Another Girl in The Wall Apk 1.7.0 Mod For Android & iOS

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Now Another Girl in The Wall Apk Latest Version Download is available for Android and iOS. You can enjoy Another Girl in The Wall Mod Apk Unlock All on Android. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can Download and install it on Android without any problem so please stay with us till the end.

Another Girl in The Wall Apk Latest Version Download

About Another Girl in The Wall Apk

In the game, two different women are hemmed in by a wall. In a fun and engaging game that you can play on your computer or Android phone, you will take control of a girl who has become trapped inside a wall. There are a lot of different avenues open to you, and you can conduct your conversation with the female in any way that you see fit. The primary purpose of this game is to choose from a wide selection of distinct actions that, when performed on your character, will carry out a variety of different tasks.

You can play an interactive game called Another Girl In The Wall APK on your Android device or on a Windows computer. In the game, you take control of a girl who gets trapped inside of a wall. You will have access to a variety of options, each of which will determine how you engage in conversation with her. To have a good time and keep yourself entertained while playing this game, you have the option to pick from a wide range of distinct activities that put your character in diverse situations.


We find out early on in the narrative that a terrible murder took occurred in a house located in the Hidden City, and that ever since the murder, the house has been abandoned and locked up. However, individuals started seeing unusual things within the house, and some of them even claimed to have seen Another Girl In The Wall. Our main character is drawn to the house, and he decides to go inside.

However, as soon as he does so, the door instantly shuts behind him. The first order of business for us is to figure out how to get out of the house and open the door… If we make an effort to locate a way out of this mansion, we might get a better understanding of the mystery that surrounds it.

You can find a candle on the cabinet that is to the right of the door in this room. Tap it once to examine it more closely, then tap it once more to take it. The item “candles” will be added to the list that you have created. Now, to open the middle drawer, tap on the drawer’s handle. Inside you can view a picture.

Tap it to zoom in for a better look. We arrived home to find a stranger who had been in the front yard for the past three hours. Let’s have a look at the photographs that have been provided below and see if there is anything further that we can discover.

Another Girl in The Wall iOS Download

Gameplay of Another Girl in The Wall Apk iOS and Android

Dark Dome is responsible for developing the escape game known as Another Girl in the Wall. Another Girl in the Wall App is another game in the series, and like the other games in the series, the narrative of this game takes place in a hidden metropolis that is rife with a wide variety of mysteries. In this walkthrough, we will demonstrate how to solve all of the game’s riddles and bring the game to a successful conclusion.

Although some of the riddles in each game are different from one another, the approach to solving the puzzles is always the same. One game’s safe unlock code might be 1234, while another game’s code might be 4321. As an example, both games’ codes might be in parentheses. On the other hand, the numbers hidden behind the code will always be found in the same location and with the same letters.

Another Girl in The Wall Android Apk

How To Play

You may get a better look by tapping the umbrella. Simply repeat the previous step to pick it up, and it will be put to your inventory under the name “umbrella.” Now, to move it out of the way, tap the right side of the sleeve on the jacket. You can see a piece of torn paper in the pocket that is located under the sleeve. To record your notes, tap on it.

It is highly recommended that we take a look at the second section of the note. And as soon as we removed the ticket from our pocket, a ghost dressed in the left jacket appeared before us and whisked us away. Now, let’s look inside the rightmost cell and see what we can find there. To get there, use the arrow on the right. As soon as we walked in, we noticed that a cup had moved on its own. Simply tapping it will allow you to pick it up, and then it will be put to your inventory as a “cup.”

Another Girl in The Wall Mod Apk Unlock All


If we tap on the door of the cabinet that is located in the top right corner, we will see a picture of the inside of the cabinet. To get a better look at the picture, tap on it. It would appear that the stranger is sneaking around the house once more under the guise of reading the newspaper. Let’s have a look at the photographs that have been provided below and see if there is anything further that we can discover.

To proceed to the next area, tap the right arrow on the keyboard. As soon as we walked in, we saw that one of the books that was displayed on the wall shelf was moving. To get a better look at the blue book on the left, tap it once, and then tap it one more to take it.

