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Hello everyone, Today I brought for you Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PPSSPP. This is New Xenoverse 2 Mod PSP with New Characters and Attacks. You will also see new Transformation effects. You can easily Install this Mod on your Android, iOS and PC. So Let’s Start.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PPSSPP

This Dragon Ball Xenoverse PPSSPP is Moded version of PSP Game Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team. DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team is 3D fighting Game make by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Today in this DBZ TTT MOD you will see full Graphics of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Download For android PPSSPP.

You will also see all Characters Models in Xenoverse 2 style with BT3 attacks. Friends, you know that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is very difficult to play on Android because it’s need internet connection but this Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PPSSPP Highly Compressed you easily play on Android, iOS and PC without internet connection. In this you will also see Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Attacks which can be give you experience of Xenoverse 2 Game For Android.

DBZ TTT Xenoverse 2 Mods PSP

About Game Features

  • Story :- You can play Dragon Ball Z Storyline in Story Mode.
  • 100 Battle :- Play again Random Tag Team in 100 Battle. You will see 100 Tag Team Characters.
  • Survival :- How much time you can survive in battle. You can check this in Survival Mode
  • Free Battle :- Play Free Battle Mode. Create your Tag Team and your opponent Tag Team then Start Battle.
  • Multiplayer :- You can Do battle with your friends in Multiplayer Mode. Connect your Phone WiFi with your friend Phone and Go to PSP Network setting then put IP address in ad hoc server. Then Go to Multiplayer Mod and Create Room then Join your friend your created Room then Select Battle Mod and Start Play.
  • Traning :- Improve your fighting skills in Training Mode.
  • Customize :- You can improve your character fighting skills and Attacks Damage power in Customize option.

About Gameplay Features

  • Kicking and Punching
  • Flying
  • Ki Charge
  • Ki Blast
  • 3 Attacks of all Characters
  • Instant Transmission
  • Transformation
  • Shot Exchange
  • Blow Exchange

What’s New in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PPSSPP download Highly Compressed

This is Amazing DBZ TTT MOD and in this Mod you will many new updates. You will see New Xenoverse 2 Maps and new BT3 style life Bar and much more. So let’s know about it.

DBZ TTT MOD Download With Menu

New Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mode Menu

You can see first to third screenshot. This is New Xenoverse 2 Menu of DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team. In this Menu you will see New Front with Xenoverse 2 background image. You will also see new battle and character selection Menu. Only on bad think of this menu this is not permanent fix Menu and you need to set them.

How to Install Menu

  • Download Menu. Link is Given below.
  • Then extract them. You can use RAP app for extracting Menu and you can download RAR App from playstore.
  • After Extract you will see Folder [ ULUS10537 ] and Cpoy this Folder and Paste in PSP/ Texture.
  • Then Go to PSP system setting and select language America Latino and off Fast Memory Unstable.
  • Then start Game. So you will see the Menu is set.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods PSP ISO Download
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods for Android
DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod Download

New Characters With Xenoverse 2 Style

  • Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct :- This is New perfect model of Goku MUI with New Aura. You see Goku All Forms with full Xenoverse 2 style. You will also see Goku all forms with BT3 attacks but Goku Ultra Instinct and Goku MUI have Xenoverse 2 Attacks.
  • Omni God :- You will see Goku Omni God, Vegeta Omni God, Broly Omni God, Gogeta SSJ3 Omni God and Vegito Omni God. Goku Omni God Model is Xenoverse 2 style but Other Omni Gods Models is Anime style. You also see All Omni Characters with BT3 attacks.
  • Goku FNF :- You will Goku FNF all forms with Xenoverse 2 style with New Xenoverse 2 style Aura and Attacks.
  • Vegeta :- In this have DBS Vegeta, GT Vegeta and FNF Vegeta with Full Xenoverse 2 style. You will also see BT3, Xenoverse 2 attacks and Aura and efforts in Vegeta all forms.
  • Gogeta :- This is New Model of Gogeta like Xenoverse 2 style. You will see Gogeta SSJ and Blue with Movie style Attacks means Original Anime attacks.
  • Kefla :- You will also see Kefla new Xenoverse 2 style Model with New Attacks. In this Caulifla and Kale also available.
  • Jiren :- This is New Jiren Base Model with Angry face. You will see Jiren Base in Xenoverse 2 style and Jiren full power Anime style.
  • DBS Broly :- This is New Custom Model of Broly which you are seeing in screenshot. You also see Broly all forms like SSJ, Legendary and Damage Base form.
  • Beerus :- This is New God of Destruction Beerus Model in Anime style. You will also see Beerus full New attacks.
  • Zamasu :- You will see Zamasu, Black Goku and Fused Zamasu in this Mod. You are seeing in screenshot Zamasu new model with Some new attacks and Aura effects.
  • Luffy :- This is New and perfect Model of Luffy in DBZ TTT MOD series. You will also see new and relevant attacks of Luffy in this Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods.

How To Install Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Download For Android PPSSPP

Follow all steps carefully.

  • First Go to your Android system setting and security Option and on Unknown Sources.
  • Then Download Game / CSO. link is Given below. Click on Link then you will see Video of Creator of this Mod and then Check Description of Creator video, you will see game and Menu.
  • Then Install PSP emulator. Download PSP emulator For iOS, Android and PC.
  • After Install PSP Go to PSP system setting and off Fast Memory Unstable and select language America Latino.
  • Then select Game in PSP means select CSO Game in PSP emulator.
  • Then you can see Game is start.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods DBZ TTT.
  • Game Size :- 647MB
  • Original Develover :- BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT.
  • Mods by :- LegendCrackZ
  • Android :- 5.1
  • iOS :- 8.1
  • Windows :- Any Version
  • RAM :- 2GB
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