Being A DIK Download MOD Apk v0.9.1 [Season 1+3] For Android

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Being a DIK APK mod for Android can be downloaded here. As part of Being a DIK MOD APK, Burgmeister & Royce is the college of choice for a young man from a low-income family, who moves away from his father and summer love to attend. Delta Iota Kappa, an up-and-coming fraternity, will expose him to a world of conflict as he transitions from high school to college.

Being A DIK MOD Apk

Description of Being A DIK Apk

The open-world adult role-playing video game Being a DIK Apk allows you to do anything you would do in the real world, including making and keeping relationships with women. For those who prefer a visual novel.

Being A DIK Download

Being A DIK APK is a good choice. “18+” fans will appreciate the use of 3DCG graphics, frank scenes, nonlinear events, personal involvement in the story’s development, and other features. Having lost his mother, the protagonist finally moves into a student dorm. When the character’s father has been widowed, the situation becomes unbearable, so the character decides to leave.

Being A DIK Apk Download

Due to his constant presence near the school, he was approached by the fraternity and asked to join. As a result of which, a series of unfortunate events occurred in his life.

Features of Being a DIK Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Graphics are an important part of this game. Installing this game on either an Android device or a Windows computer will reveal stunning graphics that bring the game to life.

Because the story of Being a DIK Apk is so unique and intriguing, it’s hard to leave the game once you begin it.

You can use the Being a DIK Mod Apk to help you complete some missions that are difficult for you. Among the Mod version’s additional features are many that are unavailable in the standard version.

Take a look at the section below to learn about some of the best aspects of this game if you have never tried it. Check out the sections to see all the features that can help you complete any mission quickly.

The mod version of Being a DIK includes new features such as All Unlocked, Skip Mission, and more.

HQ visuals of Gameplay

The graphics in this game are what I enjoyed the most, regardless of the device you choose to play it on. Even on Android devices, this is one of the best hero games you’ll find, thanks to the high-quality visuals.

Because this game has a lot of visuals, it requires a high- or medium-spec phone or tablet, otherwise you’ll have a lot of issues with frame drops and delays. Keep in mind the minimum system requirements for a smooth gaming experience. Below, please see if you meet the bare minimum.

You can Use Cheats

You can now use a different type of cheat in this version of the game. All of these cheats can be used to unlock items, unlock more missions, skip missions, and more, but make sure you have access to these features only if you’ve downloaded the game from our site.

However, the Being a DIK Apk Mod has an additional feature that the original version does not have: the ability to use cheats.

Skip the boring Missions

If you’ve already figured out that you can skip missions, you can use the same feature to cheat while playing the game. Any mission that you don’t feel like playing or are having technical difficulties with can now be skipped.

In order to save time, you can use these features when you don’t want to spend too much time on a single mission, which is the case with some missions.

Being A DIK MOD Apk Unlimited Everything

This feature may appeal to you more than others because it allows you to access all of the game’s items at once, saving you time and effort previously spent searching for specific items and completing missions.

Unlocking all items in a game is as simple as clicking the “Unlock All Items” button. In order to play the game without cheats, you can simply turn off this cheat and continue on with the game.

There will be no advertisements.

There are no ads to be found in this game because it is a paid game, which means you won’t see them while you are playing. How much do you have to pay to play this game, though? Because we make it available for free, there’s no need for you to shell out any cash.

Using these instructions, you can get the game for free and install it on any device you like. Just below the download steps, you can also follow the steps of the installation process.

What’s New in Being A DIK Android 2023

  • Errors with the incorrect rendering of items purchased from Derek during the Free ROM event were corrected in Episode 4.
  • An issue is resolved in episode 1 where chatting with Josie sometimes does not trigger a dialogue signal during that date.
  • The level of difficulty of the fight has been lowered.
  • The attached scene now includes two previously unused animations (Dutch, episode 4)
  • An error in Episode 4’s English test has been remedied.
  • Many times, even after winning a battle, you’ll find yourself fixing cosmetic bugs in text message browsers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the save/load screen to crash if a special character was used to comment on a save.
  • Your current connection was displayed incorrectly due to a bug in the phone.
  • The reprocessing of animation in episode 3 was causing GPU spikes for GPU subsets due to typing errors.
  • Two new songs were added to the main menu’s music selection.
  • A problem with the episode 4 soundtrack was fixed.
  • Tennis mini-games now have a tutorial.