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Look at the book we just picked up, tap its cover, and then press the right arrow key to open it. To take a more in-depth look, tap the image. We can see that the stranger has returned, and he is currently looking in on one of the residents in the residence.

Features of Another Girl in The Wall Apk Mod Apk Unlock All

Check out our comprehensive walkthrough and strategy guide for Ghost Case by going to Love Places and Adventure Games.

Explore the rooms behind the locked doors.

Explore the different areas of the locked house by using the left and right arrow keys to navigate the screen. Proceed into the room that has the portrait of the vampire. To interact with it, tap the plant pot in the bottom right corner. Please remove the stone from the plant in the pot.

Proceed forward until you reach a room with a couch on the left. The broken switch panel will be your next target after the brown couch. Retrieve the key by pulling it out of the square holder that is tucked away under the damaged switch panel. Proceed to the room with the TV. The cabinet is located to the right of the television. To open the cabinet that is located above the cabinet, a square crank wrench must be used. Turn the key to unlock the cabinet, and then pull out the electrical insulating tape.

Couch in Brown

Return to the room that contains a brown couch on the left side of the room and a table in the centre of the room. On the table is a bottle of wine and a cheesecake. Make use of the rock as a weapon to smash the empty bottle. Get the key out of the broken bottle that has a handle in the round shape. Use the button to pick up the shattered bottle.

Now, go ahead and enter the room through the door marked with the X. Ring the bell on the dresser that is to your right. To access the top drawer, you’ll need to use the round handle. Take the protective gloves meant for electrical work out of the drawer. After that, we put on gloves and cover our hands with electrical tape. Each one will be put to use at its appropriate time.

Picture Room

Proceed into the room that has the portrait of the vampire. Find the bookshelf on the left side of the room and take the grey book that is the smallest in size that is directly on the bookshelf. Examine each and every page of the Gray Book. These pages contain hints that can be used to solve all of the riddles found in the Another Girl in the Wall app.

Solve Puzzles

You might have noticed that there are potted plants of varying sizes in every room. These plants are kept in one corner of each space. This plant is an important piece of the puzzle that must be solved before you can access the small chest in the room that contains the photo of the vampire. There is a chest on the table to the left of the entryway that has been blocked off.

Take note of the dimensions of the plants that are housed in each pot as well as the design that is painted on each of the pots in each area. The wave pattern may be seen on one plane, while the other features diagonal lines. In addition, tally the amount of leaves that are present on each tree.

If you want to put the correct number combination in the box, open the grey book, find the page with the pot plants in the correct sequence, and then open the box.

The right way to enter the combination to open the chest may be shown in the screenshot that can be found below. First, ensure that the containers are arranged in the correct sequence before entering the numbers, and then count the number of sheets included in each container. The same amount of sheets that are already in the box is the amount that must be added to the box.

Key Features of Another Girl in The Wall Apk Latest Version

  • X-ray.
  • 2 symbols.
  • four different personas, each with a unique hairstyle.
  • There are nine distinct types of underwear to choose from.
  • You are free to switch characters whenever you like without having to restart the game.
  • pubic and anal hair growth can be enabled or disabled.
  • removing the skirt and the underpants slowly step by step.
  • On Android, you can choose to play games in either the portrait or landscape orientation.

How To Download Another Girl in The Wall Apk For Android & iOS

  1. When you tap the button, the Mediafire link to the most recent version of Another Girl in The Wall MOD APK will begin downloading.
  2. A setting called “Unknown Sources” can be found in the preferences menu. By clicking this button, you agree to begin downloading content from an unknown source. The next thing to do is select Security from the main menu. On all likelihood, the Another Girl in The Wall MOD APK is already present in your Android device’s default download manager. The time to begin downloading is now, since it will never be better than it is right now.
  3. The phone’s screen presents the user with two alternatives from which to select. No matter which option you choose, using the OS on your Android device is a done deal once it has been installed.
  4. After that time, your phone’s screen will pop out to offer a list of possibilities. We won’t have any findings for a considerable amount of time. Be patient, thank you.
  5. The “open” option in the main menu allows you to begin playing the game after it has been downloaded and installed.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameAnother Girl in The Wall Apk
DeveloperJhon Capybara Dev
PlatfromAndroid and iOS
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Another Girl in The Wall Apk

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