Anime Fighting Game – Light In Chaos: SanGoku Heroes

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Hello Friends, Today I am back again with one more Anime Fighting Game namely Light In Chaos :- SanGoku Heroes. In this Game you will see amazing features, attacks and effects and Anime Heroes.

Anime Fighting Game Light in Chaos

Anime Fighting Game Light In Chaos

The Light In Chaos is Anime Fighting Game Japanese Manga style. This is a online Game. In the game opening you will new anime story of Heroes which is saved the world and doing Fight against the evils. All world in chaos and people are put in fir. Some brave heroes come to save the world. Only the true warriors can be stop evils enemies. It’s time of legends and make you strongest warrior. You will experience the unstoppable clash of Arcade fighting. Love any Japanese girl and you need to make you a strong warrior for save your love. You will get Amazing 53 Anime Heroes with amazing attacks and effects which you can use to stop evils.

Light In Chaos Game options

About Features of This Anime Fighting Game

In this Anime Fighting Game you see Many play Modes and Features. Some Options you can unlock by Completing Chapter 2 and other wise As you play, all the options will be unlocked. You will see amazing fighting Musics and Japanese CV. Collect Female warriors and Date them. You will see 10+ female warriors and you can customise them.

Home Options

  • Fate Shop
  • Cocking
  • Guide :- Here you will get some tips for playing this game.
  • Traning :- Here you can improve your skills.
  • Summon :- You can unlock warriors and get more rewards in this option. This is dependent on your luck.
  • Hero :- Here you can see all warriors and you can upgrade them.
  • Achievements :- Here you can check which price you have won.

Fight Options

  • Girls
  • Challenge :- Here you will see 12 Levels.
  • Mystic Land
  • Hot Spring
  • Other World
  • Magic code

Story Mode Option

You can enjoy the story line of this Anime Game. In Story Mode you will see 21 Chapters and all chapters have 10+ Levels. All Chapter Names is Broken Kingdom, Justice Never Compromise, Odyssey, Intersected Destinies, Steadfast Defender, Demon’s Game, Legend of the Treasure, Strongest Warriors, Ambition, Flanked, Ancient Secret, Guardian of the seal, Endless Battle, Oath of Loyalty, Joint Combat, Sun Quan’s Awakening, Chibi Battle, Conquering Warship, Zhou Yu’s Mutation, Western Search of Heavenly Ordinance and Heavenly Ordinance Emerges.

Light In Chaos all Warriors Characters
Anime Fighting Game Light In Chaos Gameplay

About Gameplay

  • New Gamers always see Game tutorial.
  • Easy to move Characters by slide or wipe.
  • You can run combos just clicking one button.
  • Every Hero have 3 special attacks and you can run this only Button.
  • Full screen Battles with sublime special effects.
  • Attractive sword and weapons.

Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Light In Chaos SanGoku Heroes
  • Game Size :- 650MB
  • Genre :- Fighting Game
  • Online :- Yes
  • Offline :- No
  • Version :- 1.0.49
  • Released On :- 15 Jan, 2019
  • Developer :- PopPace
  • Android :- 6.1
  • RAM :- 3GB
  • Internal Memory :- 32GB
  • Processor :- 1.3Ghz


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