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Hello Visitors, Today I am going to tell you all about a Ben 10 Game which can played on Android via PSP emulator. The name is Ben 10 protector of earth. This game is the first Ben 10 game ever released on PSP. If you are Ben 10 fan, of course you are, that’s why you are here, isn’t it?. Then keep reading the post to know all amazing features of this game.

ben 10 protector of earth psp Download
PSP Ben 10 Game

About Ben 10 Protector of Earth

This is a three dimensional ben 10 game based on the official Ben 10 Omnitrix Anime storyline. The game is opened from all directions and seems near open world game. However there are certain limitations. The main character of the game is Ben as a hero and as your all time player. He can transform to his various aliens however at the beginning Ben can transform in fourarms only. As you go further by completing the stages, Ben gets access to more aliens and when the last few stages remains Ben gets access to all of Omnitrix aliens.

The starter stages of story mod contains time limits for alien transformation. But further stages that contains powerful bosses don’t have any time limits for alien and you can transform to any alien without coming back to Ben again.

PSP ben 10 protector of earth all aliens
ben 10 protector of earth alien

Story mod

The story starts with mosquito that causes ben to unable transform most of his aliens. Only fourarms and Heat blast are left in his Omnitrix that can be access by him. At the end of the first stage Ben however able to transform XLR8 along with Form arms and heat blast. Now Ben has three aliens.

The second stage begins with a fight between Forever knights and Vilgax. Ben defeats them all and the boss of this stage is a battle bot which is developed by Enoch. After completing the second stage Ben regains his ability to transform Cannonbolt.

After completing each stages ben gets a Omnitrix crystal as a result he regains transformability to his aliens. The more he collects Omnitrix crystal, the more aliens becomes accessable.

Ben 10 Protector of Earth PPSSPP ISO Gameplay Features

  • Perform alien’s special moves
  • The beginning alien fourarms plays a stronger punches as his ultimate combos and rock throwing moves as his special attack.
  • Heat blast used Fire balls and Fire beam attacks. His normal combos includes mini fire balls as part of the combos.
  • Characters can jump higher to climb the certain rocks.
  • alien Transformation
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • aliens can stay maximum for a minute at starting levels. Then after the time limits are removed.
  • Character can walk and run

After completing each stages, you get Omnitrix points through which you can upgrade the skills of aliens such attack, defense and health levels.

During a stage there are objects ( packed special skills ) by which you can become invincible and can gain power boost but for a limited amount of time.

How to install Ben 10 Protector Game

  • Firstly install the PPSSPP Emulator
    from play store
  • Download the Zip File format ISO game
  • Extract the ISO file out
  • Open PSP emulator
  • Choose the game
  • Start play.


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