How To Download Being A DIK MOD Apk Latest Version For Android

Although you can download this game for free from our website, it includes all the cheats and special features that are not available in the regular version. Click the direct download button, and you’ll be able to get your hands on the game right away.

To download the Being a DIK Apk, follow these instructions:

  • Download directly by clicking on the button which is given below.
  • The download link will be generated in 15 seconds. Wait 15 seconds after you press the button, and you’re done.
  • After Completing the Downloading now install the Apk.
  • Other devices require a different installation procedure; however, if you’re using an Android phone or tablet, all you have to do is double-click the application file and select “Install Now.”
  • It’s also possible to play the game on a Windows or Mac computer without any issues if you unzip the downloaded file first.

Being A DIK App Not Installed Problem Fix

  1. If you facing App Not Installed Problem when you installing Being A DIK Apk so you need to this settings on your Android mobile.
  2. Check your Internal memory on your Android mobile, it’s 4GB required free space.
  3. On Unknown Source in Android System settings.
  4. If Google Play Protection making problem in installing process so OFF the Google Play Protection.
  5. If you face App Not Available problem so Install the Being A DIK Apk from Google File Manager App.

Minimum Requirements of Being A DIK MOD Apk

High-quality graphics in this game necessitate a high-performance device; otherwise, delays and low drop frames may occur.

Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements if you want to enjoy this game without any hiccups. If you’re playing this game on an Android device, you’ll need at least 2 GB of RAM and 3 GB of free storage space available.

Additional Information

NameBeing A DIK
DeveloperDr Pink Cake
Being A DIK MOD Download
Download Now ,

Overall Review on Being A DIK Apk Download

Despite its recent release, Being A DIK MOD APK is already popular. This app has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store. In the Google Play Store, it's listed there. This app is a lightweight application. So you don't have to worry about space.

For Android users around the world, Being A DIK MOD APK was developed and made available for free.

Being a DIK MOD APK has the benefit of providing daily business episodes for its users to enjoy. A newer version that isn't already in this app can be requested and will be added upon request.

It is important to keep in mind that this app is only compatible with Android devices. Users of other operating systems will not bother downloading this app. It did not work for them. Therefore, wait some time in the future until other operating operating systems and developers develop this application.


How to Install Being A DIK Apk on Android

Get the Being a DIK APK from the link provided. Unknown sources can be checked in the security section of the menu. APK files can be downloaded by going to Downloads, selecting "APK file," and then selecting "Yes". Please wait for the app to be installed on your phone or tablet.

Does Being a DIK MOD APK have an option to enable cheats?

We recommend using the Being a DIK mod version, which you can download for free from our website. There are no cheats in the normal version, so if you want to play with the best of the best, get the mod.

Can I play Being a DIK Apk Offline

It doesn't matter if you can't access the internet, you can still play this game offline. If you don't have an Internet connection, you may not be able to use some of the features. Being a DIK comes with a slew of perks.

What is Android Requirements to play this Game?

Android 5.1 and 2GB RAM and Snapdragon processor.

Users Review

What a lovely experience. The plot twists and turns in this story are fascinating. I couldn't stop listening to this. Almost all of the characters are noteworthy, and most of them have a rich history. The addition of voice acting would be a huge improvement to this game.

Aside from the story and the truly well-made characters (which is a masterpiece), the soundtracks are exquisitely chosen, and if you're into music like me, it will find a home in your everyday life. The visuals are also stunning, making this game worth much more than its asking price. Thank you, DR.Pi, for creating such an unforgettable experience.

This isn't a game at all, but rather a journey deep into one's own emotions. You'll be transported right into the action thanks to the soundtrack. The graphics are excellent. And believe me, this is a triple-A AAA game, yet the developers are humble and the money they ask for this goes far further than they expect.

Just a little filler here and there, but the history is much more intriguing than anything else in this project. An old-fashioned old-fashioned object from the first generation was what I realised it was and I sold it for her.

After finishing Being a Dik season 2, I can say that the game is more than simply a wonderful visual novel. It's an absolute masterpiece in terms of the way it tells stories, incorporates minigames, and builds characters.

It's possible that an independent game made by a single developer will have certain moments that are just as magnificent as those in some triple A titles.

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