip Apk OBB Download


Is it possible for us to receive free Ben 10 Power Trips?

The button to download Ben 10 Power Trips, which is located below, does not cost anything, and you may receive the game at no cost to you. The most crucial benefit of playing this version of the game is that you will not be required to make any in-game purchases.

Is there a version of Ben 10 Power Trips on iOS?

This Ben 10 Power Trips game may be downloaded into an iOS-based mobile device. Additionally, in order to play this amazing game on an iOS device, users will need to obtain the IPA file of this game rather than the apk file. This file can be found on the developer’s website. Additionally, you need a phone with at least 4 gigabytes of RAM and the most recent version of Apple’s iOS operating system.

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