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APEX LEGENDS MOBILE Play Store and App Store Pre Registration stared. APEX LEGENDS MOBILE Download for Android & iOS will be released soon on Play Store & App Store.

About Apex Legends Mobile Apk

Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale by publish by Electronic Arts. Multiplayer squads, first and third-person gameplay shooters and an original fight await you on the field! Jump into the heated fight, the only thing that matters is survival. Prove what it takes to make it live. Prove it.

Legends from all parts of the Frontier ran for fame, money and glory at the Apex Games. Select your legend from a variety of outlaws, troops, misfits and misanthropy. Legends like Wraith, Lifeline, Caustic, Gibraltar, Bloodhound and Pathfinder are waiting for you. Strategy is crucial to your choice. Find a hero that meets your play style, customise them and make your imprint on them with distinctive skin.

Fast inventive fighting with shorter matches and more exciting action! Combine your skills with two other players to create the perfect team. Combat 19 other squads in 60-person royal matches warfare.

Master the skills of your legend and make strategic calls as mayhem follows. Combat includes new, unique features like Jumpmaster Deployments for epic flights and clashes.

Live like a hero & play like a legend today, you can download Apex Legends Mobile!

Apex Legends Mobile Download

APEX LEGENDS Mod Apk Features

Many Features you will see in the Apex Legends Mobile.


  • Explore an increasing array of mighty legends.
  • Choose a variety of characters to find a hero that suits your way of playing.
  • Legend has its own unique personality, traits and skills.
  • Immerse yourself in a universe of fascinating stories and profiles of character.
  • Customize your favourite legends to express yourself and stand out with distinctive skins.


  • Choose your legend and join two other gamers.
  • Combine your unique abilities to be the last team.
  • Take part in team roles and conquer the game with friends and players alike.


  • Rapid conflicts use shorter matches and much more exciting gaming.
  • Communicate with the Smart Comms ping system like an expert and keep going.
  • Make your way to glory with every shooter’s most exceptional arsenal of weaponry.


  • Master the abilities of your legend.
  • Make strategic calls at a time.
  • Strategy will be crucial to take advantage of the specific characteristics of each Legend.
  • Decide if a single arsenal of exotic armaments, equipment and abilities will be released.
  • Optimized user interface and control systems increase the mobile experience

Information of Apex Legends Beta Apk

Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment, the creators of the Titanfall series of video games. The game allows for as many as sixty players to compete against one another on an island that is loaded with various types of weapons. The players receive the opportunity to form groups of three, and, as is customary, the group that is the last one standing gets to determine who the winners are.

Incredible controls may be found in the mobile version of Apex Legends. You are able to go through the vertical settings at full speed, climb walls, slide on the ground, fly from one spot to another, use hooks and rope, and do a great deal more. Simply moving about is already a great activity in and of itself, so just think of all the possibilities.

Because there are many various types of characters to choose from, the members of each team are able to properly complement one another. You’ll come across heroes like Gibraltar who are capable of creating incredible barriers of protection, as well as individuals like Wraith who are able to build spatial portals. You may pretty much discover characters to suit whatsoever preferences you have.

As you progress through the game, the playing area will become smaller, increasing the likelihood that you will come face to face with one of your opponents. In point of fact, the setting was intended to promote continuous mobility and direct interaction between the players.

Because of its exceptional gameplay and visuals, Apex Legends Mobile is a fantastic take on the battle royale genre that can stand shoulder to shoulder with other popular games like PUBG and Fortnite. You won’t be able to look away for hours.


APEX LEGENDS Apk + OBB Download 2022

This application requires that EA accepts the Data Protection and Cookie Policy, the User Agreement and the Feedback Agreement. Requires a continuous Internet connection (network fees may apply). Collects data through analytical techniques from third parties (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct internet connections. Google Play Game Services is used for the app. Log out of Google Play Game Services before installation if you’re not willing to share with friends your game.

System Requirements And Additional Informations

Size1 2GB
Developer & PublisherElectronic Arts (Official Website)
GenreThird-person shooters
Platform Android & iOS
Android6.0 and more
ProcessorSnapdragon 400 and more
Online / Offline Online

Download Apex Legends Mobile today and get your position in the Apex Games as a Legend!

Conclusion on Apex Legends Apk Without Human Verification

To start the review, this game is incredible to the Large pc company that they don’t miss.
This game is fantastic to play and you can choose a lot of character to play according to your style. There are eight characters, but I like to play like a bloodhound because his capabilities are incredible, you can find footsteps of enemies or for how long the enemies are there
The map is not too large or too little and there is a lot of verticality that makes combating an enemy harder and harder. In this game soooo harcore sweater will enjoy this game also get into a sandwich scenario.

On the other hand, weapons are average. There’s nothing lovely and smooth to criticise about the pistol. Reload animation is good as well. But sometimes my device didn’t load the gun model, so it looks like a piece of paper, but it’s still in the beta stage. The wingman will definitely be the weapon for godaimer because his damage even headshot dmg is quite good.
Overall, this game can be a good game, or even better than pubg mobile, but after the new pubg has come out. It’ll be a tough competition.

FAQ of Apex Legends Apk No Verification

When will Apex Legends be available for mobile devices?

The mobile version of Apex Legends was released on March 17, 2022, but it was only available in ten nations initially. To be more exact, the game was made available for purchase in the countries of Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia in addition to Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

How RAM does Apex Legends Mobile require?

To function properly, Apex Legends Mobile requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. The critically regarded video game also needs Android 6.0 or a higher version and at least 4 gigabytes of available storage space.

How much storage does the mobile version of Apex Legends require?

The combined size of the Apex Legends Mobile APK and OBB is 2.77 gigabytes. Therefore, in order to play the game, you will need a smartphone with a graphics engine that is capable of running on a device with a mid-range or high-end specifications.

Does the mobile version of Apex Legends support crossplay with the PC version?

Apex Legends Mobile does not support crossplay with the PC version of the game. Because of the way the game was developed, Android users are the only ones who can compete against one another in the various rounds.

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