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Now Battle Stadium D.O.N PS2 ISO Highly Compressed Zip File Download is available only 30MB via Mediafire and Google Drive Link. You can Play Battle Stadium D.O.N PC and Android by using PS2 Emulator like AetherSX2 PS2 Emulator and Damon PS2 Emulator. Today we are going to cover all about Battle Stadium DON PS2 English Version and How you can play it. If you are interested so please stay with us till the end.

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Battle Stadium D.O.N PS2 ISO

Battle Stadium D.O.N (DON) is a crossover fighting video game that was released in Japan in 2006 for the GameCube and the PlayStation 2. The three manga series that are published by Weekly Shnen Jump and serve as the inspiration for the game are Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto. The initials “D.O.N.” in the title of the game come from these series. The review publication Weekly Famitsu gave a score of 26 out of 40 points to both of the game’s iterations.

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Battle Stadium D.O.N PS2 Gameplay

Battle Stadium D.O.N PS2 ISO is a platform fighter that allows for up to four people to compete against one another on one of 11 different dynamic levels in bouts that are built on free-roaming, two-dimensional character movement. In contrast to most other fighting games, D.O.N employs a combat method called “tug-of-war.” A bar at the top of the screen indicates what percentage of the glowing orbs in play each character possesses.

The size and value of these orbs vary depending on the strength of the attack that was used. Players can collect the glowing orbs that are knocked out of their opponents by attacking them. Those players who have collected the vast majority of the orbs will be able to enter “burst mode,” which significantly boosts their movement speed and damage output.

A player may win a battle in one of two ways: either they must gather all of the orbs that are currently in play, leaving none for their opponents, or they must have the greatest percentage of orbs when time runs out. As a result, if there is no time restriction established, a conflict has the potential to go on for an infinite amount of time.

The characters have access to a wide variety of unique actions and powers, and some of them even have the ability to temporarily morph into stronger forms in order to take use of this access. During the course of the fight, items will also appear, and these items may be utilised to attack opponents or to bring about favourable or bad status effects.

Single Player Mode

In the single-player mode, the player fights through five rounds, some of which have missions with randomly selected goals. The player can increase the difficulty of the game to receive additional missions. The player receives coins as a reward for completing these missions’ goals. These coins can then be used in a slot machine after the boss character has been defeated, giving players the opportunity to potentially unlock additional characters, stages, and other bonuses.

Multiplayer Mode

There is room for up to four players in a multi-player game, although the PS2 version requires the use of a multitap if there are going to be more than two people playing at once.

Survival Mode

The objective of the gameplay option known as survival mode in a Battle Stadium D.O.N is for the player to avoid death for as long as they can during a continuous playthrough of the game while facing waves of progressively harder obstacles. A kind of the mode stipulates that the player must hold out for a certain length of time or a predetermined quantity of waves until the objective is accomplished, at which point the mode is completed.

This mode is most frequent in tower defence games, in which the player’s objective is to strengthen the fortifications of a particular area in order to stave off enemy troops for the longest amount of time feasible.

The gameplay of survival mode has been likened to those of traditional arcade games, in which players face off against waves of adversaries that get progressively more powerful over time. The purpose of this mode was to provide the game with a clear conclusion, which may at times be unexpected, so that other players would be able to participate in the arcade game.

Battle Stadium DON All Characters

There are a total of 20 characters that may be played as in this game, 12 of them are accessible right from the beginning.

Dragon Ball ZOne PieceNaruto
Buu, Cell, Frieza, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks and Vegeta.Chopper, Luffy, Nami, Sanji, Usopp and Zoro.Gaara, Kakashi, Lee, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.
Battle Stadium D.O.N All Characters

How To Download Battle Stadium D.O.N PS2 ISO Highly Compressed

  1. Click on Download Button to order download this game. Download Button is given below.
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How To Install and Play Battle Stadium DON PS2 ISO Highly Compressed

  1. I hope you downloaded This game successfully on your Android.
  2. Now Extract the Battle Stadium D.O.N PS2 ISO Highly Compressed Zip File by using RAR and Zarchiver App.
  3. Now Go to play Store install PS2 Emulator like AetherSX2 Emulator and Damon PS2 ISO.
  4. If you Want to Download AetherSX2 Emulator with BIOS File Click Here.
  5. Now Open PS2 Emulator and select BIOS and then Select Battle Stadium DON ISO file in PS2 Emulator and Start Play.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameBattle Stadium D.O.N
DeveloperEighting and Q Interactive
PlatfromAndroid AetherSX2 PS2 Emulator and Damon PS2 Emulator.
ProcessorSnapdragon 700 and Mediatek Dimensity 920
Battle Stadium D.O.N PS2 ISO Highly Compressed Download
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