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Now Ben 10 Alien Force game Download is available for Android PSP (PlayStation Portable). If you’re a big fan of the Ben 10 TV series, then this next post is for you! We’re going to take a look at everything this game has to offer — from the introduction and story mode to all the various features and even customer reviews. Sit back and enjoy!

Ahem, sorry about that — we just wanted to show off our skills at adjusting for dramatic effect. Either way, you should know what this post is all about: the Ben 10 Alien Force PSP game.

Ben 10 Alien Force PSP Game Download

Ben 10 Alien Force Game PSP

If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is now a brand new Ben 10 game on the PSP. It’s called Ben 10 Alien Force and it takes place during the fifth season of the popular TV program. The game features Kevin Levin as the main antagonist and lets you play as ten different characters.

The game features an introduction movie with Kevin traveling around various places to gather power for himself. He’s also there to steal the Omnitrix, the item that allows Ben 10 to transform into all kinds of aliens. You’ll have to fight him off in various locations around the world, including Venice, Iceland and the city of London.

Then there are five different worlds where you can battle Kevin’s minions. The worlds are: Venice (where you’ll be fighting in a ship), London (a massive city), Northern Iceland (through an active volcano) and a jungle-like area (which takes place on top of a pyramid).

Ben 10 Alien Force Game Download for Android PPSSPP

Ben 10 Alien Force PPSSPP Features

The game features two types of gameplay: the main campaign and the Alien Force. The Alien Force is a mini-game that allows you to play as different characters and take on Kevin and his minions in various scenarios. It’s played from an overhead perspective and looks similar to the original Ben 10 games.

There are a number of different features that set this game apart from other PSP releases. We already mentioned the Alien Force mode, which allows you to play as a bunch of different characters. The multiplayer mode is also a nice addition, allowing you to play with a friend via wi-fi or through an ad-hoc connection.

You can take on the single player campaign alone or team up with your friends and fight off Kevin’s forces together. The game also has a number of unlockable characters, including the original Ben Tennyson and Kevin Levin.


As for the controls, they’re pretty smooth and easy to use. The D-pad allows you to move the character around quickly while the face buttons are used for various attacks. The camera can be a bit of an issue sometimes since it often tends to get stuck on objects or areas where you don’t really need it.

Graphics of Ben 10 Alien Force PPSSPP

The graphics in the game are quite decent. They don’t look like they’ve been taken from the TV series directly, but they’re above-average for PSP titles and include a lot of nice colors and lighting effects. The sound in the game is also pretty good — there’s a bunch of different tunes that play throughout the levels and Kevin makes some funny one-liners whenever he encounters the main hero in each world.

It’s not that bad, though — just simply press R3 and that will open up a new spot on-screen where you can position the camera properly. The game features a lot of replay value because you can continue playing for as long as you like on any of the four different worlds.

Alien Forec Characters

Just like the TV show, there are many different alien powers for you to use. You can use them in various ways such as changing into monsters such as a lizard, owl or mermaid. You can also use aliens that have special powers such as a spider-like ability to climb walls or even become invisible or super-fast.

Levels of Stages

You’ll be taking on various mini-bosses such as the Crashhopper (who’s basically a rhino dude), the Swampfire (an alligator man) and the Overflow (a fat scientist in a lab coat). There are over 50 levels in total and each level has multiple objectives to complete. You can team up with various characters and unlock secret areas and hidden items.

Ben 10 Alien Force Game Story

During their adventure, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin stumble with Forever Knights who are searching for a piece of alien technology that’s buried on the property. As they assist the Tetramand Plumber Gorvan in locating illegal alien technology, they also encounter Gorvan’s off-world associate, the Tetramand Plumber Gorrot.

After battling villains who were guarding these components, the group gathers these items. With each component obtained, Gorvan feels increasingly suspicious, and the trio decides to keep a watch on him. Gorvan, an old Plumber who was once part of the Plumbers’ Guild, became known as a notorious smugglers due to his frequent thefts and sale of smuggled extraterrestrial technology. In doing so, Kevin locates Gorvan while Ben follows close behind.

Ben 10 Alien Force Gameplay

When you will see in the Gameplay Kevin discovers that Gorvan has been stockpiling extraterrestrial technology. He goes into his lair to find out what his buyer wants with the item. Xenocytes, released by Gorvan, launch an attack against Kevin. Kevin talks with Ben about the encounter. He had with a DNAlien, and Ben later discovers him changed into a DNAlien.

Ben ends up defeating Kevin and sending him back to normal after activating the DNA Repair function on the Omnitrix. Kevin having the Omnitrix’s DNA Repair ability at his disposal. Next, Ben takes on Gorvan, who is standing nearby. In this instance. Gorvan and his Highbreed gang have decided to start searching for a Highbreed. which finds and steals an important component and energy source from Gwen and Kevin.

They are currently keeping tabs on the Highbreed, who has assembled a Highbreed weather tower from the components. Intend to use it to help make Earth hospitable to the Highbreed. The tower itself is fatal to humanity, however. A group of DNAliens swarm the crew, causing them to scatter. Ben inadvertently starts the tower as he tries to shut it down. Turns into Humongousaur, grows to enormous size, and destroys the tower, foiling the Highbreed’s goal.

Ben 10 Alien Force Game Download PPSSPP Highly Compressed

Ben 10 Alien Force Game Download for PSP is available and you can also play this Ben 10 Alien Force Game on Android & PC by using PSP Emulator. This is offline game and you can play this game without any internet connection.

Players can control the all Ben 10 Alien Force characters like Aliens and others in the game. User friendly game interface and easy to learn all about the game features and gameplay. The quality of graphics in Ben 10 Alien Force PSP game some different to compare PC and Wii.

How To Download Ben 10 Alien Force Game on Android & PC

  1. You can Download Ben 10 Alien Force Game PSP ISO by using the Download link below.
  2. After Download the ISO then you need to download and install PPSSPP Emulator which you can download from the PlayStore and
  3. Install and open PSP Emulator then select Ben 10 Alien Force Game ISO in the psp emulator and start play.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameBen 10 Alien Force Game Download
DeveloperMonkey Bar Games
PlatformPlay this game on Android and PC by PPSSPP Emulator
Genre Action and Adventure
Online / OfflineOffline
Ben 10 Alien Force Game Download PPSSPP
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