Attack On Titan Brave Order Apk Download for Android & iOS

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The New Attack on Titan game on Android & iOS Mobile released. This game Name is Attack on Titan Brave Order Apk which is available on Play Store and App Store and you can also download the Brave Order Apk in our site. “Attack on Titan” has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, and now you may play the latest smartphone version of the iconic work! Contains all of the game’s original voice actors! Let your imagination run wild as you explore the fantastical world of “Attack on Titan.”

Brave Order Apk Download for Android

Attack On Titan Brave Order Apk

Brave Order is RPG Game for mobile platform like Android and iOS. This is new Attack on Titan anime based game in Role Playing genre. A multiplayer RPG based on the popular anime and manga series “Attack On Titan,” Attack On Titan Brave Order was developed by enish. The release date has been set for 11 February for the mobile version of the game.

Attack on Titan Game for Android

More than a hundred million copies of the Attack on Titan series have been sold around the world since it began publication in 2009. In a world governed by “Titan,” the brainless giants, the tale will follow the same path as the first series. After the wall protecting their homeland was shattered, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin joined the Survey Corps, a component of the military force fighting the Titans.

Players will join the Survey Corps and fight the Titans alongside characters from the series, such as Eren and Mikasa, in the video game. There will be voiceovers that are just available in the game, as well as voiceovers that will be used throughout the game.

Features of Attack On Titan Brave Order Mod Apk

In features you will see many new thinks which we are tell you here. If you going to play this game so this game gives you New RPG gaming experience.

  • Be in charge of the army and wipe off the giants! Take on the huge behemoth with Ellen and Mikasa as part of the investigating team. Up to four players can work together in this real-time command fight.
  • Anime’s best-known characters are here! New players have arrived: Armin Levi Hange Erwin Mikasa Armin Levi Hange Hange Erwin The universe of “Attack on Titan” is waiting for you! A tale that comes back to life. To your friends and family, fight the giants with all of your power!
  • The family extends a warm greeting to you (hideout) Your home is completely up to you! The members will emerge once you install your favourite item! As a group, we can heal one another.
  • [Casual auto progress] enables easy training and warfare. Fights and training are essentially self-progressing, with no intervention on your part. We also have options for players!
  • The voice performers for “Attack on Titan” are stunning in this Game.

Gameplay of Attack On Titan Brave Order Apk Latest Version

The video game Attack on Titan: Brave Order is based on the manga of the same name, which is also known as “Shingeki no Kyojin” in several Asian countries. Exhilarating conflicts against the monsters and titans who want to exterminate humanity await you in this game, in which you will have the opportunity to take control of members of the army of the walls and experience intense combat.

Because it has an official licence of the manga that was written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, the graphics in Attack on Titan: Brave Order faithfully represent the essence of the manganime. This is because the game has an official licence of the manga.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage all of your foes in thrilling combat over the entirety of the island of Paradis, which will be accessible to you. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin will work together to battle each of the huge entities that are intent on wreaking complete and total havoc on the world.


It is also important to point out that the control scheme in Attack on Titan: Brave Order is optimised for use with touchscreens, which is something that should be mentioned. You’ll be able to take down each of the titans by tapping on their individual attacks, which will allow you to develop powerful combos of moves to use against them.

You will, however, have the option to automate the turns, which will help to speed up the game and allow you to focus on your strategy. This option is available to you if you so choose. You will eventually be able to protect humanity from the presence of these monsters that can reach heights of approximately 61 metres (about 200 feet) in height.


You will be completely submerged in the world of “Attack on Titan” as you play the video game Attack on Titan: Brave Order Apk Latest Version, which will also urge you to engage in exciting combat in which you will attempt to kill each titan by slitting its throat. In order to accomplish this, you will need to prepare the most effective strategies that will enable you to make the most of the capabilities of all three of your characters.

How To Download Attack on Titan Brave Order Global Apk

Follow some steps to Download Brave Order Apk.

  1. If you want to Download Brave Order Apk so you can Download it from our site link is given below.
  2. You can also Download This game from Play Store.
  3. If you want to Download Brave Order ios Mobile so it’s available on Apple Store. Link is given below.

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Requirements And Additional Information

NameBrave Order Apk
PlatformAndroid & iOS
Android9 or 10
Processor Snapdragon
Brave Order Apk
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